Living Will (10 Template & Amazing Form)

What to Consider in Making a Living Will

Creating a living will be done within a day. Therefore, you don’t have to hire an attorney or file a submit it to a governmental instance. But, there are also elements that need to be included in it. Here is what you need to know before creating one.

Choose your treatment options

In the future, nobody knows whether you will suffer through disease or no. Therefore, you should write a case of the disease in your living will form such as permanently incapacitated or developing a severe Alzheimer. Before you make this statement in the letter, make sure that you already have a full body medical examination and let the doctor inform you about any possible disease that will happen to you in the future.

Discussing this matter to your closest family member and the loved ones is important, so they know what to expect when this kind of situation occurs to you. You can also choose either to let the doctors do everything they can to save you or you live peacefully in the remaining days of your life where you can’t function on your own.

List your end-of-life decisions

Medical care and treatment options are important to be written on the letter. But you should also include your end-of-life decisions or request. You can ask for your preferred funeral or oblige a person to attend your funeral. Make sure that you think about the most peaceful and ideal funeral to create a proper request.

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Health care agent

Choosing a health care agent on your living will template is also important. The health care agent is a person that will carry out all of the instructions you have given on the letter. You can choose your loved ones or the closest friend to be the agent. The most important thing is that you choose the agent that outlive you as the will writer. Updating the content is also important and you should notify the agent about the change too. Once the will is fixed, in the future, the selected agent will act as your surrogate, attorney-in-fact, and health care proxy.

Signing the will

Once the matter is fixed and the document is printed, you have to sign the living will in front of witnesses or a notary public. You also have to include a sign from the witness or notary to make the document legitimate. Make sure that you keep the original and produce several copies to be given to the related parties written in the document.

Living Will

Living Will

Living Will