20 Best Free Event Ticket Templates

Best Free Event Ticket Templates – Do you need the event ticket templates? If you are a committee member of an event, ticketing is one of your responsibilities. Yes, it is not only about how to make the tickets sell out but also, even the pieces of tickets themselves must look attractive. There are many things to do to solve this problem. Sure, if you have enough experience in graphic design, it should be fine. On the other hand, if you have not, you may make an order to the experienced ones.

Above all, several things must be considered in creating the event ticket templates. What are they? Check them out.

Key Considerations for Event Ticket Templates

When planning an event, the tickets are not just pieces of paper. They are like a first impression and must look just right. Here are some key things to consider when making your event ticket templates.

Divide A Piece of Ticket into Two

Sometimes, you’ll see a ticket that’s cut into two parts. Ever wonder why?

  • Reason: The ticket is divided so that one part can be torn off when a person comes to the event. It shows that the ticket is used.
  • Function: By tearing off part of the ticket, people can’t use it again later. It’s a way to ensure the ticket is good for just once.

Use Clear Words and Fonts

You want your ticket to look pretty, but it must also be easy to read.

  • Readability: Use fonts that are clear and big enough to read. If people can read the ticket, they might know important details about the event.
  • Information Gathering: If you need to know the guests’ names, phone numbers, or addresses, ensure there’s enough room on the ticket. That way, it will look manageable.

Create Attractive Designs

The design of your ticket should make people excited about the event.

  • Adaptation to Theme: If your event has a theme, like a masquerade ball, the ticket design should match it.
  • Color Usage: Even simple colors can look amazing if you use them right. You don’t need lots of bright colors to make a beautiful ticket.
  • Special Fields: If people need to write on the ticket, use a white box. It helps them see where to write, and it looks neat.

Essential tips for event ticket templates

Here are some essential tips.

Divide the Ticket into Two Sections

  • Purpose: Create it easy to tear off one part for verification at the event.
  • Tip: Use perforation or a clear line to guide the separation.

Choose Clear and Readable Fonts

  • Purpose: Provide all the important details that are easy to read.
  • Tip: Stick to simple, bold fonts and avoid overly stylized or cursive text.

Match the Design with the Event Theme

  • Purpose: Make visual appeal and set the tone for the event.
  • Tip: View the event’s theme, colors, and stand in your plan selections.

Include Essential Information

  • Purpose: Provide attendees with all the required details.
  • Tip: Contain the event name, date, time, venue, and special instructions.

Provide Space for Personal Information

  • Purpose: Collect relevant information if required.
  • Tip: Set clear areas for names, addresses, or phone numbers, ensuring they make the ticket look manageable.

Consider Accessibility

  • Purpose: Make tickets accessible to everyone, including differently-abled individuals.
  • Tip: Use large print and provide alternative formats if required.

Think About Printing Quality

  • Purpose: Provide the final printed tickets that look professional and align with the digital design.
  • Tip: Consult an experienced printer and choose the right paper and printing method.

Utilize Templates and Tools

  • Purpose: Simplify the design process, especially if you need to become an experienced designer.
  • Tip: Research online platforms and software that offer customizable.

Respect Legal and Ethical Guidelines

  • Purpose: Comply with laws associated with copyright and privacy.
  • Tip: Use only licensed photos and handle personal information with care.

Test and Review

  • Purpose: Ensure there are no mistakes or design flaws.
  • Tip: Print a selection and check it with your group, creating the required adjustments.

Following these tips, you can complete tickets that are not only visually attractive but also useful and in line with your event’s theme.

Why Use Templates: The Convenience of Pre-Made Designs

  • Simple to Use: Templates are like ready-made pictures and designs. You can make great tickets even if you need to learn how to design.
  • Saves Time: Starting with nothing takes a long time. Templates let you begin with something already made, so you can make it your own faster.
  • Everything Looks the Same: If you make any tickets or different kinds, templates help them all look alike.
  • So Many Choices: Many places offer templates with many themes and styles. You’ll find what you need.

