23 Free Timesheet Templates [Word, PDF, Excel,]

Do you know when you start work, take breaks, and finish work each day? Timesheet templates help write down all of this information. They are like unique charts that tell how many hours people work.


Business people love timesheet templates because they make things clear and straightforward. Workers like them, too, because they can see their work hours and ensure they get paid correctly.


A timesheet is important whether you are running a profitable or non-profit business. Timesheet tracks your employees’ working hours so you are not wasting money.


If you cannot track your employees’ working hours, you will probably get a headache because you have to pay them for the work they may not do. It is the reason why timesheet templates exist. You can keep track of your employees daily without worrying that they will cheat on their working hours.


This article explains everything you need to know about; tips for implementing; how to use it efficiently; why they’re important for your work; types of timesheet templates; elements, and more. Let’s get started!

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Tips for Implementing Timesheet Templates

Implementing timesheet templates in the workplace is a vital task. It helps keep track of the work hours and productivity of employees. Here are some tips to make the process smooth and effective.

Choose the Right Template

  • Understand Your Needs: Know what you want from the timesheet. Do you need to track daily or weekly hours? Breaks? Overtime?
  • Select a User-Friendly Design: The template should be easy to complete and understand. If it’s simple, employees might need help to use it.

Train Your Employees

It’s essential to train employees on how to use the timesheet. Here’s how:

  • Provide Clear Instructions: Make a guide that shows step-by-step how to fill out the timesheet.
  • Hold Training Sessions: Have short meetings where you explain the process. Allow employees to ask questions.
  • Offer Ongoing Support: If someone has trouble, be there to help them.

Set Reminders

People need to remember to fill out their timesheets. Here’s how to remind them:

  • Email or Text Reminders: Send a message at the end of the day or week.
  • Create a Visible Schedule: Put up a calendar in the workplace.
  • Make it Part of the Routine: Encourage managers to remind staff during regular meetings.

Monitor and Evaluate

  • Review Timesheets Regularly: Look at the timesheets every week. Make sure they are filled out correctly.
  • Ask for Feedback: Find out what employees think about the timesheet system. Make changes if needed.
  • Use Technology: Some tools can help manage timesheets more efficiently.

Stay Compliant with Laws

  • Know the Rules: Different places have different work hours and pay laws. Make sure your timesheet system follows the law.
  • Get Expert Advice if Needed: Talk to a legal expert if you have questions.
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Implementing timesheet templates is a handy way to keep track of work. Choose the suitable template, train your employees, set reminders, monitor the process, and follow the law. Doing these things will make the timesheet system work well for everyone.

How to Use Timesheet Efficiently

Here’s a guide on selecting the suitable timesheet template online that fits the business needs, makes it user-friendly, and keeps everything organized.

Selecting the Right Timesheet Template

  • Identify Your Needs: List specific requirements, like tracking daily or weekly hours, breaks, and overtime.
  • Search Online: Many websites offer free or paid timesheet templates. Look for ones that suit your business.
  • Consider Customization: Select a template you can easily modify to fit your needs.

Making the Template User-Friendly

  • Simplify the Design: The template should have a clean and straightforward layout. Avoid unnecessary columns or details.
  • Use Clear Labels: Every section should have easy-to-understand labels.
  • Provide Instructions: Include a guide or instructions within the template or create a separate document explaining how to fill it out.

Introducing the Template to Employees

  • Hold Training Sessions: Organize workshops to explain the new timesheet system.
  • Provide Support: Offer continuous support through a helpdesk or designated person to assist employees if they encounter any issues.
  • Encourage Feedback: Allow employees to give their insights on the new template.

Reminding Employees to Fill Out Their Timesheets

  • Set Regular Reminders: Use email, text messages, or even verbal reminders to ensure timely submission.
  • Use Technology: Consider using timesheet software with automatic reminders.
  • Create a Submission Schedule: A visible calendar or schedule can keep everyone on track.

Organizing the Collection Process

  • Designate a Responsible Person: Assign someone to collect and review the timesheets.
  • Use a Centralized System: Use an online system where employees can submit their timesheets directly.
  • Regularly Monitor: Regular checking ensures accuracy and compliance with the rules.

Using a timesheet efficiently requires careful selection of a suitable template, making it user-friendly, and organizing the whole process.

Why They’re Important for Your Work

What are timesheet templates? They are special charts that help track how many hours people work. 

Let’s see why they’re important for your work and how they help.

Knowing When People Work

Timesheet templates write down when people start and end work. It helps:

  • Know Who Works When: You can see who is working and when.
  • Find Ways to Work Better: You can look at the timesheets and find ways to improve your work.

