17 Free Printable Gender Reveal Invitations (Template & Example)

Guessing if a baby is a boy or a girl is fun! Many moms and dads like to share this fun news. They have a special party to tell everyone. It’s called a gender reveal party. The first fun thing is the invitation you send.

Making an invitation is fun and easy! You can find free printable gender reveal invitations. They are a big help! They save time and money. And you can make them special your way.

You can pick colors and words for your invitation. It will tell everyone about your party. It shares your happy news. Let’s find a cool template for your invitation. It will get everyone excited for your fun surprise party!

Key Information to Include in Your Gender Reveal Invitations

Here are the essential pieces of information to include in your gender reveal invitations:

Date and Time:

  • Clarity: Make sure the date and time of the party are clear and easy to find on the invitation.
  • Formatting: Opt for a format that is easy to read. For example, “Saturday, November 6th at 3:00 PM.”

Location of the Party:

  • Full Address: Provide the full address, including any necessary suite or apartment numbers.
  • Map or Directions: Consider including a small map or additional directions if the location could be clearer.

Special Instructions or Requests:

  • Dress Code: If you have a color-coded dress code for guests to vote their gender guess, make sure to mention it. For example, “Wear blue if you guess boy and pink if you guess girl!”
  • RSVP: If you need to have a headcount for the party, include RSVP instructions with a deadline.
  • Special Items to Bring: If guests are encouraged to bring something specific for the gender reveal, mention it on the invitation.

Theme Indication:

  • Visual Cues: Use visuals that align with the theme of the party, hinting at the exciting revelation awaiting the guests
  • Themed Wording: Incorporate wording related to the theme, which can help guests know what to expect.

Contact Information:

  • RSVP Contact: Provide a phone number or email address for RSVPs and inquiries.
  • Alternative Contacts: If there are other individuals involved in organizing the party, provide their contact information as well.

RSVP Details:

  • Deadline: Mention a deadline for RSVPs to ensure you have an accurate headcount for planning purposes.
  • Methods: Offer multiple methods for RSVP, such as via phone, email, or even an online RSVP system.

The Essence of Gender Reveal Parties and the Vital Role of Invitations

The invitation to this celebration is not just a call to a party but an enticement to partake in a moment of joyous revelation.

Here is the essence of gender reveal parties and the crucial role invitations play in orchestrating this joyful chorus.

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The Essence of Gender Reveal Parties

Celebration of Life

Gender reveal parties are a modern tradition where the sex of the upcoming baby is revealed to family and friends in a creative and fun manner.

Community and Support

It’s a way to foster a support system and collective joy for the new life that’s about to grace the family.

Significance of the Event

Anticipation and Joy

The party builds anticipation and culminates in a joyous revelation, forging beautiful memories for the parents-to-be and their loved ones.

Personal Connection

It’s an occasion that fortifies the bond between the family, friends, and the unborn child, nurturing a sense of shared joy and expectation.

The Role of Invitations

Setting Expectations

The invitation is the first brushstroke on the canvas of this celebration, setting the tone and expectations for the event.

Sparking Excitement

A well-crafted invitation sparks excitement, curiosity, and engagement among the guests, setting the stage for the big reveal.

Crafting the Right Invitation

Clear Communication

The invitation should clearly communicate the purpose of the party, the date, time, and venue, along with any special instructions or themes.

Creative Engagements

Engage your guests with creative wording, color schemes, or even interactive elements that allude to the big gender reveal awaiting them.

An Invitation to a Journey, Not Just a Party

Memorable Prelude:

The invitation serves as a memorable prelude to the event, inviting guests not just to a party but to partake in the joyous journey of parenthood that lies ahead.

Free Printable Gender Reveal Invitations

Free Printable Gender Reveal Invitations 06

Free Printable Gender Reveal Invitations 06


Free Printable Gender Reveal Invitations 07

Free Printable Gender Reveal Invitations 07


Free Printable Gender Reveal Invitations 08

Free Printable Gender Reveal Invitations 08


Free Printable Gender Reveal Invitations 09

Free Printable Gender Reveal Invitations 09


Free Printable Gender Reveal Invitations 10

Free Printable Gender Reveal Invitations 10


Free Printable Gender Reveal Invitations 01

Free Printable Gender Reveal Invitations 01


Free Printable Gender Reveal Invitations 02

Free Printable Gender Reveal Invitations 02


Free Printable Gender Reveal Invitations 03

Free Printable Gender Reveal Invitations 03


Free Printable Gender Reveal Invitations 04

Free Printable Gender Reveal Invitations 04


Free Printable Gender Reveal Invitations 05

Free Printable Gender Reveal Invitations 05

Benefits of using free printable templates

A gender reveal invitations is one such joyous milestone, a celebration shared with near and dear ones. However, amidst the happiness, one might also be mindful of expenses.

