Free Amazing 8 Types of Reimbursement Form

Reimbursement is a way of company to compensate its employees for having spent their own funds regarding to business activities. Not only profitable companies, the non-profit organizations will have to issue a reimbursement form when they want to return their employees money for any business reasons. Furthermore, this form will be used as base to record the expenses into accounting report. There are some types of reimbursement form that a company usually has like the following.

VSP Reimbursement Form

The acronym VSP is derived from Vision Service Plan. Different with dental care reimbursement which has covered for every costs including the minor conditions. The VSP reimbursement will only cover you for major illness or injuries that usually require much more money. This will obviously help you as well as your family member to save money when the eyes needed medical care.

Generally, each company has set some limitation of they would reimburse their employees related to VSP costs. The company wouldn’t like to pay for additional benefits you received along with the VSP. Since there’s limitation, the company will only cover the charge of major and serious conditions of your eyes may have. This is one way to keep the your VSP reimbursement under the limit.

Travel Reimbursement Form

Some employees often do business trip in order to take care some matter supporting the company activities. Meanwhile, some employees have to transport significant distance from their home to the office. The company is responsible to issue travel reimbursement for these specific cases.  Travel or business mileage is the most reimbursement form that a company would issues.

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It is important for a company to keep recording each trip of your employees have done. Through the travel reimbursement form, you can discern how much your company spent for business mileage in certain period and it will deduct the tax as well.

Medication Reimbursement Form

Reimbursement Form

Todays, most companies will provide its employees with medical benefit plans. Originally, employees should pay their medical costs by their own funds when they got some diseases. But, the owner of companies today will pay more attention on their employees’ health by providing Medication reimbursement.

Medicare reimbursement is the company’s way to support their employees regarding medical expenses. This reimbursement will be issued by the company based on how much their employees has spent to doctor services and medicine also medical additional costs. Medicare reimbursement is remarkably platform that will cover all inclusive health benefits.

Reimbursement Form







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pdf Reimbursement Form PDF 357 KB 34
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