11+ Free Sample Letter of Continued Interest

Sample letter of continued interest! Writing a letter of continued interest can be a key step in showing a school or company that you are still excited about the opportunity to be part of their community. Whether you’re on a waiting list or have yet to hear back, this letter can help you stand out. Let’s dive into how you can craft an amazing letter.

Understanding a Letter of Continued Interest

letter of continued interest (LOCI) is a way to tell a school or company, “Hey, I’m still very interested in being part of your team!” It’s like saying, “Don’t forget about me!” while waiting for an answer.

What to Include in Your Letter of Continued Interest

When you really want to join a school or a company, and you’re waiting to hear back, you can write a special letter. This letter says, “Hey, I’m still here and really excited about joining you!” Here’s how to make your letter compelling:

1. Your Excitement

It’s important to tell them why you’re so happy at the thought of being with them. Here’s what you can share:

  • Specific Reasons:: Talk about what makes them special. Is it the fun projects they do, how they help people, or how you can learn and grow with them?
  • Personal Connection: If you care about the same things they do, tell them! For example, if they love helping the planet and you do too, let them know.
  • Future Contributions: Think about what cool things you can do together. What are you good at that can make their team even better?

2. Updates

Did you win an award, get good grades, or start a new project since you last talked? Tell them about it! This shows you’re always getting better and doing cool stuff.

  • Academic Achievements: Got an A in a tough class or won a science fair? That’s awesome, and they should know!
  • Work Projects: If you started doing new things at work that show you’re ready for more, share that.
  • Fun Activities: Leading a club, helping out in your community, or doing something creative? These are great to mention.

3. Say Thanks

It’s super important to end your letter by saying thank you.

  • Thank Them for Their Time: Let them know you’re grateful they’re considering you. It’s a big deal, and saying thanks is the polite thing to do.
  • Express Your Thanks: A simple “thank you for looking at my application” can go a long way. ​
  • Remind Them You’re Excited: Before you say goodbye, remind them one more time how much you’d love to be part of what they’re doing.

Crafting Your Letter with These Elements

When you sit down to write your LOCI, remember that clarity and sincerity are your best tools. Here’s a way to weave these elements together effectively:

  • Start Strong: Begin by telling them straight up that you’re still interested and why.
  • Talk About Your New Stuff: Have a part in your letter where you talk about the new things you’ve done or learned.
  • End with a Thank You: Always finish by saying thank you.

Incorporating these elements thoughtfully will make your letter of continued interest stand out.

When to Send a Letter of Continued Interest

Knowing when to send a letter of continued interest (LOCI) is as important as knowing what to include. This letter acts as a gentle reminder of your enthusiasm and dedication. Here are the ideal times to send it:

  1. After Being Waitlisted: If a school or company places you on a waiting list, you’re still in the running, but they have yet to decide. Sending a LOCI in this situation shows that you’re still interested in them and might give you the edge to move from the waitlist to an acceptance or job offer.
  2. After a Long Wait Without News: Sometimes, you might not hear back after your initial application or interview. If it’s been longer than they said it would take to hear back, a LOCI can be a good way to get an update without seeming impatient. It shows you’re still interested and keeps your name fresh in their minds.
  3. Before a Final Decision is Made: If you know when the final decision is due but have yet to be officially waitlisted, sending a LOCI a few weeks before this date can help. It reaffirms your interest and might make them take another look at your application.

Timing Your Letter

  • Don’t Rush: Wait at least a few weeks after being waitlisted or after an interview to send your letter. Sending it too soon might seem pushy.
  • But Don’t Wait Too Long: You also don’t want to wait too long. Sending your letter while decisions are still being made is key. It might be too late to wait until after the decisions are finalized.

Seasonal Considerations

  • For College Applications: If you’re applying to college and have been waitlisted, sending your LOCI soon after receiving your waitlist notification is smart. April is often a critical month for college admissions, so getting your letter in by early April can be strategic.
  • For Job Applications: The timing can vary more with jobs. If you have not heard back two to three weeks after an interview, consider sending a LOCI.

