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Project Plan Template to Execute Your Project Perfectly

Are you looking for a project plan template? Well, we have it today for free! By using it, you can execute your project perfectly. In here, we also give you the meaning of what project plan actually is. Let’s have a look!

Inside Project Plan

The stretched out version of the project plan is project planning. When you take a look at our collections of project plan template, you can know easily what project planning has to help you pour your idea on it. But, knowing project planning and the elements on it more are still essential for you. So, what is project planning? A project planning reveals the ways of finishing a project within a certain period of time along with defined stages and designated resources. Usually, project planning has:

  • Setting objectives
  • Schedule planning
  • Identifying deliverables
  • Creating supportive plans

Plans related to human resources, communication methods, and risk management are what supportive plans mean.

The Intention of a Project Planning

The definition of project planning is the project activities and finish products to be executed. In addition, it reveals the intended ways of achieving the activities. Usually, project planning has focused on:

  • Estimate the needed resources
  • Estimate the required time
  • Define every major task
  • Give a control framework and a management review

You can have a great idea of the activities and the goals to be input in project planning by taking a look at a template of project planning. The activities and goals which you can find in the template of project planning are including:

  • The binding goals
  • The project defining goals
  • The certain work to be executed
  • Alternatives, constraints, and assumptions related to the project
  • The soon-to-be documented project planning, controlling estimates, and tracking
  • Documented, planned and agreed on commitments by the affected groups

Meanwhile, the several things that are in the process of project planning are including:

  • Estimation of the size’s project
  • Estimation of the technical scope’s effort
  • Estimation of the resources needed to identify and assess risk, negotiate commitments, complete the project, and also produce a schedule

The aforementioned steps of the repetition are needed to build the project plan. Sometimes, before you actually finish a plan, there are some iterations of project-planning that need to be done. In order to know this better, you should take a look at our template of project planning.

About Project Plan

The easiest way to know more about what is a project plan is by looking at our template collections. But we will do our best to explain it to you in a simple way. A project plan is an approved, formal document used to control and manage a project. All the efforts of management which are related to the project are depending on the project plan. Over time, the project plan is also expected to have change and flexibility.

The project plan is actually not an expansive textual document. But it includes to-the-point information related to the project. This is somehow the thing that you will notice immediately in a template of the project plan. As the project has gone through various steps, the information of the project plan evolves too. In addition, as new information unfolds about the on-going project, it needs to have the updates too. In the next section, we are going to give you the things that are in the project plan.

Things to be Input in a Project Plan

When you take a look at our template of the project plan, you will know what to include in it easily. But, we are still going to talk about the things that are in a project plan. They are including:

Target audience

This section informs about the target audience as well as the coveted learning outcomes.

Key roles and responsibilities

This section informs you the individuals’ details involved in the project delivery and design. In addition, it reveals the assignment to them too. This section also reveals who is responsible for the project and the decision-making. For the whole project, this section is very important as the project plan’s part.

Executive summary or project vision

It is clearly describing the project objectives and aims. This section includes a short description of the project.


This includes the resources needed to accomplish the objectives of the projects.

Project context and content

This section gives you information on whether the project is completely new or builds on previous experience. In addition, it informs you whether a platform that is already available will be used or not.

Key tasks and deliverables

First of all, key tasks and deliverables need to be cleared out in order to get the objectives of the project. This section is where you need to know the definition of the key tasks and deliverable of the project.

Project timeline and key milestone

This section is including sensible ordering of every task. It is essential to clearly define the beginning and finishing dates of the assignment. There are a lot of helpful planning tools are available for this aim.

Budget and costing

This section has all the cost related to the key task and deliverable’s project including:

  • Events
  • Equipment
  • Consumables and materials
  • Venue charges or access
  • Travel and subs
  • Consultancy Fees
  • Communication with stakeholders
  • Contingency plans
  • Salaries

This implies how any changes and problems related to the scope of the project will be taken care of. Usually, this informs how you will score and mitigate the risks of the project.

Evaluation and monitoring strategy

This section informs you how the outcomes and impact affect the project. You can also measure how successful you are in executing the project.

Communication strategy

This section informs you how you can keep your communication well with every stakeholder. It means that the section includes communication methods as well as the frequency. In addition, it should include the promotion and marketing as well as the plans for sharing and circulating of information.

So, feel free to take a look at our project plan template and download which one is the most suitable for you. Good luck!

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Example Of A Simple Project Plan


Example Of A Simple Project Plan

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