20 Gift Tag Template Free Printable

There are various reasons why people send other gifts. How to write a gift tag template will strongly depend on this reason or purpose. Here are some tips in writing various types of gift tags.

Sending gifts to friends, relatives or coworkers is more personal than just sending short messages via mobile phone, e-mail or social media. Sometimes, you should also attach a gift tag to express that you care about someone, to whom this gift is intended. Although it seems trivial, what you say in a gift tag is more personal because you spend a little more time composing your thoughts to express your feelings using just a few words. That is why, sometimes, some good tips and good gift tag template are needed.

Importance of a Gift Tag

Let’s explore why a gift tag is vital in gift-giving and how it concisely conveys emotions and thoughts.

Personal Connection

A simple “Thinking of You” or “With Love” on the tag turns a beautiful present into a memorable one.

Conveying Emotions

Often, emotions are hard to articulate. Whether gratitude, love, sympathy, or joy, a few words on a tag can encapsulate complex emotions. It’s not just about what’s written but also how it’s written – the choice of words, handwriting, and even paper and ink can be part of the message.

Adding Aesthetic Value

A gift tag is not just functional; it adds to the visual appeal of the gift. Choosing a tag that complements the wrapping or the occasion’s theme can turn the gift into a work of art.

Clarifying the Occasion

Gift tags can specify the reason for the gift, be it a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or just a simple thank you.

Identifying the Recipient and Sender

In group settings, such as a Christmas gathering or a wedding, gift tags play a crucial role in identifying who the gift is from and to whom it’s intended. This practical aspect ensures that the right person receives the right message and gift.

Encouraging Thoughtfulness

Writing a gift tag requires a moment of reflection about the person and the relationship shared.

Types of Gift Tags

Gift tags come in many shapes and sizes, and their messages can be tailored to suit various occasions. The little details on a gift tag can communicate the unique sentiments of a special event. Let’s break down the different types of gift tags for various occasions:

Birthday Gift Tags

Birthday gift tags are often colorful, cheerful, and filled with celebratory messages. They may include personal wishes for the year ahead, age-related humor, or a warm “Happy Birthday.”

Congratulatory Gift Tags

Congratulatory gift tags often contain praise, encouragement, and excitement for the future. They might include symbols or images of the accomplishment, such as wedding rings or graduation caps.

Gift Tags for New Job Celebrations

Starting a new job is a significant step in a person’s career, and a gift tag for this occasion often conveys support, pride, and optimism. Phrases like “Good Luck in Your New Adventure” or “Congratulations on Your New Job” can be used. The design might incorporate professional themes or elements related to the specific job or industry.

Condolence Gift Tags

Condolence or sympathy gift tags are used when giving a gift to someone who has experienced a loss or is going through a difficult time. These tags are usually understated and elegant, with gentle, comforting words. Phrases such as “With Deepest Sympathy” or “Thinking of You During This Difficult Time” can be appropriate. The aim is to provide solace and let the recipient know they are in your thoughts.

Seasonal or Holiday Gift Tags

From Christmas to Easter, holiday gift tags add a festive touch to seasonal presents. They often include traditional symbols and greetings related to the specific holiday. For example, a Christmas tag might feature a Christmas tree and a warm “Merry Christmas.”

DIY or Handmade Gift Tags

For those who prefer a personal touch, DIY or handmade gift tags offer unlimited creativity.

The diversity in gift tags reflects the richness of human emotions and the many occasions we celebrate.

It’s a small detail with a big impact, reflecting thoughtfulness and care most concisely and beautifully.

Tips for Writing Gift Tags

Here are some practical tips for creating memorable and meaningful gift tags:

Know the Recipient Well

A personal touch, even a nickname or inside joke, can make the tag special.

Choose the Right Language

The language on the gift tag should be in tune with the occasion and the relationship you share with the recipient. A formal tone might suit a professional relationship, while a casual and playful tone could be used for close friends and family.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Gift tags offer limited space, so your message needs to be concise yet meaningful. A simple, heartfelt wish or a brief quote encapsulating your feelings can be very effective.

Consider the Design and Color

The design and color of the tag should complement the gift wrapping and the occasion. Elegant and muted colors suit sympathy gifts, while bright and cheerful designs are perfect for birthdays. If you’re crafty, creating a handmade tag adds a unique touch.

Use Clear Handwriting

If you’re writing the tag by hand, ensure your handwriting is legible. You want the recipient to read and understand your message easily. If handwriting isn’t your strength, consider printing the tag with a beautiful font.

