Create An Amazing Voicemail Greetings (7 Free Example)

Basic Features to Create Pro Voicemail Greetings

Creating voicemail greetings for fun or casual type is surely easy. However, it will be different when you are trying to make a professional or business purposes. There are some basics you need to pay attention and use it into the voicemail greetings.

  1. Greeting

It’s obviously that you need to open the voicemail greetings with a greeting. It’s okay if you want to use a greeting which isn’t too formal but, you should also avoid using casual greeting. You should keep the greeting pleasant and short.

  1. Your Own Name

You need to make sure that you are mentioning your name in your voicemail greetings. Even though the one who is calling you already know your name, but it’s always better to state your name. In case the caller is just given your number, mentioning your name will make them to make sure they are not in wrong line.

  1. The Company Name or Department

Giving only your name on the voicemail greetings work can be ambiguous since there might be another person with the same name in your company. So, it is strongly suggested to give the name of your company or your department. When you will mostly communicate with only internal purposes, mentioning only your department is enough.

However, if you often handling communication with buyer, supplier or other external party, you should state your company’s name in your voicemail. This is very useful information since the caller will be able to tell exactly who they are calling.

  1. Unavailable Statement
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This is the most important part of your professional voicemail greetings. You should convey to your caller that you are unable to respond their call at the moment. You should also need to give the reason of why you are unavailable as well. You can explain your reason in specific method or you can just use general statement for your voicemail.

  1. Leaving Message Offer

Before finishing your voicemail, you should offer your caller to leave some message. This way, you will be able to identify whoever has called and what business they have with you.

  1. Return Call

Beside letting your caller know that you are unable to respond their call, you should also inform them when you are available to give a return call. However, if you think that your voicemail are going to be too long, you could consider to skip this part since it’s optional.

  1. Alternative Contact

This is also optional to be put in your voicemail greetings examples. You can give alternative contact where the caller can try if they have urgent business.



Voicemail Greetings

Voicemail Greetings

Voicemail Greetings