40+ Best Classroom Management Plan Template for Teaching and Learning

classroom management plan can be defined as the teacher’s skills to create a teaching and learning process that is more conducive and control it from problems and disturbs. It is then served in the form of a plan on sheets of the paper. In a modern teaching and learning process, the teacher must give chances for the students to do creative but structured activities to improve their skills more. The class management should also be efforts to plan, organize, actualize, and conduct supervision towards programs and activities. This way, the process can be done more systematically, effectively, and efficiently.

Classroom Management Plan

classroom management plan

Classroom Management Plan Template

classroom management plan template

Classroom Management Plan for Preschool

Classroom Management Plan for Preschool


Classroom Management Plan Example

classroom management plan example


Comprehensive Classroom Management Plan

Comprehensive Classroom Management Plan

Effective Classroom Management Plan

effective classroom management plan

Personal Classroom Management Plan

personal classroom management plan

Classroom Management and Discipline Plan

classroom management and discipline plan

The Basic Concept of Classroom Management Plan

In arranging the plan for classroom management, there is a basic concept that must be acknowledged by a teacher that is divided into some points. The points are the students as individuals, students as a group, school, and environment. The presence of a teacher is a controller who is able to manage, organize, and coordinate all the activities so that the learning purposes can be achieved.

In a classroom management plan example, the points mentioned above must be included. After making a plan of the management in the classroom, the teacher can conduct the plan and then evaluate it. This way, all of them are correlated with each other. One thing that you must remember is that the plan may not be perfect. This is why the evaluation becomes really important here. With the evaluation, a teacher knows what the lacks in the classroom management he or she made before. For the future, improvements are expected in the form of a better plan.

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The Functions of Classroom Management

In developing the classroom management plan, there are some functions to be considered to make sure that the purposes are able to be achieved. In general, there are two types of functions must be included in the plan. They are organic and additional functions. Each of them generates some other functions; they are the classroom plan function, classroom organization function, classroom leadership function, and classroom control functions.

What are the functions? First, it is the classroom plan function. It is a process to determine what to be achieved and how it to achieve it based on the targets. A plan is also the process to determine and set the best way to get the purpose. In this case, it is related to how the teachers use methods and strategies for the students’ improvements in the classroom.

Second, the classroom organization function is after the determination of the directions, purposes, actions, resources, and methods used. With the organization of the classroom, it is expected that the teaching and learning process is able to run well so that the goals can be reached well.

Third, it is about the classroom leadership function. The leadership in the classroom is one of the teacher’s responsibilities. In this case, the teacher is indeed the one who lead, direct, motivate, and guide students to do the teaching and learning process more effectively along with its functions and purposes.

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Lastly, there are classroom control functions. Controlling the classroom is not an easy thing for the diverse students inside. There is one main way how the teacher can control the classroom well and then evaluate it in the future. The activities in the classroom must be monitored, noted, and evaluated to detect what the problems are. In other words, the control is a process to make sure that the real activities are in line with what has been planned before.


The Purposes of Classroom Management

The main purposes of the classroom management plan are to improve the effectiveness and efficiency in the teaching and learning process. It includes physical and socio-emotional managements. They are essential for sure in achieving the purposes of teaching and learning proves in the classroom. In fact, the success of an activity is indeed seen from the results achieved.

The success of classroom management can be detected or seen from some indicators. Some of them are positive responses from students, the students have willingness in learning more diligently, and still many more. Finally, not only are their marks better than before but also their behaviors are better.

The Approaches to Classroom Management

In creating the classroom management plan template, there must be some approaches to apply. Based on various researches, it can be concluded that at least there are 5 approaches in classroom management. Those approaches are leadership, freedom, socio-emotional, eclectic, and recipe approaches. What are they?

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The leadership approach in classroom management is known as a process to control the behaviors and habits of students in the classroom. The teacher here is functioned to create and maintain the stable situations. Meanwhile, the freedom approach is a process to help students to have freedom based on what they think and want to do. Sure, the freedom is limited by situations, placement, and freedoms of others.

Socio-emotional approach refers to a classroom that can be managed efficiently as long as the teacher is able to build good relationships with his or her students. Next, there is the eclectic approach that is focused on the potentials, creativities, and initiatives of the teachers to face and controls all the situations in the classroom.

Lastly, the recipe approach is really suitable to be done by the teacher himself. In this case, you have to take note some matters that are allowed to do and not allowed to do during your time teaching in the classroom. The approach is really important to be mentioned in the template since it is really related to your own behavior and convenience.


As a teacher, the classroom management is really important to plan and apply. There are some matters involved in the management; they are the basic concept, functions, purposes, and approaches. All the points must be mentioned in classroom management plan for the success of the teaching and learning process.