5 Plus Amazing of Project Scope Template & Example

Essential Elements of Project Scope

Working on any project would be hard without project scope statement. Project managers need the essential tools as written confirmation of what results your team will have. Through the statement, you will also be able to discern what constraints and predictions you work is going to be.

A project scope should be agreed by both parties who are working on the project and the ones who ordered it. The leader and all member of the team should have mutual understanding along with commitment to produce specific results. A good project scope statement will have the following elements.


A short explanation about the aims of your project should achieve regarding the business need. Since this is only an introduction, more details and clearer explanation will be on the project charter.

Product Scope Depiction

This is where you should write about all characteristics your project results whether it’s a product or services. The characteristics should meet what your customer needs. This section should be grasped by all member of the team.


The results project you want to produce whether it is services or physically products. All objectives or deliverables should support the characteristics which is expected from results.

Requirement Specifications

The results of your projects should have some specific criteria, so that all deliverables could be accepted. Usually, this section of project scope template would be described in technical method, so that all member of the project can implement it.

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Issues and Risks

Some conditions or situations that will hinder you from achieving the goals. It will definitely affect how much resources you need, the results, time and the way you want to achieve it. Those conditions should be predicted before you are starting the project.

Project Exclusions

This is limitation of what your project won’t produce. You need to create this limitation, so your project won’t take longer as it may go another way. This section of project scope statement is important to make clear your scope which may include disclaimers as well as decisions about the project.


Description of what you will do when you find some of unclear information during process of your project whether it is when you prepare, arranging plan and conducting the project itself. Establishing assumption before you begin to work on project will help you start discussions among the stakeholders.

Review Section and Approval

The last section on your project scope statement. This is where the stakeholders can review and eventually approve the project by giving their sign. However, some organization which has less formality, they could convey the approval verbally. The agreement on this document will give you permission to start working on the project.



Project Scope

Project Scope

Project Scope


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