5 Tips to Make a Rejection Letter Template & example

How to Make a Proper Rejection Letters

What is a rejection letter? It is a letter commonly sent by a company to an applicant to inform that the company cannot accept him or her. Well, it is so sad indeed. However, knowing that you are rejected is multiple times better than when the company just leaves you in the dark. Sure, if you have a company or business, whether it is big or small, you should prepare the template of this letter as well. The reason is clear; it is to reject the applicants who don’t meet your criteria. So, how is the sample and characteristics of a letters? Here they are.

Rejection Letters Examples

Talking about a rejection letters examples, there is no letter subject needed. The letter subject usually states the purpose of the letter. Of course, you don’t need to type something like “Rejection of Job Application”. You know, it is just too rude. If you think that the letter seems not complete without a subject, you may type “Notification” or “Job Application” followed by the name of the applicant.

Rejection Letters Template

Sure, a rejection letter template is necessary to have so that you don’t need to type letters for all the rejected applicants. Interestingly, there are now some sites that provide letter templates including those for the rejection. By using the template that has been already available, you only need to write the name of the applicant and position he or she wants.

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Whether you prefer choosing or creating the template by yourself, there are some matters that must be noticed in the rejection letters. Despite a kind of formal and polite language, the content of the letter must be brief and clear. On the first paragraph, there must be sentences of gratitude and appreciation. Yes, a good company must appreciate anyone who sent an application letter and follow all the requirements and tests. So, no matter how bad their performance is based on your opinions, their efforts must be appreciated.

Meanwhile, the core of the letter is placed in the second paragraph. In this part, the company may inform that the applicant is not accepted. You don’t need to explain the reason why he or she is not accepted as an employee. It is important to be clear in delivering the message. The meaning must not be ambiguous.

Accepting a rejection letters is not something interesting for sure. So, the employer must appropriately create the letter without making the applicants hurt more.

Rejection Letters

Rejection Letters

Rejection Letters