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The New Year is coming and the calendar template should be had to simply see the dates and holidays. There are many ways where you can find the calendar. The most common one is by buying it in the store or schools or offices where you are going to commonly also distribute them even for free. However, have you ever thought to make a calendar by yourself? It is so easy actually as long as you have the templates.

How to Create Your Own Calendar Template

Many templates can be edited to make the final result is definitely as you want. So, what are the steps? Here they are.

Prepare the Templates

Nowadays, there are many sites that provide templates for calendars and other necessities. So, what you have to do for the first time is looking for those sites. If it is possible, you should choose a site that particularly provides calendar templates. This way, the options are more varied in terms of designs, colors, fonts, and more. It is much better for sure if all of them are able to be edited.

Do you want to explore your creativity more? Therefore, the templates are probably not things that you need. Some websites like Canva also let you design the calendar since the beginning. In other words, you should create your own template using the tools available.

After the template is ready, the dates, days, and more are ready to be added. You can even add important days that must not be in other conventional calendars.

Set Up the Calendar

After the templates are ready, it is time for you to set up the calendar or put the calendar on it. There are some options generally available regarding the type of calendar. There must Gregorian calendar that is officially used by all countries in the world nowadays.

But you can also add some other types of the calendar but the date fonts tend to be smaller. They are also placed on the corner of the date box so that they do not disturb your sight while seeing the main one.

Aside from the Gregorian calendar, what are other calendars to be added? They are including Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and even Maya Calendars. Sure, not all calendar template websites make available all of those options. Besides, you probably can only add not more than two calendars aside from the Gregorian calendar due to the limited space available.

Edit It

After the calendar along with the days, dates, and others have been set up well, it is time for you to edit the design. You should not worry about the dates and others are being wrong. In fact, there are almost no mistakes in terms of the calendar calculation. So, at this point, you only need to focus on the design. The templates you have made or downloaded must have its design. However, it is not bad to make some changes to make it look better.

Despite the designs and colors, you are also able to change the type of font. Maybe, you just want to make the calendar looks cute or classical. Indeed, the default font for the calendars and other templates tend to be simple and clear. Undeniably, it is sometimes really boring.

Every site or template has its own way to edit. So, before starting to create the calendar, make sure to read the instructions so that you will not make errors or mistakes. Sometimes, a little mistake can just make what you have done useless. The editing process is also beneficial particularly if you want to make some differences between one page of the calendar and another.

In terms of editing, you should also read the terms and conditions of the website first. Some designs are under copyright. Therefore, the users cannot edit it as they want. Sure, there is the law behind it even if you may use the calendar for yourself, not for the commercial necessities.

Add Your Own Important Dates

Despite popular dates like December 25 for Christmas or January 1 for New Year, you must have your own important dates. It can be your birthday, relationship or wedding anniversary, graduation date, and more. So, the next thing to do is adding important dates. The important dates can be signed with different colors. Meanwhile, the important dates from the government can also be designed differently.

What are the importance of differentiating the designs and colors of those dates? Sure, it is to ease you to see what the day is your birthday or other important dates.

Print It

Lastly, when your calendar is ready, you can just print it. The sizes must be set up first to make the calendar printable. The sizes must be in line with the papers in terms of width and length. To make the result better, choose the photo print mode in your printer software. Besides, the paper provides should be smooth and glossy one to let the beautiful design accentuate more.

Make sure that the inks are full to guarantee the colors will be stunning and beautiful. After the calendar has been successfully printed out, you can hang it on the wall. Meanwhile, for a calendar that consists of some pages, they must be unified first using a permanent paper clip. Now, the beautiful calendar is ready to use. Put it in the proper place to make it more readable.


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There are so many ways to have the calendar template. If you want it to be more practical, of course, buying it is the best choice. However, if you want to have a calendar that meets your expectations, creating it yourself is necessary. Moreover, there are now so many templates of calendar available on some websites. Many of them are edited and printable anyway. After editing and printing it out, your calendar is ready to hang on the wall or put on the table.