17 Living Will Template Free & Form

Imagine if you could have a helper with you all the time, telling doctors just what you want if you get very sick and can’t tell them yourself. Well, there’s something that can do just that, and it’s called a living will!

A living will is a really important paper, but many people question it. What is it? What to Consider Who can have one? How do you make one? Is it just for older people or for special sicknesses? What if you speak Spanish?

Don’t worry! This article is like a guide to living wills. It will help you understand all the different parts, like what they are, what to Consider, why they’re important, and how to make one right. We’ll even discuss some common questions people have and clarify anything confusing.

So let’s take this journey together and learn all about living wills. It’s not just a grown-up thing; it’s something everyone can know about and might need someday. Ready? Let’s go!

What to Consider in Making a Living Will

Creating a living will be done within a day. Therefore, you don’t have to hire an attorney or file a submit it to a governmental instance. But, there are also elements that need to be included in it. Here is what you need to know before creating one.

Choose your treatment options

In the future, nobody knows whether you will suffer through disease or no. Therefore, you should write a case of the disease in your living will form such as permanently incapacitated or developing a severe Alzheimer. Before you make this statement in the letter, make sure that you already have a full body medical examination and let the doctor inform you about any possible disease that will happen to you in the future.

Discussing this matter to your closest family member and the loved ones is important, so they know what to expect when this kind of situation occurs to you. You can also choose either to let the doctors do everything they can to save you or you live peacefully in the remaining days of your life where you can’t function on your own.

List your end-of-life decisions

Medical care and treatment options are important to be written on the letter. But you should also include your end-of-life decisions or request. You can ask for your preferred funeral or oblige a person to attend your funeral. Make sure that you think about the most peaceful and ideal funeral to create a proper request.

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Health care agent

Choosing a health care agent on your living will template is also important. The health care agent is a person that will carry out all of the instructions you have given on the letter. You can choose your loved ones or the closest friend to be the agent. The most important thing is that you choose the agent that outlive you as the will writer. Updating the content is also important and you should notify the agent about the change too. Once the will is fixed, in the future, the selected agent will act as your surrogate, attorney-in-fact, and health care proxy.

Signing the will

Once the matter is fixed and the document is printed, you have to sign the living will in front of witnesses or a notary public. You also have to include a sign from the witness or notary to make the document legitimate. Make sure that you keep the original and produce several copies to be given to the related parties written in the document.

Living Will Template Free & Form

Living Will Template Free & Form

The Importance

Let’s learn why having one is so important.

Your Wishes are Followed

  • You Decideyou can say what doctors should do if you’re sick. You can tell them if you desire special machines to assist you in breathing.
  • No Guessing: Without It, your family might not understand what you desire. They would have to guess, and they might be wrong.
  • It’s Clear: Doctors and nurses read the living will so they understand what to accomplish. They don’t have to ask a lot of people and guess.

Helps Your Family

  • No Fighting: Sometimes, families argue about what to do. A living will stop the fighting because everyone knows what you want.
  • Less Worry: Your family will be very sad if you’re sick. If they understand what you desire, they don’t have to worry about creating a determination.

It’s Easy to Do

  • Write It Down: You have to write down what you desire. You might desire a lawyer to assist you, but you don’t have to.
  • Tell People: Tell your family and doctor. That way, they understand what to accomplish.

It is extremely, very important. It makes sure people know what you desire if you get very sick. It helps your family and the doctors. And it’s easy to do. Everyone should think about having a living will.

How to Write

It’s good to have one so that everyone knows what to do. Here’s how to write one.

Think About What You WantMachines or No 

  • Machines: Decide if you want machines to help you breathe.
  • Food and Water: Consider whether you want to be fed through a tube.
  • Other Wishes: Anything else you want the doctors to do or not do?

Talk to Someone Who Knows

  • A Grown-up: You might want to talk to a grown-up who knows about living wills.
  • A Lawyer: Sometimes, lawyers can help ensure everything is right.

Write It Down

  • Use Simple Words: Write what you desire in words that are easy to understand.
  • Be Clear: Make sure to say what you want, so there is no guessing.
  • Sign It: You will need to write your name at the bottom.
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Tell People About It

  • Family: Tell your family what you wrote so they know.
  • Doctor: Give a copy to your doctor so they can put it in your medical file.

Keep It Safe

  • A Safe Place: Put the living will somewhere safe so it doesn’t get lost.
  • Copies: Make copies and give them to people you trust.

Writing a living will is something grown-ups can do to make sure people know what they want if they get very sick.

It’s easy to do, but you should ask someone who knows more about it to help you. Then, everyone will understand what you want, even if you can’t tell yourself. That’s a really good thing!

Types of Living Wills

There are different types for different situations. Let’s learn about them!

