Communication Plans (6 Free Example)

Communication Plans for a Successful Communication

What is meant by “plan” here is a written statement about everything that will or must be done? The nature of planning is always oriented to the future. By referring to this definition, we can say that communication planning is a written statement about a series of actions related to how a communication activity will or should be carried out in order to achieve behavioral change as the plan maker wants.

Communication plans can be said as a basic thing which is quite essential in a social communication activity, mainly to introduce or market products. Unfortunately, several things that occur can become a problem in planning communication. Thus, a communication plan must be constructed carefully and precisely, including in determining how a communicator speaks to the target market.

The Stages of the Communication Plan

The stages of communication plans basically consist of:

  1. Identifying communication problems

In this phase, it is necessary to collect data, facts or information about the condition of the audience as material for analyzing the audience. The formulation of the problem must be based on the felt needs and real needs of the target audience.

  1. Formulating communication objectives
  2. Conducting strategic planning
  3. Operating plan
  4. Evaluating plan preparation
  5. Constructing plan recommendations

The Elements of Communication

To support successful communication plans, it is necessary to understand the elements contained in a communication, which are:

The communicator, or the person delivering the message. A communicator should have a good sense, good thoughts, good moral, and goodwill.

  1. The message or ideas and information submitted
  2. The media as a means of communication
  3. The audience or the party who received the message
  4. The feedback or the response from the communicant to the message he received.
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The Elements of Communication Plan

  1. There are at least four elements that must occur in communication plans, they are:
  2. The objective, or future conditions to be achieved
  3. The action or series of activities carried out to achieve the goal.
  4. The resources, or things that are needed in carrying out the action.
  5. The implementation, or procedure and direction of implementation of activities.

Constructing communication plans is actually not too hard, but it can be quite complicated for those who never write it before. If this is the first time for you to construct communication plans, you may want to read the communication plan template that we provide here. Hopefully, these templates can help you a lot in constructing a communication plan so that it can be carried out successfully.

Communication Plans

Communication Plans

Communication Plans