Timeshare Cancellation Letter Example (10 Free Template)

Timeshare cancellation letter example: Ever heard of a timeshare? It’s like when families share a vacation home, but they only get it for a little bit each year.

Timeshare cancellation is like saying, “No, thank you, I don’t want to share anymore.” It’s super important to know you can do this, just like you can say no to an extra scoop of ice cream if you’re full. Let’s learn more about It.

What is timeshare cancellation?

Timeshare cancellation is when you tell the company you don’t want your part of the vacation home anymore. When you get a timeshare, it costs a lot of money. And every year, you need to give more money to take care of the house, even if you don’t visit.

If you don’t want your timeshare, you must be quick. There is a special time to tell them “no thanks” and get your money back. So, timeshare cancellation is like returning a toy you don’t want. If you’re quick, they will give you your money back.

Why Would Someone Cancel a Timeshare?

Key Components to Include in Timeshare Cancellation Letter

Key Components to Include in Timeshare Cancellation Letter

Here are some reasons why you might cancel a timeshare:

  1. Money Matters: Just like how buying too many toys can be expensive, timeshares can cost a lot of money over time. People might find that the money they’re spending on a timeshare could be used for other things.
  2. Change of Plans: Families grow and change. Maybe there’s a new baby brother or sister, or maybe the family decides they love camping more than staying in a hotel. When things change, the timeshare might not fit into their plans anymore.
  3. The Surprise Factor: Sometimes, people get a timeshare without realizing all the details, like hidden costs for repairs or not being able to go whenever they want. It’s like getting a toy without batteries—you didn’t know you needed them, and now you can’t play with the toy the way you wanted.
  4. The Repeat Game: Going to the same place every year can get boring. Imagine if you had to play the same game every day. Even if it’s your favorite, you’ll likely want to try something new eventually.
  5. Life’s Twists and Turns: Life can be as unpredictable as the weather. Maybe someone gets sick, or there’s a new job that makes traveling hard. When life throws a curveball, sometimes the timeshare just doesn’t fit into the picture anymore.

When someone decides a timeshare isn’t right for them anymore, it’s like deciding to trade in an old toy for something different.

Key Components to Include in Timeshare Cancellation Letter

When you want to cancel your timeshare, think of your letter like a puzzle. Here are key components to Include in your timeshare cancellation letter:

Account Information:

  • Timeshare Membership or Contract Number: This is like the secret code that tells the timeshare company exactly which timeshare is yours.
  • Other Identifiers: If you have special numbers or codes that the timeshare company gave you, put those in, too. It’s like when you have a special ID number at school.

Personal Identification:

  • Full Name: Write the name you used when you got the timeshare. It has to match so the company knows it’s really you.
  • Address and Contact Information: Give them your address, phone number, and email so they know where to send their reply.

Reason for Cancellation (Optional):

  • Brief Explanation: You can tell them a little bit about why you’re canceling. You can’t travel anymore, or it’s too expensive. But remember, you don’t have to tell them your reasons if you don’t want to.
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The Action You Want Taken:

  • Clear Request: It’s very important to say clearly, “I want to cancel my timeshare contract.” That way, everything is clear about what you want.

Any Fees Paid:

  • Payment Details: If you’ve already paid some fees for the timeshare, mention them.

Make sure your letter has all these pieces to tell the timeshare company just what you want, like a complete set of instructions.

Understanding the Different Types of Timeshares

Let’s scoop into the main types of timeshares that have been around since the 1970s.

Point System Timeshare

This is the old-school, original timeshare flavor. It’s like having a big bowl of points every year that you can trade for vacation time.

How It Works: You get points to spend on vacations.

Choosing Your Vacation: Think about what matters most:

  1. Your Resort Choice: Some resorts are like triple chocolate cake – they cost more points.
  2. Location: Super popular Places are like the sprinkles on top – they need more points.
  3. Room Size: Need more room? That’s like adding another scoop of ice cream, and it takes more points.
  4. Dates of Stay: Holidays are like the cherry on top – they’re in demand, so they take more points.

When you buy this timeshare, you pick how many points you think you’ll need. It’s like guessing how hungry you’ll be next year. And just like snacks, points can be pricey. That’s why sometimes, families might need to cancel if it gets too costly.

Fixed Week Timeshare

This is the original, no-surprises timeshare. You get the same week every year to vacation.

  • Routine Lovers’ Choice: It’s for those who like knowing exactly when and where they’ll be each year.
  • Set Schedule: You pick a week, and that’s your vacation time, no changes.
  • Competitive: It’s like calling dibs on the best slice of pizza – you have to claim your spot.

But what if you get bored of visiting the same place at the same time every year? Or what if it doesn’t fit your schedule anymore? That’s when you might write a “No more timeshare, please” letter.

Floating Week Timeshare

This timeshare gives you more wiggle room. You can choose when you vacation within a certain season.

