34 Free Travel Itinerary Templates (Word, Excel & PDF)

Free travel itinerary templates: Your itinerary refers to your journey’s more detailed plan. Usually, highlights some places to be visited and the travel plan. By having itinerary templates, you will benefit from having the travel arrangement in one location for easier referencing and retrieval. 

Your travel plan is usually placed in the front of the folder full of your tickets, brochures, and confirmation receipts – this is also a good source to get information on the road. 

Although the information includes the travel plan for yourself or other people might contain different items, the basic structure was usually still retained. You can use your best itinerary templates.

Benefits of Using an Itinerary Template

Traveling is an adventure! But planning for it can sometimes be stressful. That’s where a travel itinerary template can be your best friend.

  • All-In-One Location: Say Goodbye to Chaos!

Do you have flight details in your email, hotel bookings on an app, and excursion times on a sticky note? Stop the madness! An itinerary template puts all these details in one simple place. Just open it up, and you’ll know what’s happening next.

  • Easy to Use: No Tech Skills Needed!

You don’t have to be a computer genius to use an itinerary template. Most of it comes with clear fields for you to fill in. Just type your flight time here your hotel name there, and you’re done! It’s like filling out a fun quiz.

  • Be Organized: Know What Comes After What

The best part about being organized is knowing what’s next. You see your trip like a story when you put your plans in an itinerary template. First, this happens, then that. You can enjoy the trip more when you know what’s coming up.

  • Shareable: Keep Everyone in the Loop

Traveling with family or friends? Send them the itinerary template! That way, everyone knows the plan. If someone asks, “What time is dinner?” tell them to check the itinerary!

  • Free: More Money for Fun Stuff!

The best things in life are free. Well, most travel itinerary templates are free, too! That means you can save cash for fun stuff like snacks, souvenirs, or an extra special adventure!

  • Time-Saving: Quick Changes Made Easy

Plans change. Maybe it rains, and you can’t go to the beach. With an itinerary template, it’s super easy to swap things around. Just a few clicks, and you have a new plan!

  • Keeps You On Track: No More Missing Out

Need to catch a flight or need to remember a dinner reservation? With an itinerary, you’ll get reminders. It’s like having a helpful friend who says, “Hey, time to go!”

  • Peace of Mind: Worry Less, Enjoy More!

When you’re organized, you feel calmer. That means you can enjoy your trip more and less worrying about it.

Are you ready to try an itinerary template? Trust us, it will make your next trip so much easier! ????

Essential Elements in a Travel Itinerary

So you’re convinced that a travel itinerary template is a good idea. Great! But what should you include in it? Don’t fret; here’s a list of the key things to put in your travel plan.

  • Title and Dates: What’s the Trip For?

Start with a striking title that sums up your trip. Are you going on a “Summer Adventure in Hawaii” or a “Weekend Getaway in Paris”? Include the dates so you always know the timeframe.

  • Names: Who’s Going?

If you’re traveling with other people, write down everyone’s name. It’s an easy way for everyone to know they’re looking at the right plan.

  • Departure and Arrival: Take-Off and Landing

Include details about when and where you’re starting and ending your journey. Include times, places, and how you’re getting there. Plane? Train? Automobile?

  • Transport Info: All Aboard!

Note any flight numbers, train cars, or other key details. It’s also smart to list any reservations and helpful phone numbers in case of delays.

  • Lodging: Home Away From Home

Where are you staying? Include the name, address, and check-in/check-out times for each place you sleep.

  • Activities: The Fun Stuff!

What’s a trip without cool stuff to do? List all the tours, visits, or shows you plan to attend. Add times and places so you remember.

  • Meetings: Can’t-Miss Appointments

Are you mixing a little business with pleasure? Include any meetings or important appointments you have. Who, what, where, and when—it all goes here.

  • Meals: Yummy in My Tummy

Planning to eat at that must-try café? Put it in the itinerary.

  • Free Time: Do What You Want

It’s your trip, after all! Include some blocks of free time for spontaneous fun.

  • Emergency Contacts: Just in Case

Include some emergency contacts, like local hospitals or a trusted friend back home.

  • Checklist: Remember!

Add a small list at the end for any last-minute things you need to do or bring. Passport? Snacks? It goes here.

That’s your travel itinerary essentials covered! With everything in your template, you’re ready for an awesome, stress-free trip! ????

Tips for Crafting a Useful Travel Itinerary

It isn’t just about jotting down names and places. Here are some tips.

Be Realistic: Time Matters!

Always consider how much time each activity will take. Keep your day manageable. You want time to enjoy the places you visit!

Group Activities by Location: Smart Mapping

Put things that are close to each other on the same day. This way, you spend less time moving and more time doing.

Always Have a Plan B: Be Flexible

Sometimes, things go differently than planned. Maybe it rains, or a place is closed. Have a backup plan, so you’re never stuck with nothing to do.

Check Opening Hours: No Unwanted Surprises

Imagine showing up at a museum you’re excited to visit, only to find it’s closed on Tuesdays. Check opening times in advance to avoid this.

Share It: Keep Everyone in the Loop

If you’re traveling with others, ensure everyone has a copy of the itinerary. You could even make a shared online version.

