Income Verification Letters (10 Amazing Template & Example)

An Ultimate Guide to Write Income Verification Letters

Income verification letters are one of the formal letters you must know. Technically, the letter will be given by an employer if the employee made a request about it. By this letter, an employer needs to verify if any information given about the salary of the employee is true and accurate.

Why do you need income verification letters?

The income verification letters are essential and useful in various situations. Financial institutions like banks will require an applicant to include their income verification letter before applying for loans, credit cards, and even a mortgage. Other than that, this letter might be also useful when you are going to rent an apartment or a house as well.

How to write an income verification letter

As we have mentioned earlier, income verification letters can be asked by an employee to the employers. But you can always create your own letter. The main thing you must maintain is that the information is relevant and accurate as well.

You can start by writing your polite greeting and the recipient’s name. You should remember that this letter is very formal, considering this an official document. Next, you will need to introduce yourself and explain your purpose or reasons why you submit this letter.

Make sure you do not exaggerate your income because there mostly will be an additional proof you need to attach later. Other than that, if you have other additional income sources then you can indicate that in your letter. For the final statement, you can make a summary of your total income and you can make a suggestion on how you can maintain or increase your income in the future. Do not forget to thank your reader for the time they have spent to read your letter until the end along with your complete name as the official closing salutation.

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Write the word “Enclosure” right under your name as the indication that you have included the supporting documents with this letter. You can also include a disclaimer but it is optional. Do not forget to put your signature right above your name. But you do not need to put your signature if you send the document electronically.

Tips you may need

You may need to include several documentaries but it is very wise to give them only the copies instead of the original. Make sure you use the professional tone when you write the letter. You can also include your job in a brief paragraph in the income verification letters.


Income Verification Letters

Income Verification Letters

Income Verification Letters