20 Landlord Reference Letter Example & Template Free

Landlord reference letter example refer to kinds of a letter that confirm the status and history of the land. The letter is the evidence to show the ownership of the land, particularly in terms of the law. Besides, in many cases, the letters functioned to deal with some personal issues between the landlord and tenants.

Types of Landlord Reference Letters

Landlord reference letters are like report cards that landlords give to tenants. They tell how the tenants have been doing while living on the landlord’s property. There are two kinds of these letters: positive ones and negative ones. Let’s understand these better:

Positive Landlord Reference Letters

Positive landlord reference letters are like gold stars for tenants. They say good things about the tenants. Here are some reasons why a landlord might write a positive letter:

  1. Good Behavior: If tenants are respectful, friendly, and follow all the rules, they get a thumbs up! The landlord might write a letter saying how well they behaved.
  2. Paying Rent on Time: When tenants pay their rent on time every month, it makes the landlord happy. The letter might say the tenants always paid the rent on the right day.

Negative Landlord Reference Letters

Negative landlord reference letters are like notes from the teacher when something is wrong. They tell about problems or concerns the landlord has. Here are some reasons for a negative letter:

  1. Late Rent Payments: If tenants often forget to pay their rent on time, the landlord might write a letter about this. It’s like a note saying they still need to turn in their homework.
  2. Other Issues: Sometimes, other problems happen, like being too loud or breaking rules. The landlord might write a letter saying the tenants were too noisy or didn’t follow the rules.

These letters help others know what kind of renters the tenants have been.

Important Elements of a Landlord Reference Letter

landlord reference letter example 03

landlord reference letter example 03

Writing a landlord reference letters can be as easy as filling out a simple form, especially when you know what to include. It’s like having a checklist for packing a suitcase for a trip. Let’s look at the important pieces that make up a good letter:

The Date

  • Why It’s Important: Putting the date is like saying when a photo was taken. It helps the reader know when you wrote the letter, showing that the information is fresh, like bread right out of the oven.

Tenancy Information

  • What to Include: This part is like the title of a book. It tells who the tenant is, where they lived, and when they lived there. It’s the main info you need to share, like the main ingredients in a recipe.

Details on the Tenancy

  • Payment History: Talk about whether the tenant paid rent on time, like marking on a calendar when chores were done.
  • Property Condition: Share what the place looked like after the tenant moved out, like telling how a borrowed toy was returned.

Details about the Tenant

  • Behavior: Talk about how the tenant acted, like writing a school report about how a student behaves in class.


  • Relationship Recap: This is like the end of a story. It wraps up what the landlord and tenant’s journey was like and if it could happen again, like saying if you would lend a toy to a friend again.

Your Details

  • Contact Info: At the end, leave a way for the reader to reach you, like leaving a note for a friend about where to meet up. It’s a way to say, “Reach out if you have questions!” like asking a teacher for help when you need it.

Landlord Reference Letters Form

Landlord Reference Form


A form is like a paper with blanks you fill in. It’s like a coloring book but with words. For landlord reference letters, a form makes it easy for your old landlord to write the letter. They fill in the blanks with your details, like filling in a coloring page with color!

  • Easy to Use: Forms are easy because they tell the landlord what to write, as a game tells you what to do.
  • Quick: Forms are easy to fill out. It’s like finishing a quick snack.
  • Clear: Forms make letters clear and easy to read, like a book with big letters.

Landlord Reference Letter Example

Landlord Reference letters Example

Landlord Reference letters Example

There are many different situations a landlord might face, just like there are many different kinds of weather. Here are landlord reference letter example for all kinds of days:

  1. Positive Examples: Letters that say good things about tenants, like a teacher giving a gold star.
  2. Negative Examples: Letters that talk about problems or concerns, like a note home about forgetting homework.
  3. Neutral Examples: Letters that share facts or information, like a note about what day the big test is on.

Landlord Reference Letter for Tenant

Landlord Reference Letter for Tenant

Landlord Reference Letter for Tenant – Landlord reference letter example

This is a letter your old landlord wrote about you. It tells if you paid rent on time and if you took care of the place, like a teacher telling you if you did your homework and were nice in class.

Short Landlord Reference Letter

Short Landlord Reference Letter

Short Landlord Reference Letter – Landlord reference letter example

This is a short and sweet letter, like a short and sweet note to a friend. It just has the must-know info.