Templates make designing tickets fun and easy.

Finding Tools to Help You: Programs and Websites

  • Adobe Illustrator: A special tool for people who know a little about design. It lets you do lots of cool things.
  • Canva: A website that’s easy to use. It has special designs just for tickets.
  • Microsoft Word: A simple way to make basic tickets. It has some ready-made options.
  • More Online Tools: Places like TicketPrinting.com and Lucidpress have tools to help you make your tickets.

Whether you’re good at designing or just starting, these tools and templates make it easy to make amazing tickets.

Making Templates Work for Your Event:

  • Match Your Theme: Pick a design that fits your event. Elegant for formal things, colorful for fun things.
  • Move Things Around: Most tools let you change the size and place of pictures and words.
  • Add Your Touch: Put pictures or colors showing your event or group. Make it special!
  • Put in Important Details: Change the words about your event, like the name, date, time, and place.
  • Check Before You Print: Always look at a preview and print one to ensure it’s just right.

There’s something for everyone, from the fancy Adobe Illustrator to the easy Canva. Start being creative, and let the event ticket templates help you make great tickets!

Best Free Event Ticket Templates

Best Free Event Ticket Templates

Best Free Event Ticket Templates


Making the best free event ticket templates for your event can be fun and creative! Here’s how you can do it with different tools and ideas:

Event Ticket Templates Word:

Word is a tool on your computer. It lets you make your tickets.

How to Do It: Open Word and find a ticket shape. You can add colors and words. Print them out when done!

Event Ticket Templates PSD:

Photoshop is for people who like to draw pictures.

How to Do It: Open Photoshop and draw your ticket. Add pictures and colors. Print them when you’re happy!

Free Tickets with Avery:

Avery has paper for tickets. You can print them for free.

How to Do It: Pick a ticket shape, add words, and print on Avery paper. Easy and saves money!

Printable Event Ticket Templates:

Find tickets online to print at home.

How to Do It: Find a ticket you like, download it, and print it. Ready to use for your party!

Event Ticket Examples:

Look at other tickets to get ideas.

How to Do It: Look online or ask friends. Seeing other tickets helps you think of cool ideas.

Event Ticket Ideas:

Make your tickets special.

How to Do It: Use stickers, glitter, or draw fun pictures. Make them match your party theme!

Event Ticket Dimensions:

Think about how big or small you want the tickets.

How to Do It: Big tickets can have more pictures. Small tickets are cute and easy to carry.

Eventbrite Tickets:

Eventbrite is a website for tickets.

How to Do It: Pick if people can buy tickets or say they’re coming. Great for big parties!

Ticket Center:

A place to find everything for tickets.

How to Do It: Find ticket shapes and colors, and help make them.

Event Ticket Template Google Docs:

Make tickets online with friends.

How to Do It: Open Google Docs and pick a ticket; friends can help online. Fun to do together!

Event Ticket Template Canva:

Canva helps anyone make tickets.

How to Do It: Open Canva, pick a ticket, add words and pictures. Easy and pretty!

Event Ticket Template Adobe:

Adobe is for very nice tickets.

How to Do It: Pick a ticket shape, and add cool designs. Great for fancy parties!

Sporting Event Ticket Template:

For sports games like soccer or baseball.

How to Do It: Find sports pictures and add them to your tickets.

Staples Custom Event Ticket Template:

Staples print tickets for you.

How to Do It: Pick a ticket, and Staples prints them. Good if you need lots of tickets!

