44 Free Quote Templates for Different Services

Free Quote Templates for Different Services – You may need to become more familiar with quote templates if you have just started a startup company. For those who have run a business or a company, it is also important for you to know what a quote template is.

Quote templates are a document that will be used and are often used in your business. It is an important document, so you must know what quote templates are and what they usually contain. Here are some details about quote templates for you to know.

What are Quote Templates?

Quote templates, or quotation templates, are documents containing all the details of the price and services your business offers. Before having a business agreement, a company needs to make the quote template for the client. Otherwise, the client may ask for it. How the details are presented in the quote template can reveal your professionalism in doing business. 

A quote template can either make or break the deal or the transaction between your company and your client. Hence, you must create a quote template carefully so it will not inflict a financial loss on your business. However, there are some details and information which have to be put into your quote template.

Details and Information to Include in Quote Templates

Free Quote Templates for Different Services

Free Quote Templates for Different Services


There is a minimum’ qualification’ for making a quote template. The details which should be put are listed below.

Basic Information

These are the necessary elements that must be included in every quote template:

  • Your company’s name: Your company’s name tells the client who they are dealing with. It builds trust and recognition.
  • Client’s contact information: Including the client’s contact information makes the document formal and indicates a sincere intention to do business.
  • Description of services or goods: A detailed description of what you offer lets the client understand what they are getting.
  • Price of the services or goods: Listing the price helps the client know how much they will have to pay.

Additional Information

These are the extra details that may be included according to the specific nature of the business or agreement:

  • Payment conditions: You can describe the payment terms, like due dates or payment methods.
  • Shipping delivery costs: Include the cost and related details if shipping is involved.
  • Shipping timeline: Specify when the client can expect delivery of the goods.

Those are the basic information and details which should be put on your templates. 

However, you can add a few details according to your agreement and business. For example, you can put the payment conditions, the cost of shipping delivery, and the shipping timeline. If you are afraid of making a bad quote template, you can download Quote templates online.

Tips and Guidelines for Creating Quote Templates

These tips and guidelines will help you make your quote template stand out:

Making it Professional

  • Clean Layout: A well-organized layout helps clients easily find the necessary information.
  • Consistent Formatting: Use the same fonts, colors, and headings throughout to make it look unified.
  • Include Your Logo: Adding your company’s logo adds credibility and branding.
  • Use Simple Language: Write in clear, concise language that’s easy to understand.


  • Tailor to Your Client: Personalize the template to show you understand the client’s needs.
  • Include Special Offers or Discounts: If applicable, mention any special deals that might apply.
  • Add Personal Touch: A short personalized message can make the client feel valued and appreciated.

Online Templates

  • Find Reputable Sources: Download templates from trustworthy websites to ensure quality.
  • Choose the Right Template: Select a template that fits your industry and type of service or product.
  • Modify as Needed: Be bold and tweak the template to make it your own.

Legal Considerations

  • Include Necessary Legal Language: Include any necessary disclaimers or legal terms.
  • Consult with a Professional if Needed: If you need clarification on legal requirements, consult a legal professional to ensure everything is in order.
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Follow-Up Strategies

  • Provide Contact Information: Make it easy for clients to reach out with questions or concerns.
  • Set a Follow-Up Date: Mention when you will follow up on the quote to keep the process moving.
  • Include an Expiration Date: Quotes often have a validity period, so make sure to include that information.

Why are quote templates essential for businesses?

Have you ever wondered why businesses use something called quote templates? Well, let’s explore why they are so important!

They Make You Look Professional:

  • What it means: Creating a neat and organized quote template makes a business look serious and careful.
  • Why it’s good: Clients see they work with a trustworthy company that cares about doing things right.

They Make Things Clear:

  • What it means: Quote templates tell the clients exactly what they’re paying for, with no surprises.
  • Why it’s good: People like to know what they’re getting. It builds trust and makes them feel comfortable.

They Save Time:

  • What it means: Using the same form repeatedly makes giving quotes faster and easier.
  • Why it’s good: Time is valuable! Businesses can get more done, and clients don’t have to wait as long.

They Keep Things Legal:

  • What it means: A formal quote has all the important rules and details in writing.
  • Why it’s good: If there’s a disagreement later, everyone can look at the quote to understand what was agreed upon.

They Help People Talk:

  • What it means: Quote templates clarify what the business will do and what the client will get.
  • Why it’s good: When everyone knows what to expect, there’s less chance of mistakes or misunderstandings.

They Help Businesses Learn:

  • What it means: By using the same kind of quote every time, a business can look at what they do and find ways to do it better.
  • Why it’s good: Learning from what they do helps businesses make more money and keeps clients happy.

