Weekly Calendar Template – Why Do You Need It? (7 Amazing Templates And Examples)

One of the biggest issues often faced by those with a busy schedule is time management. If you have a lot of activities to do each day, it will be better if you use a weekly calendar template. This tool will help you to manage your time and schedule easily for the whole week. Find out more the other reasons why you need the calendar template for your weekly activities in this following article.

Why Do You Need the Weekly Calendar Template?

The weekly calendar template will be very beneficial for you in many ways.

  1. Keep Tracking Your Activities at Any Moments

One of the best things of using the weekly planner is that the tool can be easily accessed from any device such as smartphones or Androids. In addition, the tool will also make it possible for you to check the upcoming tasks at any time without the necessity to bring your agenda wherever you go. In this way, you will be able to always updating your schedule while you are commuting to work.

  1. More Focus on Your Important Activities

Another major plus of using the weekly planner template is that the tool can help you to have more focus on your essential activities. This will be suitable the most for you who often feel that every activity in your schedule is urgent and get confused in deciding which one is more important than another. By using the tool, you will be able to prioritize your activities by importance. It will really give you peace of mind since the weekly planner enables you to showcase the most important activities in your schedule. Thus, you can keep tracking the activities and prevent running out of time which is often caused by poor tasks prioritizing.

  1. Share Your Schedule with Your Pals

It is not always easy to explain your daily schedule with other people. In addition, people often find it is time-consuming. The weekly calendar template often comes with various features such as team feature that will make it possible for your friends, family, or colleagues to have access to some parts or even your entire schedule. In this way, it will be much easier for you to find a moment whenever you want to spend time with your family or simply work together with your colleagues.

  1. Increase Your Productivity

Studies reveal that 45% of the time that employees spend at workplaces is actually used to finish their primary tasks. The template for the weekly calendar will provide you with a reminder feature as well as the perspective of not completing your to-do list today. In this way, you will not waste your time at your workplace. As a result, you will be able to increase your productivity.

  1. Enjoy the Completion Feeling at the End of the Week

Each time you can complete your to-do list on your weekly planner and mark it, well, this will give you a completion feeling. You can feel as if you get closer to your target and you will feel peace in your mind. In addition, you can enjoy your leisure time more each time you can get your job done.

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Weekly Planner Templates for Office and Home Needs

There are many types of weekly calendar templates that you can choose for your office and home planning. Each of them comes with their own function that can be specified with your personal need.

  1. Work Week Calendar Excel

This work weekly calendar template excel is exceptionally simple. This tool will provide you with typical work hours in a week consists of five days. It runs from 8 AM to 6 PM each day. By using the template, you will be able to make both comprehensive weekly and daily calendar. It can help you to show various activities in a week such as appointments, meetings, deadlines, and project tasks. You can also block the sections of time found in the calendar to help you make sure that you will have enough time to complete your projects.

  1. Weekly Planner Template

This template will be useful the most for you who need to create a home weekly planner. It can provide you with a clean slate to allow you to organize each day of the activity easily. You can also use the separate columns offered to help you identify the most important reminders or tasks. The template also comes with a layout specially designed to make it easier for you to see the overview for the entire week with more specific detail. In this way, you do need to be worried about forgetting your important activities in a week.

  1. Weekly Appointment Calendar

This is a type of weekly calendar template printable that will make it easier for you to track your appointment dates, contact info, times, as well as notes. This tool is also easy to modify so that you can keep tracking your important events, seminars, meetings, or other engagements. Plus, you can also customize this template simply by adding a business logo if you are a professional services provider. In this way, the template used can be more professional and improve the credibility of your company.

  1. Blank and Landscape Weekly Calendar

This kind of weekly planner template comes with a horizontal layout. Due to the shape, this template will fit perfectly on standard paper sizes. This one-week calendar also makes it possible for you to make a comprehensive schedule simply by breaking down each day schedule into hourly segments. Thus, you will be able to get more detail and specific schedule. In addition, the template will also offer you with an alternating color scheme to make it easier for you to distinguish each row used in your calendar. In this way, you can schedule your weekly activities in more fun and effective ways.

weekly calendar template 2019

weekly calendar template 2019

weekly calendar template excel

weekly calendar template excel

weekly calendar template printable

weekly calendar template printable

Weekly Calendar Template

Weekly Calendar Template