10 Amazing Bill Of Lading (free Template & Example)

Using a Bill Of Lading Forms and Templates

There are many business owners often dealing with the international shipping which might use the bill of lading. It was considered as one of the most important documents for shipping transportation. Highlighting all necessary information related to your package, shipping method and from where it is coming. You should know that this form can be used as evidence of receipt. If you need a bill, then you only need to download free templates and save up your time. besides that, it also has some types and purposes to be played.

Here some types of bill of lading

Shipped bill of lading

This is one of the most used or common types of bill of lading template. Sometimes, the sender might ask that the shipowner provides this form in order to be used as the evidence that the goods have shipped already. That’s why this form should be printed in advance. Those documents often stated that the goods were delivered in good condition. It decides and confirms that the goods are really on aboard. This is the most common receipt is used by the shipper.

Ocean Bill of Lading

This is a type of document which been needed when the transporter moving the cargo across the ocean, whether its international or national shipping. It uses as the both and it can be negotiated or not. The non-negotiable will allow the buyer to receive the goods when they show their identifications. In another hand, the negotiable from will ask the shipper to check the goods and negotiate to the seller. This bill of lading sample allows the sender to send goods abroad.

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Through Bill of Lading

This is also a very common form but its pretty complex. This type allows the shipping carrier to bring the cargo using different methods and distributions of transportation. This method also allows to transport the goods internationally and domestic borders as well. this document highlight the amounts and types of goods which should be transported, tell the shipper for its destination.

Inland Bill of Lading

This is another necessary document for cargo transportation. However, this form is different from the ocean bill. It was needed for the goods that should be transferred to the land.


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