13+ Free Consignment Agreement Template & Example

Essential Parts on a Consignment Agreement

While some people may think that a consignment agreement is not really important as long as the product has been sent well, it actually represents professionalism. Besides, it is able to make the customers feel satisfied more after buying the product. The letter is also functioned as the reply of the request sent by the buyers so that you can sell and send the product. In this digital era, there are rarely people who send a request letter manually and its roles are replaced by the e-commerce platform. However, it is still recommended for sellers to send the letter as a sign that they appreciate their customers more. So, what are the parts of a consignment agreement template?

Head of the Letter

Since the letter or agreement is a kind of formal letters for business, it means that it requires the head of the letter. The head of the letter or letterhead consists of the name or title of the company. it is even necessary to bring the company’ symbol and tagline there. To make it look more professional, type also the address there with a small font. Once the receivers open the letter, they can simply know that the letter is coming from your company.

Place and Date

The place and the date of the letter’s writing are mentioned under the head. Specifically, it is on the lower right of the part. Make sure to type this part clearly anyway.

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The Receiver and His Address

It is necessary indeed to mention the number of the letter along with the attachments if they are possible. But it is optional. So, you can just directly type down the name and address of the receiver. It is basically to show the appreciation of your company to the customer placed on the consignment agreement form.


Next, it refers to the content of the letter. You basically can type anything related to the products and business there. If there are requirements and terms and conditions, this is also the place where you must mention them all. Commonly, the names of the consignor and consignee are mentioned. Don’t make a mistake in typing someone’s name anyway.


Lastly, there is the closing part. It can be in the form of thanking with all the cooperation and then ended by your signature. This way, the consignment agreement is ready to send.



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