10 Free Termination Letter Template (Word, PDF, Printable)

Some Important Points in Termination Letter Template You Should Know

As a business owner, you need to write a termination letter sometimes. This type of letter is used to fire bad employees. You may a little bit confused about how to write down a letter. Actually, a termination letter template can help you to create a perfect termination letter. So, what you have to fill in a termination letter template?

Your Company Name and Date

The first item you need to complete after downloading a termination letter template is the name of the company and the latest date. It is an important thing to make sure that the employee accepts the letter from the place where they work by seeing the name of the company. Moreover, you also include the latest data or the date when you write down the letter. It helps to make sure that the employee is not accepting an expired letter.

Reason to Terminate the Employee

Next, you also need to explain the reason why you have to terminate the employee. Along with the termination letter template, you can fill this point completely and clearly. The template guides you to explain the termination reason brief and clear so they can understand it. By reading clear and brief information, they might accept your decision.

The Requirements

Besides writing down about the reason, the termination letter sample also guides you to write down anything that the employee has to return. Sometimes, the point is in the form of a list so you can easily write all they need to return. You can write specific things such as the car, credit card, uniform, and badge. Later, the employee can prepare all of them while reading the letter.

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The Benefits

Don’t forget to write down the benefits they can get until the end of the termination period. In this case, you can also include the things that they don’t get after the termination period. If you download a termination letter template, you will see a space to write down this kind of information.


When you are done completing the detail, you have to do the last action. You have to give a signature on the letter. Your signature is very important to make sure that the letter is a legal letter. Without your signature, the letter is only an ordinary letter without any power to terminate an employee. The function of the termination letter template is to help you to sign the letter in the right place. The template has been set with the place to put a signature so you can use the letter right away after signing it.


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