20 Lesson Plan Template Example (PDF, Word & Printable Free)

lesson plan template example is an important item to support your teaching process. It is a guide for you to start and finish the lesson. You can also use the lesson plan to control the lesson you give to the students. Lesson plan templates are a solution to create a lesson plan faster.


A lesson plan template example is offered in a variety of formats. One of them is the lesson plan templates word. It is a good option, especially if you want to use it right away. Those types of lesson plan templates are easy to edit, and you can directly print them. Later, you can see the plan anytime you want to teach to make sure that you are on the right track.

Components of Lesson Plan Templates

A lesson planning guide is a curriculum mapping for success in teaching. Let’s look at the main parts of a lesson plan template that help make your teaching journey smooth.

Title of the Plan

A title is like the name of your lesson. A good title is clear and specific. For instance, a title like “Introduction to Fractions” is clear and to the point.

The Detail of the Plan

Detailing the lesson outline helps you stay on track. Here are some things you might include:

  • Teacher’s Name: So everyone knows who’s teaching.
  • Grade: This helps to match the lesson to the right age group.
  • Date and Class Period: This helps keep your schedule tidy.

The Objective of the Lesson Plan

Objectives are the goals of your lesson. They answer the question, “What should students learn?” Setting clear objectives helps you and the students know what to aim for.

Instruction Methodology

This part talks about how you will teach the lesson. It can include:

  • Methods: Like discussions, group work, or lectures.
  • Materials: Like books, videos, or handouts.
  • Activities: Like games, experiments, or quizzes.

Detailing the instruction methodology helps you prepare everything you need before class.

Types of Lesson Plan Templates

Let’s dive into different kinds of lesson plan templates to see which one fits your teaching style the best!

Subject-Specific Templates

Each school subject is unique. That’s why there are special templates for different subjects like physical education, science, and more. These templates help you plan lessons that are fun and informative.

  • Physical Education Lesson Plan Templates: These have spaces for the activities, equipment needed, and safety tips.
  • Science Lesson Plan Templates: Here, you can write down your goals, the experiments you’ll do, and what you think will happen.

Customizable Templates

Some templates let you change things around. They come in formats like Word that are easy to change. You can:

  • Pick your favorite fonts and colors.
  • Add or remove parts to fit your lesson.
  • Put in pictures, links, or videos to make learning fun.

With these templates, you can make a lesson plan that’s just right for you and your students.

Printable Templates

Sometimes, having a printed lesson plan is handy. Printable templates are great for:

  • Quick Checks: Print it, keep it on your desk, and take a quick peek anytime.
  • Planning Anywhere: Write down ideas whenever they pop up, even without a computer.
  • Easy Review: Look over your plan easily with a printed copy.

These templates blend the old-school paper feel with a neat instructional design So you can plan your lessons even when you’re on the move.

Advantages of Utilizing Lesson Plan Templates

Lesson plan templates are like a teacher’s best friend. These are some of the advantages of using these templates.

  1. Time-Saving: Teachers are super busy. With lesson plan templates, you can plan your lessons faster.
  2. Ensuring Lesson Structure: Every lesson needs a good structure. Lesson plan templates have sections for each part of your lesson. So, you always remember to include an introduction, main activities, and a closing. It keeps your lesson on track from start to finish.
  3. Aiding in Achieving Learning Outcomes: Your lessons have goals. You may want your students to learn new words, solve math problems, or understand a science concept. The “Objectives” part of the template helps you keep these goals in sight.
  4. Easy to Reuse and Modify: Once you have a template you like, you can use it again and again. Just change the details for each new lesson.
  5. Professional Appearance: Lesson plan templates look neat and professional. They help you present your lesson to others, like your principal or fellow teachers, in a clear and organized way.
  6. Reflection and Improvement: After your lesson, look back at your plan. See what worked and what didn’t.

How to Choose Lesson Plan Template

Picking the right lesson plan template is like choosing the right pair of shoes. It needs to fit well and be comfy. Here are some tips to help you pick a lesson plan template:

Understand Your Needs:

  • First, know what you need.
  • Are you teaching science, math, or English?
  • Do you want a daily, weekly, or monthly plan?
  • Answering these questions will help you find a template that fits.

Check the Template’s Parts:

  • A good template has parts like the title, objectives, instructions, and more.
  • Make sure the template has all the parts you need for your lesson.

Editable or Printable:

  • Do you like typing or writing by hand?
  • Pick a template that you can edit on your computer or print out.

Easy to Use:

  • The template should be easy to fill out.
  • It should not make planning harder.
  • It should save you time and take less time!

Look for Examples:

  • Some templates come with examples.
  • These can help you understand how to fill them out.

How to Use a Lesson Plan Template

Here are some tips to help you use a lesson plan template:

Fill in the Blanks:

Start by filling in the easy parts, like the title and date.

Then, fill in the objectives and the details of your lesson.

Customize It:

  • Change the colors or fonts if you can.
  • Make the template feel like “yours.”