Previous Landlord Reference Letter

Previous Landlord Reference Letter

Previous Landlord Reference Letter – Landlord reference letter example

This letter is from an old landlord, not the one you have now, but the one before. It’s like asking your grade 2 teacher how you did now that you’re in grade 3.

Landlord Tenant Reference Letter

This letter is a two-way street. It tells how you were as a tenant and how you were as a landlord. It’s like swapping stories at lunch about your weekend.

This letter tells how you were while renting a place. It’s like a story of your renting adventure.

Landlord Reference Letter Request

Landlord Reference Letter Request

Landlord Reference Letter Request – Landlord reference letter example

This is when you ask your landlord to write you a letter. It’s like asking for a bedtime story before sleep.

Landlord Reference Letter PDF

Landlord Reference Letter PDF - Landlord reference letter example

Landlord Reference Letter PDF – Landlord reference letter example


This is a letter saved as a PDF file. It’s like saving your drawing on the computer so you can show it to Grandma later.

Templates for Different Circumstances

Having a template is like having a map. Here are some templates for different situations:

  1. Positive Templates: Templates to praise tenants for being great, like a certificate of being awesome.
  2. Negative Templates: Templates to discuss concerns or issues, like a form for reporting a problem.
  3. Neutral Templates: Templates to share information or updates, like a newsletter.

Each template will have spots where the landlord can fill in the details, like coloring in a coloring book.

Easy Fill-Out Templates

We’ll provide templates that are easy to fill out, like a quiz with multiple-choice questions. They’ll have spaces for all the important details, so you don’t forget anything.

  1. Simple Language: The templates will use simple words, so it’s easy to understand, like a storybook.
  2. Clear Sections: Each part of the letter will have its spot in the template, like a box for each toy.
  3. Helpful Hints: The templates will have helpful hints like a friend giving you a clue on a treasure hunt.

Landlord Reference Letter Template

Landlord Reference letters Template - Landlord reference letter example

Landlord Reference letters Template – Landlord reference letter example

Having a template for a landlord reference letters is like having a favorite recipe ready to bake a cake. Let’s see how having a template can be a big help:

Landlord Reference Letter Ireland

Landlord Reference Letter Ireland

Landlord Reference Letter Ireland – Landlord reference letter example

In Ireland, this letter tells if you paid your rent on time and if you were a good neighbor. It’s like telling if you shared your toys and played nicely with others.

Landlord Reference Letter UK

Landlord Reference Letter UK

Landlord Reference Letter UK – Landlord reference letter example

In the UK, it’s the same. The letter tells about your rent payments and how you treated the home. It’s like a report card for how you treat your room.

Landlord Reference Letter NZ (New Zealand)

Landlord Reference Letter NZ

Landlord Reference Letter NZ – Landlord reference letter example

In New Zealand, the letter can also talk about if you followed all the house rules. It’s like telling if you followed the rules during game time.

Landlord Reference Letter Australia

In Australia, the letter is similar. It tells about your rent payments and if you kept the place tidy. It’s like telling if you cleaned up your toys after playing.

Landlord Reference Letter NYC (New York City)

In New York City, landlords like to know if you are quiet and respectful to neighbors. It’s like telling if you were quiet during nap time and shared nicely.

Ready Templates for Different Scenarios

Having templates ready for different scenarios is smart, like having an umbrella ready for a rainy day.

  1. Different Templates: Have different templates for good behavior, late payments, or other situations.
  2. Quick Response: With templates ready, you can respond to situations quickly, like having a first-aid kit ready for little accidents.

Easing the Process of Sending Out Letters

Templates make sending out letters easier and faster, like having a shortcut to your favorite park.

  1. Less Work: With a template, you don’t have to start from scratch each time.
  2. Consistent: Templates help you consistently say things, like always saying “please” and “thank you.” It keeps things professional and polite.
  3. Customizable: Even though templates have the main points, you can still add or change things to fit the situation.

Landlord Reference Letters Word

Landlord Reference Letters - Landlord reference letter example

Landlord reference letter example

Sometimes, landlords use a computer program called Word to write the letter. Word has templates, which are like forms but on the computer.