Reflect the Occasion

Your tag should echo the sentiments of the occasion. Use symbols, themes, or images that align with the event, whether a wedding, graduation, or holiday.

Double-Check Names and Spellings

A misspelled name can detract from the thoughtfulness of the gift. Double-check the spelling of the recipient’s name and any other words on the tag.

Add a Signature

Always sign the tag so the recipient knows who it’s from. Your signature, whether your full name, initials or a term of endearment, adds authenticity.

Consider Sustainability

If you are environmentally conscious, consider using recycled materials or reusable tags. It’s a thoughtful touch that aligns with sustainable living practices.

Gift tags are small but powerful tools for expressing emotions, congratulations, or sympathy.

These little details make gift-giving a truly enriching and connecting experience.

How to Use Gift Tag Templates: Customization for Every Occasion

Here’s a guide on how to use gift tag templates effectively:

Select the Right Template

Start by choosing a template that aligns with the occasion, whether a birthday, wedding, or holiday.

Customize the Design

You might choose red and green hues with festive imagery if it’s a Christmas gift. For a wedding, softer, more elegant designs might be appropriate.

Add Personal Text

Gift tag templates usually contain placeholder text that you can replace with words. Remember to check for correct spelling and appropriate language.

Include Relevant Symbols or Logos

Depending on the occasion, add specific symbols, logos, or images. For a corporate gift, including the company logo might be a nice touch, while a heart symbol could be apt for an anniversary gift.

Adjust the Size If Needed

Templates often come in standard sizes, but you may want to adjust the size to fit your gift or preference. Most design tools will allow you to change the dimensions while maintaining quality easily.

Print or Attach Digitally

Once your gift tag is ready, you can print it on quality paper using a color printer for the best results. If the gift is digital (such as an online gift card), you can attach the customized tag as an image file in an email or message.

Add Finishing Touches

If you’ve printed the tag, consider using a special type of paper, such as textured or glossy paper, for a more polished look.

Save for Future Use

You can modify it slightly for different recipients or occasions, saving time and maintaining a consistent style.

Gift Tag Template Free Printable

Christmas Gift Tag Template

Christmas Gift Tag Template

Here’s a breakdown of various gift tag templates that cater to different needs and occasions:

Gift Tag Template Free

It offers basic designs that can be customized and printed from your home computer.

Gift Tag Template


Gift Tag Template Word

Microsoft Word comes in various shapes and sizes, and the text can easily be edited to suit your needs.

Gift Tag Template Google Docs

If you prefer working online, Google Docs offers gift tag templates that can be accessed and edited from any device with internet access. Collaboration with friends or family members is also possible, making it versatile.

Gift Tag Template Christmas

Celebrate the holiday season with specialized Christmas gift tag templates.

Gift Tag Template SVG

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) templates are perfect for creating tags with intricate designs. They can be resized without losing quality, making them suitable for small and large gifts.

Gift Tag Template Pdf

PDF gift tag templates are user-friendly and can be printed directly without any alteration. They are often used when no customization is needed or for professional printing.

Free printable gift tags


Free printable gift tags


Free printable thank you tags for favors

Free printable thank you tags for favors


valentine gift tags

valentine gift tags




free printable favor tags


free printable favor tags


Gift Tag Template Cricut

It uses Cricut machines, specialized gift tag templates that allow cutting and engraving.

Christmas Gift Tag Template

A sub-category focusing specifically on Christmas-themed tags, these templates offer festive designs to match the holiday spirit.

Blank Gift Tag Template

For those who love starting from scratch, blank templates provide a clean canvas for creativity. You can design the tag according to your imagination without any preset restrictions.


Giving a gift is a special way to show someone you care. But did you know that a small piece of paper, called a gift tag, can make that gift even more special?

We’ve talked about lots of different gift tags. Some are free, some you can change your style, and some are made just for holidays like Christmas. These templates make it easy for anyone to create a pretty gift tag.

But why do we use gift tags? They’re not just for writing the name of the gift recipient. A gift tag can say, “I love you,” “Good job,” or “I’m thinking of you.” It helps tell the person why the gift is special, just like they are special to you.

Gift tags can be fun to make too. You can choose colors, pictures, and words that mean something to you and the person getting the gift. It’s like making a little piece of art that says something nice.

So next time you give a gift, think about the gift tag. It’s a small thing that can make a big difference. It’s not just about the stuff you’re giving; it’s about the heart and thought you put into it. That’s what makes a gift matter. It’s the love and care behind it; a gift tag helps show that beautifully.