8 Action Plan Template Example – Best Tool for Time Management

The action plan template example can be one of the most ideal options to choose from. With the template, you will make it very easy to find plans that should be prioritized and complete them.

It will be very helpful for people with a tight daily schedule to have a tool to help them manage their time and plans in more effective ways.

What to Consider Action Plan Template?

There are a lot of action plan template samples that you can find online. Whether it is in the form of action plan template excel or an action plan template ppt, the internet will provide them all for you, even for free.

But which one is the best for you? Generally, there are three main factors that you should consider when you are looking for the best template for your action plan.

The first thing to consider is the performance of tasks. It covers all of the things needed to identify what will become the responsibilities of the individuals who want to use the template.

The next thing you should take into consideration is the timings. It is very important since timing is an essential part of every action plan. The timings will show the users the time when the plan will be done.

Last but not least is the required resources. It covers all of the things related to what stuff and funds are needed to help you conduct the activity.

Why Do You Need It?

Now, the question is, why do you need the template for action programs? Well, find the answers here.

  1. Clear Your Vision – it will help you to clear your vision. In this way, you will be able to get the right direction to complete your action plans.
  2. Bring Your Ideas into Reality – when you plan all things in careful ways, you will be able to bring your ideas into reality. It helps you to take the necessary steps needed so that you can realize your ideas.
  3. Keep Your Job Responsibilities on the Right Track – the template for the action programs will make it possible for you to keep track of records of your duties related to who will do what, how, and when.
  4. Conduct the Right Thing at the Right Time – the template will help you to allow what becomes your priorities. In this way, you can decide which job to do first and when.

Types of Action Plan Templates

Different tasks call for different types of action plan templates. Let’s explore some of them:

Excel Action Plan Template

If you like numbers, the Excel Action Plan Template is for you! It helps you track numbers easily and do calculations quickly. You can see how much time or money you need for different tasks. It’s great for budgeting and scheduling!

PowerPoint (PPT) Action Plan Template

Love visuals? The PowerPoint lets you make your plans look good.

It’s perfect when you need to share your plans with others, like in a meeting.

Action Plan Template DepEd

If you’re in education, the Department of Education (DepEd) might be your choice. It helps teachers and schools plan better.

Action Plan Template for Students

Students, get your tasks in line with It. It’s like having a neat notebook where you jot down all you need to do to ace your classes!

Action Plan Template for Employees

For employees, having a template helps in knowing what tasks are top priority and when they are due. It’s like having a handy to-do list where you can check off tasks as you go. It helps in focusing on what’s important to do well in your job!

Corrective Action Plan Template

When things don’t go as planned, It helps you find out what went wrong and how to fix it. It’s like having a helper to make things right again.

90 Days Action Plan Template

This map helps you see what you need to do in the next three months. It’s good for starting a new job or reaching a goal quickly.

Affirmative Action Plan Template

This map helps make sure everyone gets fair chances in your group or company.

Business Action Plan Template

This map is for people who want to do well in business. It’s like a checklist for your business adventure.

Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan Template

This map helps make your place more welcoming for everyone, no matter how they look or what they believe. It’s like planning a big welcome party for everyone.

Emergency Action Plan Template

This template helps you know what to do if something bad happens. It’s like a helper for safety.

Wellness Action Plan Template

This template is like a health buddy. It helps you or your team stay healthy.

SMART Action Plan Template

This template helps you make smart plans. It’s like having a smart friend to help you reach your goals.

Reconciliation Action Plan Template

This template helps when you need to say sorry or make things better. It’s like a guide to being nice.

Incident Action Plan Template

This template helps when something goes wrong. It’s like a helper to fix problems.

OSHA Emergency Action Plan Template

This template helps keep you safe at work. It follows safety rules from a group called OSHA.

Affirmative Action Plan Template

This template helps make sure everyone is treated fairly. It’s like a fair-play rule book.

Project Action Plan Template

Got a big project? This template helps you break it into small tasks. It’s like a helper to finish your project.

Printing and Preparing Your Action Plan Template

Once you have your Action Plan Template ready, it’s time to bring it to life by printing it out. Here’s a simple guide to make sure your template looks great and is easy to use:

Choosing the Right Paper:

Pick a paper that’s smooth and glossy. It will make your template look neat and shiny. It’s like choosing a nice paper for a drawing.

Checking Your Printer:

Before you print, check your printer to make sure it has enough ink. This way, all the colors on your template will look bright and clear. It’s like making sure you have all the colors you need for a painting.

Setting Up Your Printer:

On your computer, choose the right settings for your printer. Pick the setting that says ‘photo print’ if it’s there.

Printing Your Template:

Now press print and wait for your template to come out. If it looks good, that’s great!

Trimming Your Template:

If your template has extra paper around the edges, trim it carefully with scissors. It’s like cutting out a picture to put in a frame.

Where to Put Your Template:

Find a good spot to keep your template where you can see it easily. You could hang it on a wall or put it on a desk.