  • Flexible: It’s great for when you want to change up your vacation timing each year.
  • Seasonal Options: Pick summer for beach fun or winter for snow play.
  • The Catch: when everyone wants the last piece of candy, you might not get the week you want because everyone else wants it, too.

If you can’t get the week you want, or if the flexibility could be more sweet than it sounded, you may decide to cancel. That’s when it’s time to get out your pen and paper and write that cancellation letter.

When should you send a timeshare cancellation letter?

You should send It during the rescission period, which is a specific time frame set by law when you can cancel a timeshare contract without penalty. This period varies by state or country, but it typically lasts about 3 to 14 days after the purchase date. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Check Your Contract: Look for the part of your timeshare contract that tells you about cancellation. It will say how many days you have to cancel.
  • Know Your State’s Law: Each state has its own rules for the rescission period. Make sure you find out what your state says.
  • Act Fast: As soon as you decide you want to cancel, don’t wait. Send your letter right away.
  • Proof of Date: Send your cancellation letter in a way that you can prove the date you sent it, like with certified mail.

If you miss this “cooling-off” period, it can be much harder to cancel your timeshare.

Timeshare Cancellation Letter Example

Here’s a simple example of what a timeshare cancellation letter might look like:

Timeshare Cancellation Letter Example 09

Timeshare Cancellation Letter Example 09


Timeshare Cancellation Letter Example 01

Timeshare Cancellation Letter Example 01


Timeshare Cancellation Letter Example 02

Timeshare Cancellation Letter Example 02


Timeshare Cancellation Letter Example 03

Timeshare Cancellation Letter Example 03


Timeshare Cancellation Letter Example 04

Timeshare Cancellation Letter Example 04


Timeshare Cancellation Letter Example 05

Timeshare Cancellation Letter Example 05


Timeshare Cancellation Letter Example 06

Timeshare Cancellation Letter Example 06


Timeshare Cancellation Letter Example 07

Timeshare Cancellation Letter Example 07


Timeshare Cancellation Letter Example 08

Timeshare Cancellation Letter Example 08


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How to Write the Timeshare Cancellation Letter

Here’s a simple guide to help you write a great cancellation letter:

  • Start with Your Details: Write your name, address, phone number, and email at the top of the page.
  • Date Your Letter: Just like when you write the date on your schoolwork, put the date on your letter, too.
  • Clear Statement of Intent: Begin your letter by stating that you want to cancel your timeshare.
  • Include Your Timeshare Information: Write down details about your timeshare, like where it is and what the membership or contract number is.
  • Mention the Purchase Date and Rescission Period: Talk about when you bought the timeshare and that you’re within the “take-back time” or rescission period.
  • Request for Confirmation: Ask them to send you a message back to tell you they got your letter and are canceling your timeshare.
  • End with a Professional Closing: Say “Thank you,” and sign your name at the end.

Delivery and Confirmation

Sending the Letter:

  • Choose the Right Method: Just like you might choose a sturdy envelope to send a letter to your grandma, pick a delivery method that is reliable and trackable.
  • Certified Mail: This is like getting a tracking number for a package. It proves you sent the letter and when it went out.
  • Return Receipt: Asking for a return receipt is like asking the contest judges to let you know your drawing made it. This way, you know the timeshare people got your letter.

Keeping Records:

  • Make Copies: Before you send your letter, make copies of it. It’s like having a backup of your favorite toy in case the first one gets lost.
  • Proof of Mailing: Keep the receipts or any proof you have that you sent the letter. It’s like keeping the wrapper of the best candy you ever had so you remember what it was.
  • Document Everything: Write down when you sent it, how you sent it, and who you sent it to. It’s like keeping a diary of your secret mission to cancel your timeshare.


  • Follow-up: If you don’t hear back soon, you might have to play detective and follow up. It’s like when you ask your friend if they got your invite to your birthday party.
  • Proof of Receipt: When they sign for the letter, you get proof. It’s like when someone signs up to accept a package at your house.
  • Keep That Proof Safe: Put that proof somewhere safe, like in a special box or a folder. It’s the evidence you need to show you did everything right.

Legal Considerations and Tips for Timeshare Cancellation

He are some legal considerations and tips for timeshare cancellation:

Understanding Your Legal Rights

  • Know Your Rights: Your rights are like your game pieces in the timeshare cancellation game. This is known as the rescission period.
  • Read the Fine Print: Your timeshare contract is like the instruction booklet for a game. Read it carefully to understand what you’re permitted to do and how to accomplish it.
  • Get It in Writing: Anything you do to cancel your timeshare, do it in writing. It’s like keeping score; it proves what moves you’ve made.

Implications of Missing the Rescission Deadline

  • Act Quickly: If you miss the deadline to cancel your timeshare, it’s like missing your turn in a game. You might not bring another opportunity, and it could cost you money.
  • Understand the Consequences: Not acting within the rescission period might mean you’re stuck with the timeshare. It’s like rolling the dice and having to move back spaces on the game board.