  • Templates: Word has templates for landlord reference letters. It’s like having a guide to help you draw a picture.
  • Easy to Edit: In Word, editing is easy. It’s like erasing a drawing to fix a mistake.
  • Print or Email: Once done, you can print the letter or email it. It’s like sharing a drawing with a friend, either by handing it to them or sending a picture of it.

How is it to make good landlord reference letters?

Creating a good landlord reference letters is like baking a cake. There are many ways to make it, but certain rules help make it turn out right. Let’s learn how to bake this special letter cake!

Flexible Content but Formal Tone

The words you choose to put in the letter can change. However, it’s important to keep a serious and respectful tone, just like speaking politely at a grown-up gathering. This helps if the letter needs to be shown to other people in important places later on.

Basic Structure of the Letter

Just like a cake has layers, a Landlord Reference Letter has parts. Here are the parts of the letter:

  1. Addressing: At the top, write who the letter is for. It’s like writing the name on the envelope.
  2. Greeting: Say a polite hello, like saying “Hi” when answering the phone.
  3. Body: This is where you tell the story of the tenant, like the main part of a book.
  4. Closing: Politely say goodbye, like waving when someone leaves.
  5. Signature: Sign your name at the end, like giving the letter a stamp of approval.

Clarity, Brevity, and Understandable Language

It’s important to be clear, short, and easy to understand, just like giving simple directions to find a hidden treasure. Here’s how:

  1. Clarity: Make sure to say what you mean so there’s no confusion, like using a clear map.
  2. Brevity: Keep it short and sweet, like a quick high-five.
  3. Understandable Language: Use simple words so everyone can understand, like speaking in a way that all your friends can get.

Importance of Formal Language

landlord reference letter example 01

landlord reference letter example 01

Using formal language in a landlord reference letters is like wearing a suit to a big event. It shows you are serious and respectful. Let’s explore why this is important:

Why Formal Language is Crucial

Formal language is the polite and serious way of talking or writing. It’s important in a Landlord Reference Letter for a few reasons:

  1. Respect: It shows respect to the person reading the letter, like saying “please” and “thank you.”
  2. Seriousness: It shows that what’s being said is serious and important, like a teacher talking about a big test coming up.
  3. Understanding: It makes sure everyone understands what is being said, like when directions to a place are clear and easy to follow.

Legal Implications

Sometimes, a landlord reference letters might need to be shown to other important people, like judges or other officials. It’s like showing your report card to the principal. Here’s why formal language is good for this:

  1. Proof: The letter can serve as proof of what’s been happening, like a receipt from a store.
  2. Record: It acts as a record that can be looked at later, like a photo of a special day.

Digital over Manual Writing

Landlord Reference letters Form - Landlord reference letter example

Landlord Reference letters Form – Landlord reference letter example


Writing a landlord reference letters on a computer instead of by hand is like choosing to ride a bike instead of walking. Let’s dive into why typing the letter is a good idea:


Typed letters are easy to read, like big, clear street signs. When you type, the letters are neat and all the same size. It’s different from handwriting, which can be hard to read, like scribbles on a map.

  1. Clear Words: Typed letters make sure every word is clear and easy to read, like a well-lit path.
  2. No Guessing: People don’t have to guess what a word is, like trying to read a note with messy writing.


Typed letters look more professional, like wearing neat clothes to a meeting.

  1. Serious Look: A typed letter looks serious and important, like a nicely wrapped gift.
  2. Shows Effort: It shows you took the time to make the letter look good, like cleaning up before guests come over.

Ease of Editing

Typing a letter on a computer makes it easy to fix mistakes or make changes, like using an eraser on a drawing.

  1. Quick Changes: You can quickly fix a typo or change a word, like fixing a small tear in a paper.
  2. No Redo: If you make a mistake in a handwritten letter, you might have to start all over. But with a typed letter, you can fix it fast, like putting a sticker over a small spot.

Keeping the Letter Clear and Brief

Writing a landlord reference letters should be like telling a short, easy-to-understand story. It should have clear words. Let’s learn how to keep our letter nice and neat:

Straight to the Point

Going straight to the point is like going straight to the playground.

  1. Clear Points: Make sure what you say is easy to understand, like simple directions to find a treasure.
  2. No Extra Words: Don’t add extra words that are not needed. It’s like packing a bag with only what you need for a trip.

