Timeline Templates (25 Plus Amazing Example)

What is Timeline Templates ?

Timeline templates is essential when working on project especially if it involves some people. A timeline will not only ease you when planning certain project, but it will also be a good guide of where it supposed to be. It bound all member on the right track while proceeding their tasks. It also acts as inspection chart of how much the work has been done and what is still remain.

How to Structure Timeline Templates

Setting up a work map is not difficult since there are many timeline templates you can find. However, you still need to know the basics of it, so you can determine which and how timeline is suitable for your project. However, personally made timeline templates is often the most fit because you can modify it based on your needs.

  1. Project Goals

Before going further on making timeline templates, you should make a clear understanding of the project goals. Whether the project is client’s demand or your business achievement, it is fundamental to have all member with mutual objectives.

  1. Map The Milestones

Milestones can be defined as short term goal which are some phases leading to the main goal. You should think it over and over before writing it down on the map since changing milestones few times will only make the goals seem impractical.

Milestones is effective way to illustrate plans and pointing on assignment phase, important meetings, approval and also partly completion of the project. If you are still unconvinced to map milestones, you should step back and make a firmer on final goal.

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If you are working on such a big project, you could assign each phase to particular team. This way, you don’t have too much burden on monitoring all phases.

  1. Figure Out the Time frame

After all milestones are set, not it’s time to figure out time frame for each of it. You shouldn’t take overestimate of your team’s capability when planning the required time. When they are failed to meet the first phase, it also decreases time that is needed on the second phase.

If they couldn’t catch up the time, it will absolutely mess deadline. Be wise and use your past experience to set the timeframe. Consider about how much input, funds and work it should take to finish each milestones.

  1. Decide on Best Method to Capture Your Timeline

A good project management should be practical throughout the work and can be used to identify the status. Not only so you can keep the track but also as good report on meetings. If you need to write additional information as project progresses, then you should use the one which is editable.

  1. Start to Structure the Timeline

After all elements you have collected from previous steps, now you can start to structure the timeline templates for your project. If your project isn’t too big, you can choose an easy to use free templates like ones with Excel Based.  However, if it couldn’t handle all your planning, then you can consider a more complex tool called software.

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Timeline Templates

Timeline Templates

Timeline Templates