15 Amazing Report Card (Free Template & Example)

Report Card Templates

Over the years, the report card will always become an important part of the curriculum. The report card template which parents can learn about the performance of their students and the most important is helping them to assess their performance and success in the class. Of course, you can choose the best report card template which include the list of subjects that the students get during their school period. Even their attitudes in class have determined by the institutions. Finally, it would be a grade which gained by students for their efforts.

Here some features in the report card

We all know that there are some types of report card which even used in each institution. If you compare then, you will realize that there are big differences between one school into other schools. However, there are some features that you find in most schools, some of them below:


The report card that you use should include the attendance list of all students which been tracked throughout the year. This is very important especially in the schools where the attendance is a certain percentage of the overall grade that students get at the end of the school term. The attendance page should be flexible, centralized and show the real-time so it considers efficient.

The discipline record

This information is the accumulation of all incidents which occurred during the school session. In the discipline record, it should be a student history in more detailed information. This information can be accessed by the teacher and student as well.

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The dioceses and districts

As the teacher, you will be linked into some schools, for the comparative purposes then your report needs to show the different information about another institution. Therefore, a good report should be good and allow you to gain success to the attendance, demographic and academic information from all the institutions which you are affiliated with.

Assessing the students

In this case, the institutions have their own guidelines which been followed by each teacher when assessing the student performance. There are some areas that should be included in that report so that when parents were given the reports, they do not expect to see the letter grade, but more comprehensive report. You might download report card pdf.



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