Making Sure People Get Paid Right

Timesheet templates help make sure people get paid for the time they work. It is important because:

  • No Mistakes in Pay: People get the money they earn. No more, no less.
  • Everyone Understands: Everyone can see how their pay is figured out. It helps people feel good about their jobs.

Not Losing Money

Timesheet templates make sure the company doesn’t lose money. They do this by:

  • Not Paying Too Much: The company only pays for the time people work.
  • Not Paying Too Little: This helps people be happy with their pay and don’t get upset.

Following the Rules

In some places, there are rules about keeping track of work hours. Timesheet templates help with this by:

  • Doing What the Law Says: They ensure the company follows the laws.
  • Having Proof if Needed: If someone has a question about their pay, the timesheet can show what happened.

What It All Means

Timesheet templates are very helpful for work. They help track time, ensure people get paid right, save money, and follow the rules.

Think of timesheet templates like a special diary for work hours. 

They write down everything so that everything is clear and clear. It helps everyone at work, from the boss to the workers. It’s like having a helper that makes sure everything goes smoothly.

Elements of a Timesheet Template Document

A timesheet template document helps you do this. Let’s look at the different elements of a timesheet template and what they mean.

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Project Name: What You’re Working On

At the top of the timesheet, you will find a place to write the project name. It is the name of the job or the thing you’re working on. Writing down the project name helps you and your boss know the timesheet.

Date and Time: When You Work

Next, you’ll see places to write the date and time. You write down when you start working and when you stop working. It also helps your boss see when you are working.

Task Name: What Exactly You Are Doing

Then, you have a place for the task name. It is where you write down what you’re doing. Are you painting a wall? Writing an email? Fixing a car? Writing down the task name helps you remember what you did.

Hours Worked: How Long You Worked

There’s also a place to write down the hours worked. It is where you write how long you worked on each task. You could have painted for 2 hours, written emails for 1 hour, and fixed cars for 3 hours. 

Notes: Anything Else to Remember

Last, there’s a spot for notes. Here, you can write anything extra that you want to remember. You may have to buy more paint or wait for a part to fix the car. Notes help you remember things that were special or different about that day.

They make work clear and easy. You can see what you did, when, and how long it took. Your boss can see it too.

These simple elements of a timesheet – the project name, date and time, task name, hours worked, and notes – all help. Now you know what each piece means and how to use it!

Types of Timesheet Templates



Here’s a look at the main types of timesheet templates that you can choose from:

Daily Timesheet Templates

Daily timesheet templates 481 600

Daily timesheet templates 481 600

  • What They Do: These templates track work hours for each day. 
  • Where to Find: Search online for “Daily Timesheet Templates,” and you will find various free and paid options.

Weekly Timesheet Templates

Weekly timesheet templates 800 600

Weekly timesheet templates 800 600

  • What They Do: Weekly templates help you see the whole workweek at a glance.
  • Where to Find: Look for “Weekly Timesheet Templates” online to find versions that include space for breaks, overtime, and more.

Bi-Weekly Timesheet Templates

Bi-Weekly Timesheet Templates 790 600

Bi-Weekly Timesheet Templates 790 600

  • What They Do: These templates cover two weeks at a time.
  • Where to Find: Search for “Bi-Weekly Timesheet Templates” to find templates that suit this pay schedule.

Monthly Timesheet Templates

Monthly timesheet templates 472 600

Monthly timesheet templates 472 600

  • What They Do: Monthly templates overview the entire month’s work hours.
  • Where to Find: Find these by searching “Monthly Timesheet Templates” online, with many options to suit different needs.

Project-Based Timesheet Templates

Project timesheet templatess 654 600

Project timesheet templatess 654 600

  • What They Do: It focuses on specific projects, allowing tracking of hours spent on various tasks within a project.
  • Where to Find: Look for “Project-Based Timesheet Templates” to find ones tailored to project management needs.

Customizable Timesheet Templates

  • What They Do: Some businesses have unique needs, and customizable templates allow them to create a timesheet that fits their needs.
  • Where to Find: Search for “Customizable Timesheet Templates,” and you’ll find options you can tweak to your liking.

Hourly Timesheet Templates

Hourly timesheet templates 800 585

Hourly timesheet templates 800 585

  • What They Do: These are for people who get paid by the hour. They write down the hours they work each day. 
  • Where to Find: Look for “Hourly Timesheet Templates” online.

Simple Timesheet Templates

  • What They Do: These are easy to use. They help you write down work hours without hard stuff. 
  • Where to Find: Look for “Simple Timesheet Templates” online.

Construction Timesheet Templates

  • What They Do: These are for people who work in building things. They write down the work they do each day. 
  • Where to Find: Look for “Construction Timesheet Templates” online.

