Press Release Format Template (30 Free Example)

Tips On Writing an Effective Press Release Format Template

Press release is an official announcement generally issued by non-profit organization or commercial company to share their update news. The news contained at the press release should include the whole information just like typical news article. Writing your press release format template in proper way will help you get the attention of target viewers.

An effective press release will not only develop your brand to be more popular, but it also could be a low cost marketing tool. Especially if you can trigger the media interest and so, they will cover your news publicly. So, here what you should hang on to write the most effective press release and gain benefits from it.

Share Only the Valuable Information

You should remember that general information of your organization is already out there. When you trying to trundle your story, it should be a new information the viewer wants to know as additional image of yours. Trim those that you already announce on previous press release and keep it all brief.

Just like any fluff you want to avoid, you should also try not to overdo anything in your news. Everyone has the best product from their own perspective, so do not use cliché promotion like that. Especially when it is read by the journalist, they do not need exaggerated statement.

Write a Captivating Headline

Headline is always the main center on every news. Both conventional and modern press release format template urge you to create a captivating and interesting headline. A good headline should describe what event is about. Try to think like a journalist and find what is important to them. This way, you can capture their attention successfully.

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Keep Simple as Possible

A good press release is not only can be understand by certain community, but it also should be friendly to common people. That’s why you need to make effort to keep your terms as simple as possible, so that everyone would like to read it.

You can follow the reverse pyramid rules where the main news you want to share put on the beginning part including the 5W information. At the second stage, you can add subordinate information and enclose related quotes. Meanwhile, the last part is where you can write additional information as well as your contact if needed.

Do not Forget Quotes

Quotes is always necessary on every press release. Useful and related quotes can live up your story and make it more reliable. This will effectively attract the journalist or media and put it on their own way. As the result, you will have their coverage for sure.

Press Release Format Template

Press Release Format Template

Press Release Format Template


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