Timesheet Templates (50 Amazing Example)

Timesheet Templates to Track Your Employees

Timesheet is important whether you are running a profitable business or a non-profit business. Timesheet is used to track your employees working hours so you are not throwing your money away. If you cannot track your employees working hours, you will probably get a headache because you have to pay them for the work they may not do. It is the reason why timesheet templates exist. You can keep track of your employees day-to-day without being concerned that they will cheat on their working hours.

Reasons Why You Should Use Timesheet

Of course, there are several good reasons why you should use a timesheet for each of your employees. The first reason is that timesheet is a record to help you pay employees accordingly. Tracking their working hours means you can pay them for the hours they have worked. Using a timesheet will prevent you from overpaying your employees or not pay them enough. The second reason is it can be used to resolve arguments. It is a public secret that some employees may claim that they have worked longer than they actually did. Timesheet exists to resolve such conflict or an argument. The last reason is that you can track overtime accurately. Overtime working hours means higher payment of the workers. Each overtime also should be reported, timesheet helps you to track overtime working hours.

How Use Timesheet Efficiently

Knowing the reasons, you know have to know how to make and use timesheet efficiently. If you have never used timesheet before, the first thing you should do is find timesheet templates online. There are lots of timesheet templates, you just have to find one which suits your business or company best. The next is to make sure your template is easy to understand. You do not want your employees to get confused in filling their timesheet. Though you have a simple timesheet, you still have to introduce to your employees how to use it. If it is the first time your workers have to use a timesheet, make sure you set a reminder in the first months so they will get used to filling the timesheet. Making an inbox or assigned a supervisor to collect the timesheets is also a good idea.

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To conclude, using a timesheet really ease your burden in managing and tracking your employees working hours. Consider to use it on your company or your business.


Timesheet Templates

Timesheet Templates

Timesheet Templates