Business Report (20 Free Sample & Template)

How to Make a Good Business Report

A Business report is a report that has a clear purpose and contains a plan for presenting facts to someone or more for certain business purposes. A business report should be very objective. It is a regularly arranged message that is used to convey information from an organizational section or from one institution to the others to help with decision making or problem-solving. In general, Report writing is used to fulfill various purposes.

The purposes of business report

There are various reasons why a business report is made. First, it can be used to supervise and control the operations of the company. Second, it helps implement policies and procedures that have been set by the company. Third, it is made to meet the legal requirements and regulations that apply to the company. Besides, it can also be used to document work performance for internal and external needs of the company. In addition, it is also a good medium to analyze and provide guidance for making decisions on certain things.

The classification

Each type of business report has different forms and classifications. For example, individual reports and official reports. The former is made at the initiative of a person and therefore require more details and support than the later. Next is the routine reports and special reports. Although both of them are submitted based on routine activities. Regular or routine reports usually have been made in a fixed form with several blank columns in certain parts. The next classification is internal reports and external reports. The external reports are usually made more formal than internal reports.

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The framework

Business report consist of several parts, namely introduction, content, and closing. In this introduction part, you have to write down the problems and purposes. Besides, the scope or boundary of the subject, methodology, publications, company records, letters, memos, employee interview results, and so on are sometimes included as well. The background of the situation under study is also included, to obtain a clear picture and understanding of the subject matter.

In the content part, there is the core of the business report that becomes the longest part of the report. In the content section, important matters are discussed and developed in detail. Finally, the closing section serves a summary of what has been made thoroughly. It draws conclusions or provides recommendations.

In order to help you write a systematic and thorough report, we have provided some business report templates that are easy to use. What you have to do is just develop the framework into a complete report being adjusted to your purpose.


Business Report

Business Report

Business Report