Table Tent (6 Amazing Sample & Template)

Table Tent Templates and How to Use Them

What is a table tent? It is a method of marketing using papers that are also quite similar to flyers. The difference is that the flyers are commonly given directly to the customers or attached to the wall. Meanwhile, table tent is put on the table. In term of the shape, it indeed looks like a tent.

Table tent advertising

To advertise the products or shops using table tents, commonly, the business owners make an order to a publisher. Actually, you can also make them by yourself. There are many sites that provide the table template. Of course, the designs are various and you can just choose one of them that you like the most. To meet your needs, the templates are able to customize and edit. So, how can you find the best and the most suitable template for your table? Here are the tips.

Table tent examples

First of all, make sure to find a site that provides the templates or table tent examples. Not all sites give many options indeed. Besides, not all the template products are free and easy to download and customize. For this matter, you may read the users’ reviews to find the best one.

Second, make sure to consider not only the design but also the sizes. Many templates cannot be shrunk or enlarged. So, since the beginning, the one you choose must be based on the necessities. You must have a plan regarding the size of table to be applied in your business. Even the size of the tables can be another consideration. It must not be too big or too small compared to the table.

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Table tents template

Third, well, let’s say you have downloaded it. It is no matter whether the template chosen is free or paid one. Now, it is the time for you to edit it. If the design provided has been suitable for your concept, that’s just good. But if it is not, it means you must put some more efforts to make it better. So, how is the product about? When it is related to the children or teenagers, it must have cheerful designs. On the other hand, minimalist design is better for the more mature concept.

Lastly, it is the time to print out and fold it. They should be folded neatly and nicely so that the table template is able to stand up well. Now, you can promote and advertise your products more easily with them.

Table Tent

table tent

table tent