10 Amazing Personal Financial Statement Template

Secure Your Finance with Personal Financial Statement

We do know that a financial plan is important in our lives. One hardly can survive in this tough and rough world without making a financial plan. No matter what your job is, lawyer, doctor, businessman, architect, you need a personal financial statement as your financial plan to secure your life. In this era, you will find professional workers most probably drowning in debt. It is because they are prepared in their academic or business field, but they probably are not prepared to manage their finance.

What is a Personal Financial Statement?

You may have heard or have been familiar with the term financial statement. Many companies use the financial statement to list what the companies’ assets are. It is kind of statements which depicts the current financial standing of the related companies. However, the financial statement is not only for companies, but a person also can have his financial statement or known as a financial statement. It mainly used when the person is looking for a loan.

The statement or you can call it a document, help the bank or the credit officer to see how strong your financial is. So, they can decide what credit limit you should have. If you want to make your personal financial statement, just look for the personal financial template online. Choose one template which suits you best.

The Use of Personal Financial Statement

As it has been stated, one of the uses of personal financial statement is when you are looking for or applying for a loan. Whether you are a college student, a person running a small business, or even a professional worker, you will need a loan. It is a fact yet an ugly truth that everybody needs a loan unless you are born rich and inherits quite some assets. Hence, you need to make your financial statement. In addition to seeing how strong your financial is, a statement also can be used for financial planning and saving purposes.

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By knowing your current financial is, you can make a financial plan based on your current financial. Knowing what assets you have and how much debt you owe, you also can make a saving plan to secure your finance even more.


Seeing the use of the personal financial statement example, you now need to make your own personal financial statement template. If you already have one, make sure you keep updating it so you can save your money in the future.


Personal Financial Statement

Personal Financial Statement

Personal Financial Statement Template 01

Personal Financial Statement Template 01

Personal Financial Statement Template 02


Personal Financial Statement Template 03


Personal Financial Statement Template 04


Personal Financial Statement Template 05


Personal Financial Statement Template 06


Personal Financial Statement Template 07


Personal Financial Statement Template 08


Personal Financial Statement Template 09