44 Free Quote Templates for Different Services

Understanding the costs and details of various services is crucial for businesses and clients. Here’s a look at free quote templates for different services that promote clarity and trust: 

  1. Quote Template Word: This template you can make using Microsoft Word.
  2. Quote Template Excel: This template is made using Microsoft Excel.
  3. Quote Template Design: This is all about how the quote looks. A good design makes it look professional and easy to read.
  4. Quote Template UK: This type is used in the United Kingdom. It might have unique things that are only required in that country.
  5. Quote Template Google Docs: This template is used in Google Docs. You can share it online, and more than one person can work on it simultaneously.
  6. Quote Template NZ: This one is for use in New Zealand. It might have special rules or ways of doing common things in that country.
  7. Quote Template Salesforce: Salesforce is a tool for businesses. This template assists people who sell things in keeping track of their quotes.
  8. Quote Template Xero: Xero is a computer program that helps with money.
  9. Quote Template for Construction: Construction companies use this template to tell clients how much building something will cost. 
  10. Request for Quote Template: This template is used when asking a company how much something will cost. It helps you give them all the required information to tell you the price.
  11. Job Quote Template: This is used when a person wants to understand how much a typical job will cost, like fixing a car or mowing a lawn. It helps both the worker and the buyer understand the price.
  12. Cleaning Quote Template: If a company cleans houses or offices, this template helps them tell customers how much it will cost.
  13. Painting Quote Template: This one is used by painting businesses. It tells how much painting a room or a whole place will cost, including the paint and the work to put it on.
  14. Electrical Quote Template: Electricians use this template to figure out the cost of electrical work, like fixing wires or installing new lights.
  15. Building Quote Template: It shows how much building a house, or a garage will cost.
  16. Formal Quote Template: Some businesses need a very official-looking quote and experience that might be utilized for big or significant jobs.
  17. Quote Email Template: This is a special form that businesses can use to send quotes by email.
  18. Quote Sheet Template: It might be used by someone who wants to compare prices with other businesses.
  19. Quote Comparison Template: This template helps you look at quotes side by side.
  20. Quotes Background Template: This makes quotes look nice for a sign or a website.
  21. Quote Meme Template: People use this fun template to make quotes into memes, funny pictures shared on the internet.
  22. Quote Blank Template: This is a blank form you can fill in with whatever you need. It’s good if you have a unique job and must make a special quote.
  23. Roofing Quote Template: If you’re in the roofing business, this template is for you. It’s a straightforward guide that includes everything you need about roofing costs. 
  24. Service Quote Template: A versatile option for various services, this template can adapt to your needs.
  25. Travel Agent Quote Template: Travel agencies can use this specialized template. With everything laid out clearly, clients can see what they’re getting, making the booking process smoother.
  26. Video Production Quote Template: Video producers need to provide clear quotes to clients, and this template is built for that purpose.
  27. Web Design Quote Template: Web designers can benefit from this comprehensive template that fully depicts website design expenses. From the graphics and layout to the coding, every aspect is covered.
  28. Fence Quote Template: Need a fence installed or repaired? This guide summarizes all the prices, including materials, labor, and the fence’s dimensions.
  29. Automotive Repair Quote: A comprehensive guide to expected car repair costs, with details about parts, labor, and any extra fees.
  30. DJ Quote Template: Tailored for DJ services, this covers the event type, playtime, required equipment, and any unique requests.
  31. Plumber Quote Template: Know what to expect for plumbing services, including labor, parts, and any potential extra fees.
  32. Renovation Quote Template: Planning a renovation? Here’s a detailed cost guide covering labor, materials, permits, and timelines.
  33. Lawn Care Quote Template: Get the specifics of lawn care services, like mowing, fertilizing, and trimming costs.
  34. Event Planning Quote: Planning an event? This template gives you everything you need. It breaks down all the details, from venue and catering to entertainment costs.
  35. Insurance Quote Template: This quick template summarizes various policies for those in the insurance field.
  36. Interior Design Quote Template: Interior designers can use this guide to help clients understand project costs. 
  37. Moving Quote Template: Moving can be stressful, but this template makes the financial aspect simple.
  38. SEO Quote Template: If you offer search engine optimization services, this template is a useful overview. It covers on-page to technical SEO costs, giving clients a full picture of what they’ll receive.
  39. Software Development Quote: Software developers can find this template handy to understand estimated costs.
  40. Photography Quote Template: This concise template is perfect for photographers.
  41. Window Cleaning Quote: This guide helps clients know window cleaning costs.
  42. Freelance Quote Template: Freelancers, rejoice! This template recaps the scope, hourly rate, or task fee, assisting you to express clearly with buyers.
  43. Landscaping Quote Template: A complete guide to landscaping project costs; this template covers design, planting, maintenance, and more. 
  44. Catering Quote Template: Ideal for catering services, this template has all the details. From the menu and guest count to service style and extra charges, it’s all here, making planning a breeze.
Automotive Repair Quotes Templates

Automotive Repair Quotes Templates


Building Quote Template

Building Quote Template


Catering Quote Template

Catering Quote Template


Cleaning Quote Template

Cleaning Quote Template


DJ Quote Templates

DJ Quote Templates


Electrical Quote Template

Electrical Quote Templates


Free Quote Templates for Different Services

Free Quote Templates for Different Services


Insurance Quote Template

Insurance Quote Templates


Landscaping Quotes Templates

Landscaping Quotes Templates


Painting Quote Template

Painting Quote Templates


Photography Quote Template

Photography Quote Template


Plumber Quote Template

Plumber Quote Templates


Quote Template Excel

Quote Template Excel


Quote Templates Free

Quote Templates Free


Quote Template Word

Quote Template Word


Roofing Quote Template

Roofing Quote Templates


Travel Agent Quote Template

Travel Agent Quote Templates


Video Production Quote Template

Video Production Quote Templates


Web Design Quote Templates

Web Design Quote Templates


Window Cleaning Quote Templates

Window Cleaning Quote Templates


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These free quote templates for different services – assist companies and clients in comprehending and agreeing on the costs of detailed projects, boosting clarity and trust.

