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People Involved in Your Last Will and Testament

Making a last will and testament would be useful as you will be able to control all assets you own after you die. Generally, you can arrange things in your life through the testament including appoint beneficiaries, stipulate guardians for the children also defining the person who will execute the will.

There are some parties that should have involved in your last will and testament, so it will be legal and enforceable.

last will and testament sample


  1. Beneficiary

Beneficiary is person or some people who will receive something from your assets after your death. There’s no limit on how many persons you want to appoint as beneficiary in your last will and testament. You are allowed to appoint beneficiary not only to people who have blood related but you can also appoint certain organization as well.

If you want to give your wealth to more than one person, you should make sure to outline the last will and testament as clear as possible. You have to make sure that you already count all your assets and write it precisely. Afterward, you should also mention what to do with the wealth.

You may want to divide the wealth equally to each beneficiary or you are willing to share it as you want it to each person. It is really crucial to keep your last will and testament clear and try to be fair as one of the beneficiaries might protest to the executor for feeling treated unfair.

  1. Alternate Beneficiary
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Appoint an alternate beneficiary is needed as an option if there’s something happen to main beneficiaries and no longer alive. You should think over about alternate beneficiary in your last will and testament especially if the main ones are the same age with you. Although they don’t accept anything if the main beneficiary is available, but they will be treated properly when the main beneficiary is absence.

  1. Witness

You have to present at least two people when you are writing a last will and testament. This is fundamental and really necessary to make the form legal and ironclad. The two people should be able to witness and attest if needed that you are in sound mind and not under pressure or stress when you sign the will.

  1. Executor

Executor is party you give authority to execute the whole testament sample. The executor should be someone you trust who will ensure that your will is executed as it is. Choosing a family member gives too much risks that might create disputes among other beneficiaries. Most people give authority to their lawyer as executor of their last will.

Last Will And Testament


Last Will And Testament

Last Will And Testament




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