Let’s uncover the myriad benefits and the ocean of designs these free templates have to offer.



Utilizing free templates cuts down expenses, which is particularly beneficial when budgeting for a new addition to the family.

No Compromise on Quality:

Despite being cost-effective, these templates offer a quality and aesthetic appeal that mirrors paid or professionally designed invitations.

Variety Galore

Theme-Specific Templates:

The internet is a treasure trove of free templates catering to a plethora of themes, be it whimsical, classic, modern, or quirky.

Color Choices:

Whether you adore the traditional pink and blue or prefer a neutral or modern palette, there’s a template to match every color scheme.

Easy Customization

Personal Touch:

Many free templates come with easy customization options, allowing you to add a personal touch, be it your baby’s ultrasound picture, a catchy phrase, or your own choice of colors.


With user-friendly interfaces, customizing these templates is a breeze, requiring no prior design knowledge.



With a ready-made template, half the work is already done.

Quick Edits:

Making changes and editing the template to suit your preference is quick and hassle-free.

Inspirational Designs

Creative Sparks:

Browsing through various free templates can also inspire those who wish to add a bit of their creativity into the mix.

Up-to-Date Styles:

Free templates are often updated with contemporary designs, keeping up with the latest trends.

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Printable and Digital Formats

Easy Printing:

Printable templates are designed to be easily printed at home or a local print shop.

Online Sharing:

Some templates also come in digital formats, ready to be shared via email or social media, catering to modern, tech-savvy individuals.


Anywhere, Anytime:

Access to these free templates is open round the clock, enabling you to work on your invitations at your convenience.

The Ideal Timing for Sending Out Gender Reveal Invitations

The invitation plays a pivotal role in orchestrating this ensemble of excitement.

The timing is crucial in ensuring a good turnout and keeping the anticipation alive.

Here’s a look at the conventional timing of dispatching your gender reveal invitations:

The Conventional Protocol

Six Weeks Notice

Traditionally, it’s advised to send out invitations six weeks in advance. This timeframe usually gives guests ample time to clear their schedules and make necessary arrangements.

The Practical Approach

Two Weeks Notice

However, for gender reveal parties, a two-week notice is often found to be effective. It’s a sufficient window for guests to plan, yet short enough to keep the excitement buzzing.

Factors to Consider

Guest List

If your guest list includes people from out of town or with tight schedules, it might be courteous to lean towards the traditional six-week notice.

Nature of the Event

Given the personal and joyful nature of a gender reveal party, a shorter notice often works well, keeping the enthusiasm at its peak.

Digital vs. Physical Invitations


Digital invitations can be sent and received instantly, making a two-week notice easily feasible. On the other hand, physical invitations require additional days for delivery.

Personal Touch

While digital invitations are fast and practical, physical invitations add a personal touch that can be cherished as a memory.

Reminder Notifications:

A Gentle Nudge

Sending a reminder a few days before the event is a good practice. It rekindles the excitement and ensures your gender reveal party is on top of their minds.


Understanding and Accommodating

Being flexible with RSVPs and last-minute confirmations can also contribute to a successful and well-attended event.

Customizing Your Gender Reveal Invitations

gender reveal invitations ideas

gender reveal invitations ideas


gender reveal invitations template

gender reveal invitations template


gender reveal party invitations

gender reveal party invitations


gender reveal party invitations templates

gender reveal party invitations templates


boy or girl gender reveal invitations

boy or girl gender reveal invitations


Gender Reveal Invitations

Gender Reveal Invitations

gender reveal invitations free

gender reveal invitations free

Here are some tips and tricks to customize your gender reveal invitations.

Selecting the Right Template

Theme Alignment:

Ensure the template resonates with the theme of your party. Whether it’s a quirky, elegant, or whimsical theme, the invitation should reflect it.

Online Resources:

Numerous online platforms provide a variety of free printable gender reveal invitations templates. Browse through them to find the one that aligns with your vision.

Template Flexibility:

Opt for templates that allow for customization in terms of color, text, and images so that you can tweak it to match your party theme perfectly.

Personalizing Your Invitation

Creative Wording:

Engage your guests with catchy phrases or rhymes. Phrases like “Blue or Pink, What Do You Think?” or “Boots or Bows, Nobody Knows” can add a fun element to your invitation.

Color Palette:

Utilize a color palette that hints at the gender mystery, typically blue and pink. However, feel free to go beyond the conventional and choose colors that suit your style.

Additional Information:

Include any special instructions for your guests. For instance, if you’d like them to wear a specific color according to their gender, guess, or if they should bring anything special.