Consultant Timesheet Templates

  • What They Do: These are for people who give advice. They write down the time they spend helping others. 
  • Where to Find: Look for “Consultant Timesheet Templates” online.
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Attorney Timesheet Templates

  • What They Do: These are for lawyers. They write down the time they spend on different cases. 
  • Where to Find: Look for “Attorney Timesheet Templates” online.

Bimonthly Timesheet Templates

  • What They Do: These are for writing down two-month work hours. 
  • Where to Find: Look for “Bimonthly Timesheet Templates” online.

Project Timesheet Template

  • What They Do: This is for keeping track of time spent on different projects. Good for workers on many projects. 
  • Where to Find: Search for “Project Timesheet Template” online.

Multiple Job Timesheet Template

  • What They Do: If you have more than one job, this helps you write down the hours for each job. 
  • Where to Find: Look for the “Multiple Job Timesheet Template” online.

Excel Timesheet Templates

  • What They Do: This one uses Microsoft Excel. It’s good if you like to use Excel for your work stuff. 
  • Where to Find: Search for “Excel Timesheet Template” online.

Timesheet Table

  • What They Do: This is a table to write down your hours. It’s simple and easy. 
  • Where to Find: Look for “Timesheet Table” online.

Group Timesheet

  • What They Do: This is for a team. Everyone’s hours are in one place. 
  • Where to Find: Search for “Group Timesheet” online.

Timesheet PDF App

  • What They Do: This app lets you save your timesheet as a PDF. 
  • Where to Find: Look for the “Timesheet PDF App” in your app store.

Google Sheets Timesheet Formula

  • What They Do: If you like Google Sheets, this has special stuff to make timesheets there. 
  • Where to Find: Search for “Google Sheets Timesheet Formula” online.

Timesheet Template Pdf

  • What They Do: This is a PDF that you can write on for your work hours. 
  • Where to Find: Look for “Timesheet Template PDF” online.

Salary Timesheet Template

  • What They Do: This is for people who get regular pay. It helps you see your work time and pay together. 
  • Where to Find: Search for “Salary Timesheet Template” online.

Home Care Timesheet Template

  • What They Do: Specifically designed for home care professionals, this template helps keep track of hours spent caring for individuals in their homes. 
  • Where to Find: Search for “Home Care Timesheet Template” online to find various options suitable for home care providers.

Paralegal Timesheet Template

  • What They Do: Ideal for paralegals, this template is useful for recording the time spent on different legal tasks and cases. 
  • Where to Find: Look for the “Paralegal Timesheet Template” online to locate templates that align with the legal profession’s needs.

Finding the right timesheet template for your business doesn’t have to be a chore. 

The good timesheet template supports tracking time and adds efficiency and design to the job function. 


Timesheet Templates

Timesheet Templates



Timesheet templates are like the heartbeat of many businesses, charities, and projects. They are charts where you write down when you start and stop working, your breaks, and any overtime. They ensure people get paid the right amount, help businesses plan better, and follow the law.

There are many types of timesheet templates. Some are for every day, week, or month, and some can be changed to fit your needs. You can find them online; some are free, while others you might have to pay for.




Q: What is a Timesheet Template?

A: It is a chart where you write down your work hours. It can show each day, week, or even month.

Q: Why Do Businesses Use Them?

A: Businesses use It to track how many hours people work. It helps pay people the right amount and can help the business plan better.

Q: Can I Use Timesheet Templates for Volunteers?

A: Yes! It is great for keeping track of volunteer hours too. They can help charities and other groups see how much time people give.

Q: Where Can I Find Timesheet Templates?

A: You can find It online. Some are free, and some you have to pay for. You can search for the type you need and find many choices.

Q: How Do Timesheet Templates Help with the Law?

A: In some places, the law says businesses must keep track of work hours. 

Q: Can Timesheet Templates Save Money?

A: Yes, they can! Keeping track of hours ensures businesses pay only a little or little. It can save money.

Q: Can I Make My Timesheet Template?

A: Yes, you can! Many people use programs like Excel to make their timesheet templates.  

Q: Do Timesheet Templates Work for Part-Time Workers?

A: It works great for part-time workers too. They can track exactly how many hours part-time workers work each day or week.

Q: What If I Forget to Fill Out My Timesheet?

A: If you must remember, telling your boss or manager is important. They will help you remember what to write down. 

Q: Can Timesheet Templates Help Me with My Projects?

A: Yes! If you’re working on a big project, It can help you see how much time you spend on it.

Q: How Do Timesheet Templates Help with Overtime?

A: It has a place to write down overtime hours. It helps ensure that people who work extra get paid for their extra time.

Q: Are Timesheet Templates Hard to Use?

A: Most timesheet templates are easy to use. They have places to write down everything you need. 

Q: What Should I Do If I Think My Timesheet Is Wrong?

A: If something seems wrong, talk to your boss or manager. They can help you fix it and make sure everything is right.