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Calypso in the Food Film Festival

Bigger, better and tastier! The third edition of the Food Film Festival in Amsterdam was once again a great success. Despite freezing temperatures, it was a weekend filled with incredibly warm people, fantastic films, inspiring speakers and lots of good food. The Food Film Festival is organized every year by the Dutch Youth Food Movement, a very active chapter of the Slow Food Youth Network, gathering youth, volunteers and film makers from all over the world.

Calypso was there, to support the launch of, a brand new eShop that aims to bring to the Netherlands the best food stories of the Mediterranean. Our Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil has attracted the attention of Slow Food President, Carlo Petrini, who was impressed by the smooth texture and the unique aroma bouquet of Calypso.

Take a look at this hand-picked selection of Mediterranean foods, with Calypso proudly representing the olive oil world of Greece. Click here to see our photos from our participation in the stand of in the Food Film Festival.

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