7 Amazing Birthday Card Template (Free Word , PDF, JPEG)

3 Easy Tips to Choose the Best Birthday Card Template

A birthday card template is a solution if you want to save your money more. Of course, there must be a particular budget to order the card in a publisher. With the template, all you need to do is editing here and there and finally print it out. The money can be used for catering and anything else anyway. There are some tips to choose a good and appropriate template for birthday cards. What are they?

Who Celebrates the Birthday?

The type of cards is basically depending on the one who celebrates his or her birthday. If he or she is still a kid, it is necessary to choose a birthday card template that is full of colors and cartoon ornaments. On the other hand, although the concept may not so much different, teenagers may need another more mature idea. Meanwhile, for adults, the cards should be simpler and more minimalist. Certain themes like the Great Gatsby are not bad to choose if you want it to be more artistic.


After knowing who celebrates the birthday, it is the time to develop the concept. Whatever it is, birthday is a happy moment so that the card must represent it as well. The use of certain colors like red, yellow, green, and blue are necessary. Even if you want, you can combine them all. No matter how minimalist is, there must be images that represent birthday celebrations. For examples, there should be things like gifts, birthday cakes, colorful ribbons, and more. But for the adult birthday, you can just choose one of the templates that look not too childish.

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Printable Template

Mainly if you don’t want to spend too much time in designing and editing, a kind of birthday card template printable is necessary to choose. Well, maybe you only need to type down your name along with the birthday one. It is possible also to add a certain birthday card template word that is different from others. In this case, it is expected that your card along with the words will be more memorable.

The most important thing is about the gift anyway. Indeed, it is optional to give the gift to someone who celebrates his or her birthday. But if you can give the best one, it can just be the greatest moment for them.

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