Basic Living Will

Basic Living Will 800 513

Basic Living Will 800 513

  • What It Is: This tells the doctors what you want or don’t want, like machines to help you breathe.
  • Who It’s For Any grown-up can have this type.

Medical Condition-Specific Living Will

Medical Condition Specific Living Will 658 600

Medical Condition Specific Living Will 658 600

  • What It Is: This kind is for a special sickness you already have. It says what you want the doctors to do about that sickness.
  • Examples: There can be different ones for heart problemsdiabetes, or cancer.

Pregnancy Living Will

Pregnancy Living Will 568 600

Pregnancy Living Will 568 600

  • What It Is: If a woman is going to have a baby, she can write a living will to say what she wants if something goes wrong.
  • Who It’s For: Women who are pregnant or might become pregnant.

Mental Health Living Will

Mental Health Living Will 619 600

Mental Health Living Will 619 600

  • What It Is: This tells doctors what to do if someone’s mind gets sick.
  • Who It’s For: People who worry about their minds getting sick.

Emergency Scenario Living Will

Emergency Scenario Living Will 800 486

Emergency Scenario Living Will 800 486

  • What It Is: This one is for accidents or sudden sicknesses. It tells doctors what to do very fast.
  • Who It’s For: People who want to be ready for anything.

There are many living wills for different people, and different things can happen. Grown-ups write them to ensure doctors and nurses know what to do. It’s like having a plan so everyone knows the right thing to do. It’s a good idea to talk to someone who knows about living wills to find the best one for you!

Living Will Template Free & Form

Living Will Template Texas

This is a paper you fill in to tell doctors in Texas what you want if you get very sick.

Living Will Template Ohio

This one is for people in Ohio. It’s like a helper to tell doctors there what to do.

Living Will Template Georgia

This is a special paper for people in Georgia to help tell the doctors their wishes.

Living Will Template Form

Living Will Form California

In California, this form helps you write down what you want the doctors to do or not do.

Living Will Form PA

PA means Pennsylvania. This form is for people who live there to tell the doctors what they want.

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Living Will Form Texas

Another one for Texas, this form helps you write your wishes down just right.

Living Will Form NY

NY means New York. This form helps people there to tell the doctors what to do if they get very sick.

Living Will Form Florida

This is a special form for people in Florida. It helps them tell the doctors their wishes.

Living Will Form Illinois

In Illinois, this form helps you write down what you want the doctors to do or not do.

Living Will Colorado

This paper is for people in Colorado. It helps them tell the doctors what they want if they get sick.

Living Will Form Arizona

This one is for Arizona. It’s a helper to make sure doctors there know what you want.

Living Will Form in Spanish

This form is in Spanish. It’s for Spanish-speaking people to write down what they want the doctors to do.

These forms are very important because they help doctors know what to do if something happens. If you need one, ask a grown-up who knows about these things to help you find the right one!


living will is a very special paper. It’s like a helper for doctors and nurses that tells them what to do if you get sick and can’t tell them yourself.

We’ve learned about a lot of things:

  1. Different Types: It comes in many kinds. There are simple ones, ones for special sicknesses, ones that pick a helper person, and even ones in different languages like Spanish.
  2. What Makes Them Work: They have to be clear, say what to do, and be right for the person or sickness. Some even come with helpers called templates that make them easier to write.
  3. Why They’re Important: Doctors might have to guess what you want without a living will. It will make sure they know for sure. It can make things easier for your family, too.

But most importantly, it will help ensure your wishes are followed. It’s like making a promise that everyone knows about and must keep.

You don’t have to do it alone if you need it. You can ask a grown-up who knows about these things, like a lawyer or find a template that’s like a helper.

It is not just a grown-up job; it’s a very loving and caring thing to do. It ensures that if something happens, everyone knows what you want, and that’s a very good thing to have.


Is a Living Will Only for Old People?

Nope! It is for anyone who wants to ensure doctors know what to do. Grown-ups of all ages might want one.

Can I Write a Living Will Myself?

Yes, you can! But it might be a good idea to ask a grown-up who knows about these things, like a lawyer, or use a template helper.

Do I Have to Have a Living Will?

You don’t have to have one, but it can be a very good thing to have. It makes sure everyone knows what you want if something happens.

What if I Change My Mind?

That’s okay! You can change it anytime you want. It’s good to check it yearly to ensure it still says what you want.

Will Doctors Do What It Says?

Yes, they will! It is like a rulebook for doctors. They will do their best to do what it says.

Is a Living Will the Same as a Regular Will?

No, they’re different. It is about what to do if you get sick. A regular will is about what happens to your things if you’re not there anymore.

Can I Have a Living Will in My Language?

Yes! You can have it in a language you understand. There are even ones in Spanish!

What if I Have a Special Sickness?

You can write it just for that sickness. It tells the doctors exactly what to do for that one thing.

Where Do I Keep a Living Will?

You should keep it safe and give copies to people you trust, like family or doctors.