Review and Adjust:

  • Look over your plan.
  • Make sure everything makes sense and you remember everything.

Save and Print:

  • Save a digital copy of your plan.
  • Print it out if you need to.


  • After your lesson, look back at your plan.
  • What went well? What didn’t?
  • Make notes for next time.

Organized Teaching

Ready to make teaching easy? lesson plan template are here for you. They are like a teaching buddy.

Many templates are waiting. You can find one that you like. They have templates for science, math, gym, and more.

Don’t wait! Look at the templates and pick one. It’s easy and helps a lot. With a good template, teaching is fun and easy.

Get a lesson plan template now. So go on, find your template, and try it!

Lesson Plan Template Example

There are various lesson plan template examples tailored to your needs:

Preschool Lesson Plan Template

lesson plan template example 05

lesson plan template example 05

Perfect for little learners. It has spaces for play, learning activities, and more. It’s a fun way to plan the young ones’ learning journey.

Blank Lesson Plan Templates

lesson plan template example 04

lesson plan template example 04

A clean slate for any lesson. Fill it in how you want, and use it for different lessons. It’s your canvas!

Lesson Plan Template Word

lesson plan template example 09

lesson plan template example 09

Edit it right on your computer in Word. It’s easy to type, change, and get ready for class.

Lesson Plan Template PDF

lesson plan template example 12

lesson plan template example 12

Print it out or fill it in on your computer. It’s flexible for how you like to plan.

Weekly Lesson Plan Template

lesson plan template example 03

lesson plan template example 03


lesson plan template example 08

lesson plan template example 08

See your whole week at a glance. It helps to keep all your lessons in order for the week.

Daily Lesson Plan Template

lesson plan template example 06

lesson plan template example 06

Dive into the day’s lessons. It helps to focus on what needs to be done each day.

Lesson Plan Template High School

It has spaces for more complex topics and lessons. It’s a great guide for high school teaching plan template.

lesson plan template example 01

lesson plan template example 01

Guided Reading Lesson Plan Template

lesson plan template example 02

lesson plan template example 02

Printable Lesson Plan Template

lesson plan template example 10

lesson plan template example 10

Free Editable Lesson Plan Template

lesson plan template example 11

lesson plan template example 11

Teaching Planer Template

lesson plan template example 07

lesson plan template example 07

Each template is a helpful friend in planning your lessons. Pick the one that fits your teaching style and subject matter.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Planning a lesson? It’s a big task! But sometimes, mistakes can happen. Let’s look at common mistakes and how to fix them.

Vague Goals

Mistake: Sometimes, the goals need to be clarified. It’s hard to figure out what to do.

Fix: Make your goals simple and clear. Say what you want to happen.

Too Much Stuff

Mistake: Lots of activities are good. But too many? It’s a mess!

Fix: Pick a few good activities. Keep it simple and fun.

No Time Check

Mistake: Time goes fast! Sometimes, there needs to be more time.

Fix: Check how long each part takes. Plan your time well.

Missing Materials

Mistake: Oh no, where’s the book? Sometimes, things need to be included.

Fix: Make a list of all the things you need. Check it before you start.

No Plan B

Mistake: Things change. But no second plan? Uh-oh!

Fix: Have a second plan ready. If things change, you’re still good!

Skipping Checks

Mistake: How do you know if they learned? You need to check.

Fix: Have little checks. Ask questions and see if they understand.

Too Hard Words

Mistake: Hard words are tough. Only some understand.

Fix: Use simple words. Make sure everyone gets it.

No Fun

Mistake: Learning is fun! But sometimes, it’s too serious.

Fix: Add some games or jokes. Make it lively and fun!


What’s a Lesson Plan Template?

It’s a helper for planning lessons. It has spots for lesson parts.

Why Use a Lesson Plan Template?

It saves time. It helps cover all lesson parts.

What Should a Lesson Plan Template Have?

A title, lesson details, goals, and steps.

Are There Different Kinds of Lesson Plan Templates?

Yes! Some for subjects like science. Others for any lesson.

Where Can I Get Lesson Plan Templates?

Online! Many free templates in Word, PDF, or online tools.

Can I Make My Lesson Plan Template?

Yes, if you know Word, Excel, or another program, you can.

Are Lesson Plan Templates Need to Use?

No, they are easy. They have clear spots for lesson parts.

Can I Share My Lesson Plan Templates with Other Teachers?

Yes! Sharing helps others and gets you new ideas, too.

How Do I Use a Lesson Plan Template Well?

Pick one you like. Use clear, simple words. Check it before each lesson.

Can I Change My Lesson Plan?

Yes, templates are easy to change. Update them anytime.

Learned About Lesson Plan Templates!

Lesson plan template example help plan what to teach. They have spots for lesson titles, details, goals, and steps.

There are many kinds. Some for subjects like science. Others can be changed on a computer or printed. They save time and make planning easy.

Look at the templates. Pick one you like and download it. It helps plan lessons and makes teaching fun. Click and download to start planning!