Options After the Rescission Period

  • Consult a Professional: If you miss your chance to cancel during the rescission period, consider talking to a lawyer who knows about timeshares.
  • Negotiate with the Company: Sometimes, you can talk to the timeshare company and negotiate a way out. It’s like trading with someone in a game to get what you need.
  • Resale or Donation: You can sell your timeshare or give it away. It’s like passing your game piece to another player.
  • Legal Action: As a last resort, you might have to go to court to get out of your timeshare.

How Timeshares Work

Imagine you have a really cool clubhouse that you share with your friends. You all agree on when each of you gets to use it. That’s a timeshare, which is a way to share a vacation home with other people. Let’s look at the two main ways this can work.

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Right to Use Contract:

This is like having a special pass to the clubhouse.

  • Shared Lease: You and a bunch of other people have a turn to use the same vacation spot.
  • Time Slot: You get to use this place for a certain week or weeks every year.
  • Temporary: It’s like borrowing the clubhouse. You can use it for a number of years, but you don’t actually own part of it.
  • No Renting or Selling: Just like you can’t sell your pass to the clubhouse, you can’t sell your time at the vacation home.
  • Cancellation: If you decide you don’t want your clubhouse to pass anymore, you need to send a special note to say you’re done. This is where a cancellation letter comes in handy.

Shared Deeded Contract:

This is like owning a key to the clubhouse.

  • Equal Ownership: You and the others own the property together, like co-captains of a ship.
  • Assigned Weeks: Each owner gets to use the property during specific weeks, like having a schedule for who gets to wear the captain’s hat.
  • Permanent: It’s like having a piece of the clubhouse that’s yours forever.
  • Sell or Pass It On If you have the key, you can give it to someone else, sell it, or leave it in your will, like passing on a treasure map.
  • Cancellation: Just like with the pass, if you want to give up your key, you write a letter to let everyone know you’re leaving the club.

How to Cancel a Timeshare in 5 Days

Did you say “yes” to a timeshare, but now you’re not sure? It’s okay, you can still say “no thanks” if you’re super quick. Here’s what you need to do:

Act Fast!

Right after you get a timeshare, there’s a little bit of time to change your mind. This is the “cooling off” time. If you want to leave, you need to hurry. You might have 5 days, but it’s different in each place.

Steps to Follow:

Write it Down:

  • Write a letter to the timeshare place.
  • Put your name, just like it’s written on the contract.
  • Tell them your address, phone, and email.
  • Say the name of the timeshare place.
  • Talk about the timeshare and the day you bought it.

Be Super Clear:

  • In your letter, say what you want. If you want to leave the timeshare, tell them.
  • You can say, “Please cancel my timeshare because I’m still in the ‘cooling-off’ time.”

Send it the Right Way:

  • You can’t just call or email to say “bye-bye” to your timeshare.
  • You might need to mail your letter in a special way that lets you check they got it.

After the “Cooling Off” Time:

If you miss the 5 days, it gets harder. You should talk to a lawyer or think about selling the timeshare or giving it to a charity.

15 steps on how to cancel timeshare contract for free

Do you want to say “goodbye” to your timeshare? Here’s how you can leave it behind without worrying about paying more money. Just follow these steps, and you’ll be free!

  1. Cancel Fast: If you just got a timeshare and changed your mind, act quickly and cancel it.
  2. Give It to a Friend: If you paid for your timeshare, you can give it to a friend who likes to travel.
  3. Sell Your Timeshare: You can sell your timeshare to someone else, but you might get a little money for it.
  4. Don’t Pay Anymore: This can cause problems, like hurting your credit, but it’s one way to stop your timeshare.
  5. Talk to the Timeshare People: Sometimes, you can work things out with the company if you tell them what’s wrong.
  6. Get a Lawyer: A lawyer can help you talk to the timeshare company if you need help with how to do it yourself.
  7. Ask an Exit Company for Help: There are special companies that help people get out of timeshares.
  8. Use a Transfer Company: These companies can take your timeshare quickly if you don’t owe money on it.
  9. Swap Your Timeshare: If you want to go to different places, you can trade your timeshare for another one.
  10. Rent It Out: You can let other people stay in your timeshare, and they pay you.
  11. See If the Company Will Take It Back: Some timeshare companies might let you give it back to them.
  12. Try a Timeshare Swap Program: If you can’t sell it, you can put it in a program to trade it for a different vacation place.
  13. Donate Your Timeshare: Just be careful and make sure it’s not a trick.
  14. Fix Your Credit: If the timeshare made your credit bad, a company could help make it better.
  15. Offer It to Your Family: Someone in your family may want to use the timeshare for their holidays.

These steps help you nicely stop your timeshare. Just like solving a puzzle, take it step by step, and you’ll figure it out!


Canceling a timeshare is like ending a story. You need to know what you can do, write a nice letter, send it the right way, and know the rules.

And remember, if you need help, always ask someone older, like your mom or dad or a teacher, just like when you need help with homework. Now, you can handle timeshare cancellations like a champ!