Local Customs and Laws: When in Rome.

Check for any local customs, rules, or laws you should know about, like dress codes at religious sites.

Remember Time Zones: Sync Up!

If you’re crossing time zones, adjust all your times so you’re always on local time.

Add Some Breathing Room: Take It Easy

Don’t schedule something every minute of every day. You’ll need some downtime to relax and soak it all in.

Include All Confirmation Numbers: Quick Access

For flights, hotels, and activities that require booking, include all confirmation numbers for quick and easy access.

Double-Check All Details: Be Sure, Be Safe

Before you finalize your itinerary, double-check all times, dates, and reservations.

Print and Digital: Best of Both Worlds

Have both a printed copy and a digital copy available. Technology can fail, and you might only sometimes have Wi-Fi.

Keep it Handy: Easy Access.

Put your itinerary somewhere easy to get to. Save it on your phone or put it in a pocket in your bag.

Free Travel Itinerary Templates

Free Travel Itinerary Templates 01

Free Travel Itinerary Templates 01


Free Travel Itinerary Templates 02

Free Travel Itinerary Templates 02


Free Travel Itinerary Templates 03

Free Travel Itinerary Templates 03


Free Travel Itinerary Templates 04

Free Travel Itinerary Templates 04


Free Travel Itinerary Templates 05

Free Travel Itinerary Templates 05


Free Travel Itinerary Templates 13

Free Travel Itinerary Templates 13


Free Travel Itinerary Templates 14

Free Travel Itinerary Templates 14


Free Travel Itinerary Templates 15

Free Travel Itinerary Templates 15


Travel Itinerary Template Word


Free Travel Itinerary Templates 06

Free Travel Itinerary Templates 06


Free Travel Itinerary Templates 07

Free Travel Itinerary Templates 07


Free Travel Itinerary Templates 08

Free Travel Itinerary Templates 08


Free Travel Itinerary Templates 09

Free Travel Itinerary Templates 09


Free Travel Itinerary Templates 10

Free Travel Itinerary Templates 10


Free Travel Itinerary Templates 11

Free Travel Itinerary Templates 11


Free Travel Itinerary Templates 12

Free Travel Itinerary Templates 12


Easy to Use

One of the best things about using a Word template is its simplicity. You don’t have to be a computer wizard to figure it out!


Word lets you change fonts and colors and even add pictures. Make your template truly your own.


You can open a Word document on almost any device. It’s super easy to share with family or travel buddies, too.

Pre-made Templates

Word offers a variety of ready-to-use templates. Just plug in your details, and you’re good to go!

Checklist Features

You can add checkboxes next to each activity or place. It feels so good to check them off as you go!

Safe and Secure

You can easily lock the document to keep your travel plans private.

Great for Printing

Word documents print beautifully. It is a great option if you like having a paper copy of your plans.

How to Use It

  1. Open Word and choose a blank document or a pre-made template.
  2. Fill in your travel details like flights, hotels, and fun stuff to do.
  3. Add any extra notes or checklists.
  4. Save it, print it, or share it via email.

Tips for Using Word Templates

  • Spell-check: Always run a spell-check to avoid any errors.
  • Save Often: Keep up your hard work. Save your doc often!
  • Backup: Email a copy to yourself or save it in the cloud.

Using a Word template for your travel itinerary is a smart way to keep all your plans in one place. Give it a try for your next trip!


Free Travel Itinerary Templates Excel

Do you like spreadsheets? Excel templates offer even more ways to stay organized. You can sort your plans, filter them, and find what you need fast!

If you’ve been using regular Word documents or even pen and paper for your travel plans, it’s time to upgrade to Excel! Here’s why and how:

Easy to Edit: Change On-the-Go

Excel allows you to add or remove items quickly. If your plans change, delete a row or add a new one!

Sort and Filter: Find What You Need

Say you want to see all your flight details at once. Excel lets you sort and filter to find what you’re looking for in a snap.

Color Codes: Make It Pretty and Practical

Blue for sightseeing and red for meals. It makes it easier to understand your day at a glance.

Formulas: Count the Hours

You can use simple Excel formulas to add how much time each day’s activities will take.

Shareable: Easy to Send

Excel files are easily shared by email or cloud services like Google Drive. You can also password-protect it if it has sensitive data.

Collaborative: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Everyone can add their activities or notes in the same Excel sheet if you’re traveling with others. It’s a team itinerary!

Tabs for Days: One File, Many Uses

You can use different tabs for different parts of your trip. One tab for flights, another for hotels, and so on.

Links and Notes: Extra Info

You can add links to websites or notes with additional information in Excel.

Offline Access: Always Available

Once downloaded, Excel files are available even without internet access, making them reliable and handy.

Templates Galore: Start with a Bang

It is lots of pre-made Excel itinerary templates available online. It can give you a head start and create planning even quicker.