Making tickets is fun! You can use your computer, draw pictures, or use stickers and glitter. Pick what you like; your party, show, or game will be great!

best free event ticket templates 01

best free event ticket templates 01


best free event ticket templates 02

best free event ticket templates 02


best free event ticket templates 03

best free event ticket templates 03


best free event ticket templates 04

best free event ticket templates 04


best free event ticket templates 05

best free event ticket templates 05


best free event ticket templates 06

best free event ticket templates 06


best free event ticket templates 07

best free event ticket templates 07


best free event ticket templates 08

best free event ticket templates 08


best free event ticket templates 09

best free event ticket templates 09


best free event ticket templates 10

best free event ticket templates 10


best free event ticket templates 11

best free event ticket templates 11


best free event ticket templates 12

best free event ticket templates 12


best free event ticket templates 13

best free event ticket templates 13


best free event ticket templates 14

best free event ticket templates 14


best free event ticket templates 15

best free event ticket templates 15


best free event ticket templates 16

best free event ticket templates 16

Printing and Distribution Considerations for Event Tickets

Regarding event tickets, design, and content are just parts of the equation. Here’s a closer look at these considerations.

Quality of Printing: Ensuring Professional Appearance

  • Importance of Quality: A well-designed ticket can lose its appeal if printed poorly.
  • Choosing the Right Paper: Paper quality and type can make a significant difference. Glossy or matte finishes, thickness, and texture contribute to the final look and feel.
  • Selecting a Professional Printer: If you’re printing many tickets, consider working with a professional printing service that can provide advice and ensure consistency.
  • Test Printing: Always print a sample first to check the quality and make necessary adjustments before the final print run.

Selling Tickets Online and in Stores

  • Online Sales: Selling tickets on the Internet is fast and easy. Many people can buy them this way.
  • Physical Locations: Some people like to buy tickets in person at stores or ticket stands. Make sure they can do that too!
  • Social Media and Marketing: You can tell people about your tickets on social media and through ads.
  • Bundling with Partners: Sometimes, you can sell tickets with other things, like a meal at a restaurant.

Making Sure Everyone Can Get a Ticket

  • Physical Accessibility: If you sell tickets in stores, ensure everyone can get inside, even using a wheelchair or walker.
  • Digital Accessibility: If you sell tickets online, ensure the website is easy for everyone to use, even if they have trouble with their eyes or hands.
  • Alternative Formats: Think about other ways to give people their tickets. You might have them in big print, Braille, or even a recording for those who can’t see well.
  • Clear Communication: When people buy tickets, tell them if there’s help if they need it.

Printing and giving out tickets is as important as making them look good. You want the tickets to look professional and get to everyone who wants to come. Consider different ways to sell them and ensure everyone can get one.

Legal and Ethical Considerations in Event Ticket Design

When you make tickets for an event, there are rules to follow. These rules concern the pictures and words you use and how you treat people’s private information. Here’s what you need to know:

Rules About Pictures and Words (Copyright Laws)

  • What Copyright Laws Do: These laws ensure people can’t take someone else’s pictures, logos, or other creative things without permission.
  • Using Pictures You Can: If you want to use someone else’s picture, ensure you have the right to do so. You might have to buy a special license or ask the person who made it.
  • Don’t Copy: Never take someone else’s design without asking. It’s not nice, and it’s against the law.
  • Say Thank You: Sometimes, you can use something for free, but you must say who made it. Always follow these rules if you have to.

Being Careful with People’s Private Information

  • Only Ask What You Need: If you need names, phone numbers, or email addresses, only ask for what you need for the event.
  • Tell People Why: Tell people why you need this information and how you will use it. You might write this on the ticket or give them a link to read.
  • Keep information Safe: If you have people’s personal information, keep it in a safe place where only the right people can see it.
  • Follow the Rules: Different places have different rules about using private information. Always follow the rules where you live.
  • Let People Say No: If you want to use the information for other things, like telling people about new events, let them say no if they want.

Making event ticket templates the right way is very important. You must follow the laws about using pictures and words and be nice and fair with people’s private information.

Everyone will be happy if you make your best free event ticket templates the right way. Your event will look good, and people will trust you. If you need help with what to do, you should talk to a lawyer or someone who knows the rules well.