Research the Institution’s Preferences

  • Some schools or companies, including LOCIs, might give specific instructions about follow-up communication. Always check their website or your waitlist letter to see if they mention when or how to send additional materials.

How to Write a Letter of Continued Interest

How to Write a Sample Letter of Continued Interest An illustrated step by step guide showing the process of writing a Letter of Continued Interest

How to Write a Sample Letter of Continued Interest An illustrated step by step guide showing the process of writing a Letter of Continued Interest

Here is some steps  to write your letter continued interest:

1. Start with a Friendly Hello

Begin with a polite greeting, like “Dear [Name or Committee],”

2. Express Your Interest

Clearly state that you’re writing because you’re still interested. Use words that show your excitement and passion.

3. Give Updates

Share any new things you’ve done. Maybe you won an award or started a new project. This shows you’re always improving.

4. Say Why You’re a Great Match

Talk about why you think you’re a perfect fit for them. Maybe you love their values or have skills they need.

5. End with Thanks

Finish by saying thank you. It shows you’re polite and appreciate their time.

Tips for Making Your Letter

When you’re writing a letter to show you’re still interested in joining a school or a company, you want it to stand out in a good way. Here are some tips:

Be Genuine

  • Share Your True Feelings: Tell them honestly why you’re so excited about the chance to be part of their team. If their mission speaks to your heart or if you’ve always dreamed of learning from them, say so!
  • Use Your Own Words: Write like you speak. This makes your letter feel more personal and real. Imagine you’re talking to a friend about why this opportunity means so much to you.

Keep It Short

  • Get to the Point: Your letter should be like a tasty snack, not a big meal. A single page is perfect. Say what you need to say and then wrap it up. This shows you respect their time.
  • Focus on Highlights: Mention only your biggest achievements or the most important updates since your last communication. You don’t need to list everything—just the stuff that really shows how awesome you are.


  • Check for Mistakes: Look over your letter after you write it. Spelling or grammar mistakes can make it look like you didn’t try very hard. Reading your letter out loud can help you catch errors.
  • Ask for Help: Sometimes, it’s hard to see your own mistakes because you know what you meant to say. Ask a friend or a family member to read your letter. They can help you find mistakes and make your letter even better.
  • Use Tools: There are lots of tools online that can help you check your writing. Tools like spell check in your word processor or websites that check grammar can be really helpful.

Benefits of Sending Letter of Continued Interest

Here are the benefits of sending such a letter:

1. They Keep You in Mind

Imagine a lot of people want the same spot at a school or job. This letter is like waving your hand, saying, “I’m still here!” It helps you stand out and reminds them you’re interested.

2. Shows You Really Want It

Instead of just waiting, you’re showing you’re keen and ready to go. Schools and jobs like seeing that you’re eager and not just sitting around.

3. Time to Brag a Little

Got something new and cool to share since you last spoke to them? This letter is the perfect spot to share your latest wins, like a new award or skill. It makes your application even stronger.

4. Tells Them They’re Your Favorite

Saying “You’re my top choice” can really help. It’s like telling a friend they’re your best bud—it makes them feel special and might just sway their decision your way.

5. Clears Up Any Mix-ups

Changed your mind about something? This letter lets you explain any new decisions or plans, making sure everyone’s on the same page.

6. Might Just Give You a Boost

Sometimes, this letter can make them take another look at your application. It’s your chance to say, “Here’s why I’m a great fit,” and it might tip the scales in your favor.

7. Starts Building a Connection

Keeping in touch helps start a relationship with them. It’s useful whether you get in this time or think about trying again later.

8. Gets You Ready for Next Time

Even if it doesn’t work out now, practicing how to talk about why you’re awesome is super useful. It’s like training for a sport—the more you do it, the better you get.

9. Helps You Move On

By sending this letter, you’ll know you did everything you could. No matter what happens, you won’t have to wonder “What if I had let them know how much I wanted this?”