Itinerary Templates Excel

itinerary template excel

Itinerary Templates Free


itinerary template free



travel itinerary template

travel itinerary template

Vacation itinerary template

vacation itinerary template


Disney Itinerary Templates

Disney Itinerary Templates

Free business travel itinerary template excel

free business travel itinerary template excel

Weekly Itinerary Template

Weekly Itinerary Template

Birthday Itinerary Template

Birthday Itinerary Template

Daily itinerary planner

daily itinerary planner

Program Itinerary Template

Program Itinerary Template

Meeting Itinerary Template


Meeting Itinerary Template

Travel Itinerary Template PDF

Free Travel Itinerary Templates 16

Free Travel Itinerary Templates 16


Free Travel Itinerary Templates 17

Free Travel Itinerary Templates 17


Free Travel Itinerary Templates 18

Free Travel Itinerary Templates 18


Free Travel Itinerary Templates 19

Free Travel Itinerary Templates 19


Free Travel Itinerary Templates 20

Free Travel Itinerary Templates 20

Itinerary Template - Free Travel Itinerary Templates

Itinerary Template – Free Travel Itinerary Templates

Business Tour - Free Travel Itinerary Templates

Business Tour – Free Travel Itinerary Templates

Business Travel Diary- Free Travel Itinerary Templates

Business Travel Diary- Free Travel Itinerary Templates

Stable and Consistent

One of the biggest perks of using a PDF is that it looks the same on every device. No surprises!

Easy to Share

PDF files are super easy to send in an email or message. They can be opened on almost any gadget.

No Accidental Changes

Once you save it, it stays that way. You can’t accidentally mess up your plans!

Universal Acceptance

Almost all businesses can open and read PDFs. Most people can easily check your plans if you need to show them.

Password Protection

PDFs can be locked with a password. Your plans stay safe and private.

Fantastic for Printing

If you like paper copies, PDFs print out just how they look on screen.

How to Use It

  1. Make your plans in any software that can be saved as a PDF.
  2. Double-check all your details and spelling.
  3. Save or ‘print’ your plans as a PDF file.
  4. Share or print your snazzy new PDF itinerary!

Tips for Using PDF Templates

  • Read-Only: Remember, most PDFs can’t be easily changed. Make sure all your info is correct before you save it.
  • Compatibility: Always ensure the people you share the PDF with can open it.
  • Document Size: PDFs with lots of pictures can get big. Keep an eye on the file size if you need to email it.

A PDF travel itinerary template is rock-solid for keeping your travel plans organized and easily accessible. It’s a popular option, especially if you want a file that stays how you made it.

Common Mistakes in Using Travel Itinerary Templates

Skipping the Details: One of the most common errors is filling in all the blanks. It can lead to confusion during your trip.

Ignoring Time Zones: Many must remember to account for time zone changes. It can mess up your plans.

Overstuffing the Itinerary: It’s tempting to pack your day full of activities. But this leaves no room for rest or unexpected events.

Forgetting to Share: If you’re traveling with others, forgetting to share the itinerary can make things hard for everyone.

Not Checking Operation Hours: Imagine going to a museum only to find it’s closed. Always check the working hours of places you want to visit.

Skipping Backup Plans: Weather changes. Plans fall through. Having no Plan B can ruin your day.

Bad Formatting: If your itinerary is hard to read, it’s almost useless. Make sure you use clear and easy-to-read formats.

Not Updating: Sometimes plans change. Only updating your template can make sure you get all the things.

Ignoring Local Customs and Laws: Failing to account for local customs or laws can be embarrassing and sometimes problematic. Always do your basic homework.

Not Double-Checking: A small mistake in flight numbers or hotel booking IDs can be a big hassle. Always double-check your details.

Avoiding these common mistakes can make your itinerary a powerful tool for a smooth and enjoyable trip!


Traveling is more fun when you’re organized. Using a travel itinerary template can help a lot! So why wait? Download a free template today!

Additional Resources

Want to know more? Click the links below for free templates and helpful travel apps.

Happy traveling! ????


What Is a Travel Itinerary Template?

A travel itinerary template is like a map for your trip. It shows where you need to go, what you’ll do, and when you’ll do it.

Where Can I Find Free Travel Itinerary Templates?

You can find free templates online, in apps, Excel, or Word. Some travel websites also offer them for free.

Should My Template Be Detailed or Broad?

That depends on you! Some folks like a minute-by-minute plan, while others want just the big events listed. Choose what works for you.

Can I Use the Same Template for Different Trips?

Yes, you can! Just change the details to fit your new trip.

What Should I Include in My Template?

Include key info like flights, hotels, and activities. Remember small but important details like transport from the airport to the hotel.

Do I Need to Print My Itinerary?

Only sometimes. You could keep it on your phone. But a printed copy is good, just in case your phone runs out of juice.

How Many Copies Should I Make?

It’s a good idea to have more than one copy. Leave one with a friend or family member back home, keep one with you, and maybe have a digital copy.

Can I Add Last-Minute Changes?

Yes, you can. Just update all your copies so you’re not working off old info.

What Do I Do If My Plans Change Mid-Trip?

No problem! Just update your template. You can do it with a printed copy or update the digital one on your device.

Is It OK to Leave Free Time in My Plan?

Absolutely! It’s your trip, after all. Free time lets you explore or rest as you feel like it.