Door Hanger (6 Free Example)

Step by Step Wooden DIY Door Hanger

There are many types and designs of door hangers. But, what if we need different signs for some certain times. It would be troublesome if you need to change the door hanger each time you need to state your situations inside the room. You may need to many kinds of door hanger and this will definitely waste your money and not effective at all.

You can choose door hanger which is made of wooden with chalkboard paint, so you can rewrite it each time you want different warning for visitor. These DIY door hanger ideas is perfect choice especially for your house internal use. Each room will have one, so you can save the paper and other office material.

For easy steps, we will use decorative paper to wrap the wooden door hanger. Other supplies we need for this DIY craft are permanent markers, a brush, craft glue, painter tape and absolutely chalkboard paint. Gather these appliances before starting to make your own door hanger.

  1. Firstly, you can start by turning over the decorative paper, so the pattern will face down while the plain side will be upside. Put the hanger on it and trace how much paper you need to wrap the whole surface.
  2. Cut the paper out based on the trace you have determined previously.
  3. After trimming the paper properly, you can continue by putting some craft glue to stick the paper onto the hanger.
  4. Wait until the glue has dried and the paper has been attached appropriately to the wooden hanger.
  5. Afterwards, you can cut out painter tape according to size of area where you want to place the chalkboard. Apply it to mark the section, so you can result a proper and straight painting.
  6. As a final point, you can paint the specific area with chalkboard paint using the mark as guidance. You can let it free overnight in order to make sure the paint has completely dried.
  7. Remove the painter tape and voila, you have a customized and rewritable hanger.
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This DIY door hanger is very easy to be followed since you don’t need to have specific skills at all. Anyone even your children can make their personalized hanger. This will not only help you to evoke their creativity, but will also help you to have fun time together. Working with your children on simple craft like this will surely tighten the bond.


Door Hanger

Door Hanger



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