Example of a Letter of Continued Interest

Dear [Admissions Committee/HR Department],

I hope this letter finds you well. I wanted to express my continued interest in [School/Company Name] and thank you for considering my application. Since we last communicated, I have achieved [mention any new achievements or experiences] which I believe further aligns with [School’s/Company’s] values and goals.

I am very passionate about [specific reason for interest] and am eager to bring my [skills/abilities] to your [school/company]. Thank you again for this opportunity, and I look forward to the possibility of contributing to your community.

Warmest regards,

[Your Name]

Sample Letter of Continued Interest

georgetown letter of continued interest

Georgetown letter of continued interest


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sample letter of continued interest Cornell


sample letter of continued interest harvard

sample letter of continued interest Harvard


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sample letter of continued interest law school


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sample Letter of continued interest template


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sample letter of continued interest Chicago

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sample northeastern letter of continued interest


purdue letter of continued interest

Purdue letter of continued interest


sample letter of continued interest for employment

sample letter of continued interest for employment


umich letter of continued interest

umich letter of continued interest


yale letter of continued interest

yale letter of continued interest


Common Mistakes and How to Avoid

Here are some common mistakes and tips on how to avoid them:

1. Repeating Your Application

Mistake: Rehash what you already mentioned in your original application or resume.

How to Avoid: Focus on new information from your initial application. This could include new awards, projects, or personal growth that aligns with the institution’s values or the job role.

2. Being Too Vague

Mistake: lacks specifics about why you’re interested

How to Avoid: Personalize your letter. Mention specific aspects of the program, company, or school that excite you and how your recent achievements make you an even better fit.

3. Overstepping Boundaries

Mistake: Coming off as entitled or demanding or making assumptions about your acceptance or hiring.

How to Avoid: Maintain a respectful and humble tone throughout the letter. Express enthusiasm and interest without assuming an outcome. It’s important to convey hope rather than expectation.

4. Ignoring Instructions

Mistake: Follow the institution’s or company’s guidelines for continued interest communications.

How to Avoid: Carefully review any communication from the institution regarding follow-up actions. Some schools or companies may specify how and when they prefer to receive updates from applicants.

5. Sending Unnecessary Updates

Mistake: Minor updates or too frequent communications.

How to Avoid: Be selective about the updates you share. Focus on significant achievements or changes that genuinely enhance your application. Quality over quantity is key here.

6. Neglecting the Format

Mistake: Submitting a letter that needs to be formatted, too long, or filled with grammatical errors.

How to Avoid: Keep your letter to one page, proofread for errors, and follow a professional format. A well-structured and error-free letter shows attention to detail and respect for the reader’s time.


Writing a sample letter of continued interest is a way to show you’re still excited and ready to be part of a community. Remember to be genuine, give updates, and keep it polite.

Keep it friendly, to the point, and full of your unique voice and achievements. Good luck!


How Long Should Your Letter Be?

Keep it short, like one page. You want to share the big news without wasting their time.

Can You Send More Recommendation Letters?

Only if the college says it’s okay and you think these letters will share something new and great about you. Otherwise, focus on your excitement and new achievements.

How Should Your Letter Look?

Your letter should be neat and polite, with a hello, the main part where you share your news, and a goodbye with your name. Please ensure no spelling mistakes, and send it the way the college likes, like email or mail.

Can You Talk About Other Colleges?

It’s usually not a good idea to talk about other colleges. But if you want to, be very polite and use it to show this college is your favorite.

Can You Call the College?

It’s better not to call to say you’re interested. Use your special letter for that. But if you need some information, calling is okay.

What If You Need To Have New Things to Share?

That’s okay! Just remind them why the college is a perfect fit for you. Talk about how you’ve been getting ready to join their college even more.

Does This Letter Help?

Yes! While it doesn’t promise you a spot, it shows you’re excited and have been doing great things. It helps the college remember you and see why you’d be great on their campus.