11 Amazing Logic Model (Free, Template, Word, PDF)

Logic Model: the Analysis, Development, and Templates

So, why is the logic model important for a company or organization? The model is considered the best response toward a situation that has been faced by the company or organization. With the approach, the integration of fund structures from the program, activities, outputs, components and others tend to look more relevant and understandable.

The Logic Model Analysis

The analysis of the logic model involves theories of the casualties of the components in a program. in a business, it is related to the resources and all the activities, inputs, outputs, short-term outcome, long-term outcome, and more. The analysis technique is often known as the program logic. It is to achieve understanding and agreement as well as to know in details what the purposes of the programs are.

How to Develop the Logic Model

If you have a plan to arrange and develop a logic model sheet, there are indeed some phases or steps to pass through. What are those steps? First, it is determining the indicators and goals that include input, output, result, advantages, and the effects of the program. Second, you must also determine the casualties among all the indicators. In the beginning, you can explain them in details and later, take the points only to make them briefer but still understandable.  Lastly, it is by making assumptions following the purposes on all levels. External factors that are uncontrollable but influencing the program achievement must be mentioned in this point.

Logic Model Templates

The different company must have different issues. That’s why; the logic model template developed by a company must also be different from others. If you want your job in creating the template more practical, you can just download it on the internet. But if you want it to be accurate, it is more recommended to create it by yourself. Sure, the samples can be used as references to make the design process and others faster.

In developing the template, including the Kellogg logic model template, it is not very difficult actually. There is only a table with some columns in which the indicators mentioned above are typed on the columns. Sure, a column is for an indicator. Different from other forms, the columns of the model should be bigger since you may need to type many things there.



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