11 Free Estimate Template

The Importance of the Estimate Form

An estimate is a kind of form which is used to help define the parameters of a project. For example, if you hire a contractor and there is no written agreement between you and the contractor, you will lack proof about what you and the contractor have agreed. Both of you and the contractor will be aggrieved. With the template, you and the contractor will receive advantages if it goes to the court.

If you are familiar with the contractor, you can make the estimate or an agreement between the two of you casual and relaxed. You may even discuss the agreement during your conversation. Making the agreement is also important to avoid any issues in the future if you and the contractor have different opinions.

The Purpose of the Estimate

The purpose of the form is to set and define the expectations and have them in black and white. This project template will able to help both of you should questions arise in the future about the job. Although the form takes minutes to use, this form will protect your interests as well as the contractor’s interests. This form can also prevent you and the contractor having to go to court.

When to Use the Estimate Template

For those who are a property owner and plan to hire a contractor, you should use the estimate template. The form will allow the contractor to define what the contractor wants to do for the client. The form should be used for:

  1. Appliance installation
  2. Appliance repair
  3. Cabinetry installation
  4. Carpentry requests
  5. Carpet installation
  6. Driveway payment
  7. Flooring installs
  8. Indoor/Outdoor Painting
  9. Mold removal
  10. New home construction
  11. Old home renovation
  12. Plumbing installation and repairs
  13. Roof repair
  14. Room remodeling project
  15. Underground plumbing repairs
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The Components of the Estimate Template

There are 13 components which should be included in the form.

  1. The contract essential
  2. Time completion
  3. Contractor contact information
  4. Contractor’s license information
  5. Insurance
  6. The scope of the contractor’s project
  7. The project timing
  8. The exclusions
  9. Contractor’s certifications
  10. The project payment
  11. Guarantees, warranties, and other promises
  12. Totals
  13. total inclusions

Those are the short explanation of the estimate, the purpose of the estimate, and the component of the form. It does not matter whether you and the contractor are a friend, this form exists to protect both of you.


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