Dupont Schedule (Template & 24 Amazing Example)

DuPont Schedule, Full-time Shift Coverage for Your Company

Some companies and organizations require their employees to work in specific hours and in specific days each week. The most common schedule which most companies choose is the traditional 8-hour shift and 5 days a week. However, using this common schedule will not allow you to cover a full-time shift. Therefore, for this reason, some companies use DuPont schedule for more flexible hours. It is a 12 hours rotating schedule. It commonly requires 4 teams which will be working on two 12-hour shifts. Doing this, the companies will get 24/7 coverage.

Some Benefits Using DuPont Schedule

Whether it is a traditional 8-hour shift or 12-hour shift, it obviously has its own benefits. For your information, the benefits and advantages of using DuPont schedule do not only apply to the employee but also on the employer. Now you may start to consider using this flexible schedule on your company.

  • Employees will have more days off. One work cycle consists of four weeks. By using DuPont schedule, your employees can have more days off up to seven days consecutively. Seven days is a lot of time. They can do whatever they want with their family or colleague.
  • Employees get longer breaks. Though working for 12 hours might be quite tiring and painful, they can take a break before their next shifts.
  • Employer benefit. Having a longer break and more consecutive days off will make your employees happier. Happiness can bring advantages to their work. Hence, you will also be satisfied.
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Things to Consider

Before drawing out your DuPont schedule, you have to consider some things first.

  • The number of your staff. Since 12-hours shift requires you to have at least four teams, it probably will not work if you have less staff or crews. Do consider your crew number before making this kind of schedule.
  • The coverage.Using a Schedule will give you full coverage every week in a year. If you look for full-time coverage, it is the best schedule you definitely should choose,
  • Planning.Make sure you create a good plan because 12-hours shift will be tiring for your employees. If it is the first time you use the schedule, speak to your employees first to introduce the schedule.

If you have considered the things above, you can search for the DuPont schedule template to give you a picture of how the schedule will work.


Dupont Schedule


Dupont Schedule

Dupont Schedule Template

Dupont Schedule Template


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