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Make Extra Money with Sublease Agreement

Did you know that you can make extra money during your vacation or holiday? You may wonder how possible that is. Well, the simple answer is by subleasing your house or apartment. When you spend your time away from your house, your house obviously will be left empty. That is why subleasing your house by making a sublease agreement is a good idea. The subtenant will take care of your house while you are away and also will give you extra money during your trip. However, you need to know several things about the agreement.

What is the Sublease Agreement?

In general, a sublease agreement is a real estate property contract or agreement between the original tenant and a new tenant. The most common reason people subleasing their apartment is that they cannot meet the terms and conditions of the remaining lease for a period of time. To put it simply, say you have rent an apartment in a city but at the same time you receive a job offer in another city. This means you cannot live in your apartment you have rent.

Several Things Before Subleasing

Though subleasing your apartment or your house may be tempting, you have to consider several things before doing so. Subleasing your apartment can give you benefits as well as financial loss or disadvantages.

  • Permission. You need to check and make sure if you have permission to sublease your apartment before making a sublease agreement template. The permission itself comes from the landlord. It is because they, legally, own the properties you have rent. So you cannot sublease their properties as you please because you do not own them.
  • Find a new subtenant. If you are permitted to sublease your apartment, you need to find a suitable candidate for your apartment. Make sure the person is trustworthy. You do not want to pay the damage caused by your subtenant, do you?
  • Choose the price. Usually, you may ask and receive less money from the amount you have paid for the rent. After deciding the price, you now can finalize your sublease agreement. Enjoy your vacation or trip without being concerned about your apartment anymore.
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Sublease agreement apartment

Hence, sublease agreement apartment will help you compensate an amount of money you just paid for your rent. In addition, the other reason is a commercial reason. You need some extra money during your trip or vacation. Having paid the rent without living in your apartment is odd, isn’t it?

Sublease Agreement

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Sublease contract

sublease contract


Sublease form

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Commercial sublease

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Residential sublease agreements

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