10 Plus Reading Logs Templates to Measure Your Reading Interest

Reading Logs Templates to Measure Your Reading Interest

Have you ever heard about a Reading Log? Making reading log does have many benefits for you. But before you make one, make sure that you know well what reading log is, what its functions are, and how to write it.

What is a reading logs?

A reading logs is like a record of your reading activities. It usually contains the titles of the books you have read, how long you read them, and many other information about the books.

What are the functions of a Reading Log?

First, reading log is useful to help you map a variety of reading sources. By making a reading log, we can map what types of readings we read. We can make several records according to the type of reading. For example, we can make records of marketing books, novels, and so on. After that, we can make the recapitulation of it. Thus, we can map clearly the various kinds of reading that we have read. We can analyze the range of readings that are less readable.

Second, it can function to measure our reading interest. Does our interest from time to time increase or even decrease? In the record, we can easily see how many titles and the number of pages of the book we have read. We can also find out the number of books we read in a certain period of time, for example for a month, a semester, or a year.

Not only can it measure our reading interest, but it can also encourage us to read more. The record will stimulate us to be more active in reading. By looking at the record, we will naturally become more motivated to read more because we want our record score increase.

Benefit of reading logs PDF

Besides, do you realize that the reading logs pdf can make you appreciate reading activity even more? It will increase the ability of our appreciation of the quality of reading. Whether you are realizing or not, making a reading log will increase our ability to judge books. We can tell which books are of high quality and which ones are only written carelessly. In addition, it also allows us to compare the various titles of books that we have read.

Reading Logs Templates

To make it easier for you in documenting the books you have read and also recording how often you read them, you can download many examples of reading the log from this page. A good reading logs templates will allow you to know the quality of your reading activities, as well as your interest in reading particular genres. It can also be used like a curriculum vitae which represent your knowledge and also passion for reading literature.



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Reading Logs

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