7 Amazing Letter Of Intent (Free Template & Example)

4 Main Parts of a Formal Letter of Intent

In some types of business, it is not enough if the agreement is only done in a spoken way and through some handshakes. To avoid problems and misunderstanding later, there must be a letter written down as the sign of the agreement. It is namely the letter of intent. There is actually no default form regarding this letter type. However, there are some points that are essential and important to include. What are they?


Since the letter is commonly used between two companies or a company with a customer, it is categorized as a formal letter. It means that there should be the heading. The heading consists of the company’s name, symbol, and tagline along with possible contacts. The contacts can be the address, email, phone number, and the likes. They must be available on the letter of intent template.


In general, the letter is shaped just like other conventional letters. It means there must be an opening or introduction part. The introduction must be typed well with the letter’s recipient to be mentioned clearly. Commonly, it is about the reason why the transaction should be done between the two parties. The introduction is typed briefly but on points so that the recipient will not spend too much time only for reading it.


After the introduction, there is the content of the letter. The content is basically the continuity of the introduction mentioned above. This way, the details of the transaction must be mentioned. Just like other formal letters, mention also if there are some other documents to attach. The letter of intent example even shows the details of personal data mentioned including the name, address, age, and others when the letter is made by a client personally to the company.

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Lastly, there is a conclusion or closing of the letter. You should not really conclude all the details mentioned in the previous point. The conclusion here is about wishes so that the cooperation can just be done well without problems whether now or in the future. After the closing, there is a signature to make the letter more valid and formal. Next, submit it to the company or institution you are intending to. Well, this is how you should write a letter of intent.



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