11 Amazing Silent Auction Bid Sheet Template (Word, Excel, PDF & Printable)

Things You Need to Know about the Silent Auction Bid Sheet

The silent auction bid sheet will give a great influence over your decision whether you want to place a bid or not. The silent auction bid sheet printable usually includes information about the items they are considering. Speaking about an auction, the silent auction is quite different from the usual auction where the auctioneer calling out prices of items. Yet, in the silent auction, it is actually a technique which is used by many charity events where people simply put their bids on the silent auction bid sheet.

Basic Things of the Silent Auction You Need to Know

After you know about the silent auction, now it is time for you to know about the basic things of the silent auction.

  1. Item Display

Because there is no auctioneer in this silent auction, then someone has to take care of the display of the item by making a good item display.

  1. Desirable Items

The auction should revolve around all of the items which are on the offer. This will help you get maximum revenue from the auction.

  1. Bid Sheets

The silent auction bid sheet should have the name of the item, value, short description, minimum bid amount, and spaces to note down the names and bids.

  1. Volunteers

Volunteers in this auction should be well-trained to help with the inventory management, soliciting for items, auction set-up, and make sure the entire event runs smoothly.

  1. Auction Monitors

The auction monitors should be trained and chosen from the volunteers. These monitors will be in charge of keeping an eye on the items and bid sheets.

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Items in the Silent Auction Bid Sheet

There are at least six things which need to include in silent auction bid sheet examples. The first thing is the name of the organization so that the donors know about the supporting party. The second thing which needs to include in the silent auction bid sheet is the tracking number of the item along with the name and logo of the organization. This will make the process seamless for the committee and donor. The next thing is the title and description in a clear, bold, and big title so that the guest can remember the item. Next is the recognition of the donor to send gratitude to the donors so that they get back for more donors in the future. The next thing is the pricing of the items to make it easy for people to determine and ignore the minimum bid increment. The last thing is the limit bidding rows to make it look more desirable.


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