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Visual Elements:

Incorporate images or icons that complement the theme. For instance, use baby-related icons or even a picture from your ultrasound scan for a personal touch.

Interactive Elements:

Add an interactive element like having a space for your guests to mark their gender guess, which not only serves as an RSVP but also heightens the anticipation.

Contact Information:

Provide a contact number or email for RSVPs or any inquiries your guests might have regarding the party.

Exploring creative wording and design ideas

Designing a unique and creative invitation not only ignites enthusiasm but also makes the event memorable. Let’s explore some creative ideas.

Color Scheme

Pink and Blue Palette:

The classic pink and blue color scheme is synonymous with gender reveals.

Neutrals with Color Pops:

For a more subtle approach, use a neutral color palette with pops of pink and blue to keep the suspense alive.

Wording Wonders

Rhymes and Riddles:

Use catchy rhymes or riddles to entice the guests. Phrases like “Boots or Bows?” or “Touchdowns or Tutus?” can add a playful vibe.

Engaging Questions:

Pose a question like “What will it be?” to arouse curiosity and engagement.

Interactive Elements

Voting Options:

Incorporate a voting option where guests can mark their guesses.

Dress Code:

Suggest a color-coded dress code on the invitation where guests wear pink or blue based on their gender guess.

Thematic Designs

Align with Party Theme:

If your party has a specific theme, mirror it on the invitation. For instance, if it’s a “Bun in the Oven” theme, design the invite to resemble an oven door.

Iconic Imagery:

Use iconic imagery like storks, baby bottles, or pacifiers to evoke the baby theme.

Unique Illustrations

Custom Illustrations:

Opt for custom illustrations that reflect the joy, anticipation, and fun that awaits at the party.

Family Portraits:

Incorporate a cute family portrait or a baby bump photo to add a personal touch.

Digital Dynamics

Animated Invites:

In the digital realm, animated invites can bring in a fun, dynamic element.

Interactive Digital Invites:

Online invites can include clickable elements like voting buttons or links to a party website for more details.

Tangible Touches

Texture Play:

If opting for physical invites, play with textures like embossing or glossy finishes to make the invite tactile and visually appealing.

Themes Reflecting The Big Reveal

The theme of the gender reveal is like the opening scene of a much-anticipated play. It sets the stage, stirs the excitement, and hints at the grand narrative that’s about to unfold.

Here is how to select and design a theme that resonates with the unique journey of the expectant parents.

Reflecting The Essence

Personal Touches:

  • The theme should resonate with the personality and preferences of the parents-to-be. It should feel personal, heartfelt, and a true reflection of their joyous journey.

Narrative Hints:

  • A well-chosen theme can subtly hint at the exciting revelation without giving it away. It keeps the narrative engaging and full of anticipation.

Theme Ideas

  • Classic or Contemporary:
  • Whether opting for a classic, timeless theme or a modern, trendy one, ensure it aligns with the personal style and taste of the parents.
  • Whimsical Themes:
  • Themes like ‘Stashes or Lashes,’ ‘Wheels or Heels,’ or ‘Princes or Princesses’ add a playful and whimsical touch to the event.

Color Code

  • Color Play: The color scheme chosen can be a playful nod to the big reveal. The traditional pink and blue or even a neutral palette with color pops keeps the theme engaging.

Literary Love

  • Poetic Phrases: Employ poetic phrases or catchy taglines that echo the joy, curiosity, and tender mystery central to the gender reveal event.

Iconic Imagery

  • Thematic Symbols:
  • Incorporate symbols that align with the theme, be it nautical, floral, or fairytale-inspired, adding a visual narrative to the invitation.

Interactive Themes: Engagement Elements

  • Themes that engage guests, like voting with colors or bringing a pink or blue item, add an interactive dimension to the invitation and the event.

Custom Illustrations

  • Artistic Expressions: Custom illustrations or artwork can add a unique and personal touch, making the invitations truly one-of-a-kind.

Digital Delights

  • Animated Themes: In the digital sphere, animated or interactive themes can add a modern and dynamic flair to the invitations.


Becoming a parent is a big deal! One of these surprises is finding out if your baby is a boy or a girl. The first step to this fun party is making an invitation to tell people about it.

Making your gender reveal invitation is not just about telling people where and when the party is. You get to choose how your invitation looks, what colors it has, and what words it uses.

When you pick a template for your invitation, choose one that you like, and that goes with your party theme. This way, your invitation will tell a little story about your joy and the fun party that’s coming up.

So, when you sit down to make your invitation, have fun with it! Your invitation is the first taste of the amazing celebration that’s coming up.