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There are many people want to know what the affidavit is, whether is it an actually from? or it was sworn before the public authority figure made or designated yo the administer. Firstly, you have to know that the affidavit form was used the affiant and it is the factual statement as well. The public authority might include the notaries public, law officers, justices, senators, legal representatives and so on. in order to prove the specific statement of a witness. You can use a free template.

What is the affiant?

Before going further discuss this affidavit form, it is very important to understand several things including the affiant. So, what is an affiant? Affiant is the term which been used for individuals who fill out the affidavit form. An affiant is an individual who sworn that weather is mentioned in that form was completely true. Choosing an affidavit sample and forms for free here.

Here some components to include in the affidavit form

  • The address and name of the affiant
  • The signatures of the author and witness
  • The facts
  • The area of commencement which identified the affiant
  • The verification of the date and the affiant which ask the oath and the attestation clause in the end
  • Each of them making the separated claim, subsections and numbered as mandated by its law
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After understanding about the components of this, then it’s the right time to see what makes it necessary. You can look for sample that you can use as a reference.

So, when is the affidavit needed?

It might be used to confirm other types of information, including:

  • Verified the address or residency
  • State that you or the third party send the documents to the receiver as intended
  • You were sworn to identify in case if your personal information was ever compromised
  • Stated that the ownership of that property as belonging to the deceased kin or prove yourself as the rightful heir.
  • Confirming that the name change to the third party or confirming that you use a different name which one mentioned on your birth certificate
  • Confirming that the use of formal statement as the evidence in the court
  • Recording your personal aspect and other financial aspects as well.

You should know that signing in the affidavit and sworn on its components is not an easy matter, even you can make the same oath as well. always check affidavit template first.

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