60 Best Letter of Recommendation Example & Template

If we are asked to make a Letter of Recommendation by our friends, we can help them by looking at the sample letters of recommendations that are on this website page. You are right here because we will also provide guidance on the recommendation letter how to write it perfectly.

For example, your friend is going to take part in a certain contest, so he is given a condition to provide a recommendation letter from a friend. We as friends can help by making it as good as possible. We don’t need to lie in writing it.

Recommendation Letter How to Write

The first thing you should know as a friend is for what purpose the recommendation letter is needed. For events, studies or other things. Because you need to write it down later in the letter and associate it with your friend’s character.

Then you can start writing it down by mentioning your identity in the form of your name, residence and employment status. You can also tell when you know him because this will strengthen your letter of recommendation.

After that write down his name and other identity related to your friend that you recommend him to take part in a contest that is currently being held by what company.

Mention also their expertise related to the contest being followed. And finally make a statement that you know him well so far.

Finally, the conclusion is that you can write your hopes for the contest that choose your friend. Then give thanks.

Recommendations from several relations that know us become important. When we register a job, continue study, and other situations that require us to provide letters of recommendation from our relations. How to write it? We have a sample of recommendations that you can use as guidelines for writing them.

Then if there are questions who are the people entitled to write the letter recommendations for us? In some situations it is also stated that they need letters of recommendation from our friends, or even from important figures such as lecturers and community leaders.

The letter is usually needed when we will continue to study through scholarships.

Letter of Recommendation Template

If you don’t have enough time to make a recommendation letter, we provide it for you with a letter of recommendation template. With this template you can find example of making a recommendation letter.

You can edit it into your own recommendation letter. You can also just see an example of our letter of recommendation template by understanding points of the arrangement of the letter.

We deliberately made a simple template for you so you can easily understand and use it. The most important part of the letter or recommendation template is the composition of the letter itself.

You must understand how you make the letter opening, the core or contents of the letter and the cover letter. You also know clearly for whom the letter was intended.

Letter Recommendation Example

As explained in the section above about how you write a letter of recommendation. Now you can see a sample recommendation letter from us.

The example is the most basic form of recommendation letter. When you make your own version of the letter you can add other supporting information.

Letter of Recommendation Sample


As with this recommendation letter sample, you don’t need to use basic sentences. The contents of your letter should be on point. What is needed is a letter of recommendation whose contents are concise and clear.

Letter of Recommendation Format

The letter of recommendation format is the same as the example above. You should write it using Microsoft word. Because you don’t need columns to make a letter.

You can start it from the opening letter. To whom the letter is addressed, for example to prospective scholarship providers your friends. Then you simply write the name of the institution and address.

The after giving the opening greeting, you can immediately start with the opening sentence introducing yourself as a friend of Mr. X. You also need to mention your identity, for example your school or job.

After that enter the contents of the letter. You can write it that you know your friend since you were both sitting on the school bench for example. You know what kind of person he is. You can also write the things that you admire most about your friends. This can support him in good personal character.

Don’t forget to share your expertise related to the study he took or his goals. And finally you reiterate that you recommend it to get the scholarship.

It’s easy enough not to understand this letter of recommendation format.

Letter of Recommendation for Student

Letter of recommendation for student is usually made by a lecturer or teacher. For example, want to continue to the next level of education. Then a letter of recommendation for student from previous universities is needed.

In this case you are indeed required to be close to one of the lecturers or teachers. So that you are easier when asking for their help to make a letter of recommendation for you.

But if you are a quiet student who rarely mixes with teachers or lecturers. You can still ask the school or university to make a letter of recommendation for you. You just need to mention for what purposes.

They already have the basic format in making the letter so you don’t need to worry. You can also give this example to your school if your school has never made it.

Letter of Recommendation for College

Not infrequently students also need a letter of recommendation for college. Usually it is needed when the student continues their education to another university.

This letter of recommendation for college is also needed by students who will take part in student exchange program or study abroad. They need it from the university where they study.

This letter is signed by a chancellor or dean of the faculty. The chancellor will write your name as a student who is recommended to take part in a student exchange program or to apply to another university to continue your education.


An employee who is assigned out of the area usually requires a letter of recommendation for coworkers from his original workplace.

This is to find out how the character, attitude, and achievement of the employee. Because the recommendations of your company to work more trusted to explain about yourself related to your work performance so far.

In addition, this letter of recommendation for coworkers is also useful fo applying for jobs elsewhere. If you have already resigned, you can request it from the previous company. That during your work you have never done any negative actions that harm the company.

You can get it easily if you still have a good relationship with the company.

Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship

The picture is how you make a letter of recommendation for scholarship. You as a scholarship hunter will really need it.

Scholarship institutions are very strict institutions in the procedure for awarding scholarships to prospective students. If you were previously also a student and you want to continue your studies abroad, for example. You can ask your university to make a letter of recommendation for scholarship addressed to the scholarship addressed to the scholarship provider.

The institution needs clear information about yourself from the previous university. Assess yourself if you are eligible to get a scholarship from what institution.

Scholarships are indeed the dream of students, especially students who want to study abroad. They chose to hunt for scholarships rather than having to find their own expenses. Bacause scholarship institution usually provide pocket money in addition to many for intuition.

This scholarship provider can be from government, private sector, or the university of question. Most of the universities that will be addressed to continue their students need this letter of recommendation.

With this scholarship it is expected that students will become assets of the state to develop the welfare of the country and help realize the nation’s intelligence. Usually scholarship providers have certain missions after they graduate.

Either will be employed at a state institution or other destination of the country. if the scholarship form he university wants the best graduates to become lecturers of the university.

Letter of Recommendation for Teacher

A teacher who will continue hid education to improve the quality of teaching himself also needs a letter of recommendation for teacher. Of course this letter came from the school where he though so far.

The letter can provide an explanation of the teacher’s character, personality, achievements, and ideals that can help the world of education to improve the quality of education.

A teacher also needs a career. They not only work to teach their students. Instead they also have to get the chance to upgrade their knowledge. With the aim of adjusting the quality of teaching with the world of education today.

The condition of the world of education in the past and of course is different. So the teachers are required to continue to innovate and develop the level of education. So students can keep abreast of current world developments.

Of course the needs of students 10 years ago are different from the needs of students 10 years later. So that a teacher must follow the changing times. Both in terms of the way they teach, the education system, the knowledge taught to students.

That’s the sample letter of recommendation that we can give it to you. Hopefully it is useful and facilities your tasks.