Corporate Resolution Forms (10 Example)

What to Avoid in Writing Corporate Resolution Forms

Creating corporate resolution forms is important. This document is commonly used by the majority of companies and corporates all over the world. Here are things you should avoid when making one.

General information

When the company’s board of directors want to make a decision, corporate resolution forms template is usually the solution. All of the decision will be written on it. A specific meeting to produce the corporate result is required. The objective of making this document is to allow a specific group of people to do a specific action, especially those people able to represent the company.

The document can also be used in various decisions such as buying properties or sealing deals. In most cases, the document is not that needed but it can be sued as a safe precaution to protect the company from any possible unwanted event that may crack the balance of the company. You can use the document when dealing with legal issues, discrepancies and disputes involving the company. Using the official corporate resolution forms means that the stakes are very high.

Making the document as clear as possible is a must, so you have to avoid ambiguity and unclear details. Less is more when it comes to legal writing. Therefore, your company resolution form will be more impactful. Here are some common mistakes that occur often when creating a legal document, especially a corporate resolution.

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The mistakes

Avoid using passive voices as much as you can is important in writing a strong corporate resolution. Confusion and misunderstanding might occur when you use passive voices. Therefore, making the subject to do the action will make the sentence clearer. Ambiguous words or phrases are also ineffective in a corporate resolution. This will reduce the impact and effect of the corporate resolution since the meaning is not clear.

Unnecessary words or wordiness will make the sentence in the form less powerful and it will affect the image of your company. Short, simple, and easy to understand will make a better corporate resolution. Aside from that, you should also avoid repetitive words. It will result in a confusing and less effective document.

What’s more important for the corporate resolution forms is proofreading. Make sure everything is based on facts. Check all of the spelling and grammar no matter what kind of style you will use on the document. Proofreading will also make the document more accurate and professional. You can work with a third party because most of the time, they can see clearly to spot any possible mistake on the document.


Corporate Resolution Forms

Corporate Resolution Forms

Corporate Resolution Forms