30 Amazing Test Case (Free Word, PDF, Excel)

Test Case Templates You Can Use to Support a Product Testing

You need to make a test case to make sure whether your product is ready to launch or not. You don’t have to create the test case manually because it takes time. Instead of creating it manually, you can download a template. Before downloading the template, let’s find out the type of test case you can use.

Test Case ID Template

A test case ID is used to manage your test well. You can use the test case ID to note the detail to prevent testing the product in the same method over and over again. Another benefit of using this kind of form is that you will also have complete documents about the test. You can mark the ID to know which cases work and not. To make it easy, you can just download the test ID template. This kind of template is easy to find and you can download it for free.

Test Scenario Template

You need this type of test case template to document important information related to the testing process including the steps of the test. The main function of the template is to get valid data. It is a little bit difficult to create if you do it manually because you have to avoid any unimportant or unnecessary things on the test scenario form. The faster option is by downloading the test scenario template because you will have the most important point to fill. In the end, you can finish the report or form faster and easier.

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Test Steps Template

You also need to record the steps you have done during the testing. It is impossible to memorize all of the steps. The best solution is using a test steps template. This test case template consists of the list you have to fill that directed to the steps. As a result, you will have more detail information about your testing. You can use the template if you want to write down steps while trying new software, inserting data, or submitting data.

Test Data Template

The purpose of testing is to complete your objectives. In this case, you need to make a report to measure your achievement to fill the objectives. Instead of spending time in creating the template manually, you can just download the test data template from specific reputable websites for free. Later, you can get the best sample which closer to the objectives.

Now, you are not only learning about the type of test case template but also the function of those templates. Use the template so you can do your jobs effectively.


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