Legal Considerations for Crafting a Quote Template

A business must ensure it follows the rules when writing a quote. It’s like playing a game; you must know and follow the rules to play fair. Here’s what you need to think about:

Terms and Conditions: These are the basic rules of the game. They tell everyone what to do, like when to pay and what happens if someone wants to cancel.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations: This is like playing by the big rules that the government sets. Every place has laws, and businesses have to know and follow them. Sometimes, they must also show special papers that say they can do certain things.

Confidentiality and Privacy: Sometimes, businesses need to know private things about people.

Intellectual Property: is about who owns special things like ideas, pictures, or music. The quote has to say who can use them and how, so there are no arguments later.

Warranties and Liabilities: This tells people what kind of promise the business makes about what they sell, like a guarantee that it won’t break. It also says what the business won’t be responsible for, so they don’t get in trouble unfairly.

Dispute Resolution: Sometimes, people disagree, and the quote has to say how they will solve the problem. It might be by talking or going to someone who can help them decide.

When Professional Consultation Might Be Needed

Sometimes, writing a quote can be tricky, like a hard level in a game, and you might need help from a lawyer. Here’s when:

  • Complex Transactions: If it’s a big job with many people and rules, you’ll need an expert to ensure everything is right.
  • Regulated Industries: Some businesses, like hospitals or banks, have extra rules, and an expert can help them follow all of them.
  • International Business: When dealing with people in other countries, there might be different rules, and a lawyer can help figure them out.
  • Custom Agreements: If the quote is special and different from usual, having a lawyer check it ensures you have caught everything important.
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The Role in Making a Deal Between a Company and a Client

When a company wants to sell something to a client, they write down all the details in a special paper called a quote template. Think of it like a recipe that helps the company and the client know what they agree to. Let’s talk about how this paper can make or break a deal.

Making a Deal

  • Looking Professional: When the company makes a nice-looking quote template, it’s like dressing up in your best clothes. It shows the client that the company is serious and can be trusted.
  • Talking Clearly: The quote template tells the client what they will get and how much it will cost. It’s like explaining the rules of a game so everyone knows how to play.
  • Being Fast and Smart: Companies use quote templates to answer clients quickly. It’s like having a shortcut in a race. Clients like it when companies are fast, and it helps make the deal.
  • Making it Just Right for the Client: If the company writes the quote template to fit the client’s needs, it’s like baking their favorite cake. The client feels special, and it helps them agree to the deal.

Breaking a Deal

Sometimes, the quote template can cause problems. Here’s how:

  • Looking Messy: If the quote template looks bad or is hard to read, it’s like showing up to a fancy party in messy clothes. The client might think the company needs to know what they’re doing.
  • Being Confusing or Sneaky: The client might feel tricked if the quote template doesn’t explain everything clearly or hides something. It’s like playing a game where someone is cheating.
  • Forgetting the Legal Stuff: Sometimes, some rules have to be in the quote template. If the company forgets them, it can be a big problem. It’s like building a house without following the plans.
  • Not Understanding the Client: They might walk away if the quote template doesn’t fit the client’s wants. It’s like giving someone a present they don’t like.

A quote template is a powerful tool. It’s like a key that can open the door to a successful deal with a client. 

Mistakes to avoid and the impact on business transactions

Let’s talk about those mistakes and how they can make things go wrong in a deal.

Being Unclear: If a business leaves out crucial elements or writes something that needs clarification, the client might need to know what they’re getting. The client might feel tricked, and the deal might fail to happen.

Getting the Price Wrong: If the business writes down the incorrect price, it can save money and make the buyer happy.

Forgetting the Legal Stuff: If the business contains only some of the regulations, it might end up in trouble. Both the company and the buyer might get hurt.

Looking Messy: If the quote template needs to look better or has word mistakes, the buyer might think the business needs to improve its job. It’s like turning in messy homework.

Treating Everyone the Same: If the business uses the same quote template for everyone and doesn’t make it special for each buyer, the client might feel like just another number.

Missing Deadlines and Dates: If the business doesn’t make the dates clear, it can cause problems later.

Making Things Too Complicated: If the business uses big words or talks in a way that’s hard to understand, the buyer might get scared away.

Not Telling the Next Steps: If the business doesn’t tell the buyer what to do next, the buyer might get lost or give up.

Making a quote template is a careful job. If the business avoids these mistakes, it can deal well with the buyer. The business and the buyer can enjoy something sweet together!