Avoiding Verbosity

Verbosity is a big word that means using too many words. It’s like a sandwich with too much stuffing that falls out when you try to eat it. Here’s how to avoid it:

  1. Keep it Short: Write short sentences. It’s like using a small box for a small gift.
  2. Stay on Topic: Talk only about what is important. It’s like staying on the path during a hike.

Clear Intention

Make sure the main point of your letter is clear, like a bright, sunny day.

  1. Main Message: Say what you need to say clearly, like shouting “Happy Birthday” at a party.
  2. No Confusion: Make sure there is no confusion about what you are saying, like making sure everyone knows the plan for a fun day out.

Customizing Templates

Having a template is a great start, but being able to change it to fit your needs is like adding your favorite toppings on a pizza. Let’s dive into how landlords can add their flavor to templates:

Tips for Customizing Templates

Just like you can decorate your room to show your style, you can change templates to fit what you need to say. Here are some tips:

  1. Add Your Info: Make sure to add your name, address, and other info, like writing your name on your school books.
  2. Change the Language: If there’s a word or phrase you don’t like, change it! It’s like picking a different flavor of ice cream.
  3. Include Specific Details: Add details about the tenant or the situation, like drawing a picture to tell a story.

Platforms and Software for Modifying Templates

There are places online where you can create or change templates, just like parks where you can play in different ways.

  1. Word Processors: Programs like Microsoft Word or Google Docs are like playgrounds for typing.
  2. Online Template Makers: There are websites where you can pick a template and change it, like choosing a base to build your LEGO creation.
  3. Special Software: Some software is made just for making templates.

Save Your Work

Don’t forget to save your changes, like putting your toys away when you’re done playing. This way, you can use your custom template again later, like having a special toy to play with any time you want.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid

landlord reference letter example 02

landlord reference letter example 02

Let’s learn about some common and how to avoid them:

Being Too Vague

  1. The Mistake: Sometimes, letters might need more details, like a picture without enough colors.
  2. How to Avoid: Make sure to include all the important info, like who, what, when, where, and why. It’s like answering all the questions in a quiz.

Being Too Emotional

  1. The Mistake: It’s normal to have feelings, but a reference letter is not the place to share them.
  2. How to Avoid: Stick to the facts, like saying the sky is blue. This way, the letter stays professional, like wearing a tie to a meeting.

Forgetting Important Details

  1. The Mistake: Sometimes, a letter might miss important details, like forgetting to say when something happened.
  2. How to Avoid: Use a checklist to make sure you include all the important info, like checking off items on a grocery list.

Not Proofreading

  1. The Mistake: A letter with spelling mistakes or grammar errors is like a shirt with stains.
  2. How to Avoid: Read your letter carefully before sending it, like checking your look in the mirror before leaving home.

Not Including Contact Information

  1. The Mistake: Remember to include your contact info is like forgetting to say where the treasure is on a treasure map.
  2. How to Avoid: Always include your contact info at the end of the letter, like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs to find your way back.


What is a Landlord Reference Letter?

A Landlord Reference Letter is like a report card about a tenant. It tells how the tenant was during the time they rented from the landlord, like a story about a character.

Why is a Landlord Reference Letter important?

It helps new landlords know what kind of tenant they might be getting, like reading a book review before picking a book to read.

What should be included in a Landlord Reference Letter?

The letter should have the tenant’s name, where they lived, and when they lived there. It should also talk about if they paid rent on time and kept the place nice and tidy, like a checklist of how they did.

How should a Landlord Reference Letter be structured?

Start with the date, then say who the tenant is, where they lived, and how they behaved. At the end, say what you think overall and how the reader can reach you, like writing the steps to bake a cake from start to finish.

Can I include personal opinions in the letter?

It’s better to stick to facts and not personal feelings or opinions. It’s like telling what happened clearly without adding extra stories.

How do I send a Landlord Reference Letter?

You can send the letter by mail or email.

Can I use a template for a Landlord Reference Letter?

Yes, using a template can make writing the letter easier, like having a map to follow on a hike.

Where can I find templates for Landlord Reference Letters?

You can find templates on the internet or use programs like Microsoft Word or Google Docs to create one. It’s like picking a coloring book from the store or drawing your pictures to color.


Now, let’s remember the fun slides and swings we discovered along the way: It’s a smart way to handle the job of being a landlord, like having a good backpack to carry your books to school. So, get your templates ready and make your job easier, like riding a bike with training wheels until you can zoom on your own!