20 Plus Free Training Manual Template & Example

How to Make a Good Training Manual

The training manual is what the trainees need to join the training and follow its programs more easily. Sure, it must be made by the company or institution that conducts the program training to meet the company and trainers’ needs. It is possible also if some companies or institutions conduct one program for all in order to save more money. Sure, it is as long as those companies or intuitions have the same goals and they may work in the same area.

What is the purpose of a training manual?

The leaflet is recommended in the training is only done in a day or two. Meanwhile, for long term training, books are more necessary. Whatever it is, the manual should be compact and readable. It is better if they are made as attractive as possible to let the trainers learn the manuals more diligently. Well, since it is all about the development of your company, it is just necessary, isn’t it? Another important thing is that the papers used should be the quality one. Yes, until the last day of the training, it must be still in a good condition.

How is the general template of the training manual?

So, how is the general template? Undeniably, it depends on the company’s needs for sure. But there are some parts that should not be missed out. They are the title, brief description, vision and mission of the company, main content, summary, and references. Just like the handbooks at school, there must be a bar to submit the trainers’ names, addresses, phone numbers, and their positions. Make sure also to add reminders for them to do the tasks given.

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In term of making the content, there are also some matters that you need to consider. The content must be clear and divided into some parts or chapters if it is necessary. Rather than explaining the materials of the training programs, it is much better if the content is in the form of points. It is easier for them to learn it as well as making notes if they need.

Indeed, the trainers are adult. However, it is not bad to use images to make the manual look more interesting. Consider also to use some relevant colors that improve their moods. Within it, it is possible to insert some motivational words or quotes since it may encourage them more while reading the training manual template.


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