Gantt Chart Templates (15 Amazing Example)

Easily Customizable Gantt Chart Templates

Firstly, you have to know what Gantt chart templates is before you go further. Gantt Chart is the vital tool in the management project which been widely used because of how useful they are. The basic idea of this tool is so simple, they will tell you about the overlap of processes. It also allows you to see your project status quickly and see how far it is. Of course, this tool also allows managing the process depends on the other process completions. Mostly, the Gantt Chart also allows the project manager to give the estimation quickly about on how long the project will complete. Therefore, Gantt chart templates were designed for sophisticated professionals who want to differentiate their work for virtual project communication.

You should know that this tool is much easier to understand with the help of an example. Let’s said if you try to estimate how long it will take to make new products and send it to the market. Then this project will involve many people and different process at the same time. You have to ensure that those products can be produced in your company and making a production schedule for it. The marketing should make an identity for product and advertising campaigns for your products.

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Things to know about Gantt chart templates

Assume that your production will take around one month, the marketing will take another month in order to create the branding for your products and two months more for the advertising campaign. The supply chain department will need one month to find out the supply logistics the products to the retailers. The sales department should take the interested retailers who want to buy the product which must take them one month. You cannot simply add all the months to get the estimate of your whole projects because there are so many processes will run at the same time. Using this template will allow you to estimate how long the whole project will take in fastly way.

Therefore, there is no reason for the marketing department to wait for the production department to actually start to produce the products. They already had designed, they know what the product was going to do so that they are really creating a brand identity. Then the production can last and see how much they are really able to produce. The supply chain and sales department should wait for the production scheduling in order to complete before they start working because the amounts of product that they should manage with will only be finalized. While the sales department is talking to the resellers about the potential product stocks with retailers. The supply chain can be easier to understand all of the logistic details.

This template will tell you anything about the project. You are able to see that the production and branding scheduling become the first thing that you have to consider, both of them can be done at the same time. you are able to see that advertising campaign will need a longer time to be produced and only start after the branding was completed. You are also able to see that the selling process is the final process to end but it still is completed before the advertising campaign will end. It also makes sense because the advertising campaign will be targeted to the end users while the sales campaign will focus on the retailers. So, there are many things that you have to know first and how this template will help you actually.

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Where do you use Gantt Chats?

The Gantt Charts template can be easy to use when planning any project which needs time estimations. The time estimation is an important part of the Gantt chart. You cannot make the Gantt Chart without knowing accurately on how much time that each process in the overall project will take. This is not a problem actually, because of it usually very easy to give time estimation for small tasks. For example, you might not be able to estimate on how much time that needed to fix anything in a house, however, you are able to find out easily on how it will tale to fix one item. After you have estimations for all projects, then you only need to make graphs based on the start and end date.

Sometimes, Gantt Chart is a problem for many students who are new to the job because they do not make it simple. You only need use one of the Gantt chart templates to make anything easier, but make it from the start will need more understanding about the rules of software that you used.

Here some benefits of Gantt Charts


There are some Gantt charts have features that allow users to communicate in one solution. This thing allows the questions to be answered as soon as possible, as the opposite of the employees who wait several days for the email responses.

The scheduling

As mentioned earlier that some Gantt charts will give you the ability to find out the team members’ availability. It will prevent employees from having double-booked on the two projects at the same time. this chart also helps you to clarify dates of specific assignments or aspects. If your team find difficulties to keep the dates still straight, then the Gantt chart might be the best option for you.

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Having clearer picture

The Gantt chart also gives you with the overall picture, this is not only to show one isolated aspect from a project. This chart will explain the entire team’s role in one project.


With the Gantt chart digital, this also very easy to edit the tasks and dates to reflect the changing situations, mean that your time should not lock into anything which has to change.

Great teamwork

Gantt chart templates are not only the project management tool – they are also the task management tool that you can use. It means that you can replace many daily tasks, such as morning stand-ups or meetings. This tool is so motivating because the colleagues are able to see each progress.


Gantt Chart Templates

Gantt Chart Templates

Gantt Chart Templates