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Tips to Build Story Structure for Screenplay Template

It’s important for you to learn how to build a story structure before making screenplay template. Creating the story structure means you need to pay attention on how you will arrange all elements of your story. A great chronological order of your story structure will help you to elicit the emotional response.

Meet The Expectation

A good story structure will be a huge help in creating screenplay template. So, if you want to make a story structure that could attract its reader, you should put a deep thought into it. You need to realize that most people would like to expect unusual thing happen at particular times in a story.

Making story structure first will allow you to see all elements of the screenplay template you try to build. As you start to write story structure, you should try to modify things in a way that would drive your readers finish the whole pages. Make them enjoy your story and questioning how it ends.

Establish the Veracious Pacing

Pacing is the most fundamental element of making story structure. This will be a key to detect if screenplay will have fabulous story plot or not. If you are able to create the right pacing, you will also keep your audiences from leaving their seats before finishing it.

A fast pacing story will typically attract the executives and producers. If the screenplay  can meet their expectation, they would like to use your work for the next project.

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Give the Best for Two Main Elements

In order to make attractive screenplay template, you should give your best shot on two main elements. First, you should focus on the heart of the screenplay itself which is the story content.

Second, pay attention the form you are using to structure the story. This will also be important key whether you can convey the story properly or not.

Arranging The Scenes

It’s almost unavoidable to not edit the scenes part when you are writing the screenplay template. But with story structure on your hand, you will be able to assign the goals for each scene you create. This will help you to keep your goals as you wanted from beginning even if you have to edit them numerously.


The last task in making story structure is you should ensure it’s organized properly. Afterwards, you can use it as guidance to make the screenplay template. The better you make a story structure, the more delightful you will make screenplay.


screenplay template

screenplay template

screenplay template