Keeping It Safe:

If your template has many pages, use a paper clip to keep them together. Or put them in a folder so they stay neat.

Making It Easy to Read:

Put your template somewhere with good light so it’s easy to read.

Important Action Plans for Businesses

Action plans are like maps and tools that help the captain. Here are some important action plans for businesses:

  • Emergency Action Plan: This plan helps a business know what to do when something unexpected happens, like a fire.
  • Project Action Plan: When a business has a big job to do, this plan is like a map.
  • Wellness Action Plan: A healthy crew makes a strong ship.
  • SMART Action Plan: This plan helps set goals that are clear and doable.
  • Reconciliation Action Plan: Sometimes, people may have disagreements.
  • Affirmative Action Plan: This plan helps make sure everyone is treated fairly. It’s like a fair-play rule book for a business.
  • Incident Action Plan: When things go wrong, this plan helps find out what happened and how to fix it.
  • OSHA Emergency Action Plan: Safety is very important at work. This plan helps make sure everyone stays safe, following special safety rules.

Each action plan is like a special tool to help the business captain manage the ship well.

How to Create an Action Plan Template

In the adventurous journey of business, having a precise map is invaluable. It is that map guiding you toward your treasure—your goals. Here’s a step-by-step:

Identify Your Destination (Goal Setting):

Just like every voyage has a destination, It starts with a goal. Make your goals Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART).

Chart Your Course (Task Listing):

Turn the big goal into fewer tasks. List all the actions you are required to take. It’s like charting the course of your voyage.

Assign Your Crew (Responsibility Allocation):

Every member of your crew has a role to play. Assign tasks to individuals or teams based on their strengths and capabilities.

Set Sail Dates (Timeline Planning):

Establish a timeline for each task. Set deadlines to ensure you stay on course and reach your destination on time.

Gather Your Supplies (Resource Allocation):

Determine what you’ll need for each task. It contains finances, materials, and technology.

Navigate with Metrics (Performance Indicators):

Decide how you will measure progress. Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to keep track of your voyage.

Prepare for Storms (Risk Assessment and Mitigation):

Determine possible risks and prepare solutions in advance.

Communicate with Your Crew (Communication Plan):

Ensure everyone knows the plan, their roles, and how to communicate during the voyage. A well-informed crew is a strong crew.

Review and Adjust Your Course (Regular Reviews):

Regularly review your progress and adjust your plan if necessary. It’s like adjusting your sails to the changing winds.

Celebrate Your Arrival (Reward and Recognition):

Celebrate your achievements, recognize the efforts of your crew, and learn from the voyage to prepare for the next adventure.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Creating an Action Plan Template

Here are common mistakes to avoid when crafting your action plan template:

Vague Goals:

Just as a ship needs a clear destination, your action plan needs clear, specific goals. Avoid vague goals that don’t provide a clear direction.

Overloading Tasks:

Overloading your template with too many tasks is like an overloaded ship—it’s bound to sink. Be realistic about what can be achieved within the timeline.

Neglecting Resources:

Failing to account for the resources needed is akin to setting sail without enough provisions. Ensure you’ve accounted for all necessary resources.

Ignoring Risks:

Every voyage encounters unexpected storms. Ignoring potential risks and needing a mitigation plan could lead you into troubled waters.

Lack of Flexibility:

The sea of business is ever-changing. A rigid plan that doesn’t allow for adjustments can lead to failure. Ensure your template is adaptable to changing circumstances.

Undefined Roles:

A ship without a defined crew is a ship in chaos. Make sure roles and responsibilities are clearly defined in your action plan.

Inadequate Communication:

Lack of communication can lead to confusion. Ensure there’s a clear communication plan in place.

Ignoring Feedback:

Ignoring feedback is like ignoring the signs of a brewing storm. Collect and act on feedback to refine your action plan.

Skipping Reviews:

Not reviewing progress is like sailing blind. Regular reviews are crucial to stay on course and make necessary adjustments.

Not Celebrating Milestones:

Celebrating milestones is like honoring the tradition of marking a successful leg of a voyage. It boosts morale and motivates the team for the journey ahead.

Lack of a Follow-Up Plan:

Once you reach your destination, having a follow-up plan is crucial for sustained success. It’s like having a map for the return voyage.

Action Plan Template Example

action plan template sample action plan template word action plan template xls sample action plan template Action Plan Template

action plan template sample

action plan template sample

action plan template word

action plan template word

action plan template xls

action plan template xls

sample action plan template

sample action plan template

Action Plan Template

Action Plan Template

action plan template excel

action plan template excel

Action Plan Template pdf

Action Plan Template pdf

Creating Vs. Downloading Action Plan Templates

Let’s explore the pros and cons of both:

Creating Your Own Template


  1. Quick to Start: You can quickly find a map online and start your treasure hunt right away!
  2. Neat and Tidy: Online maps are usually neat and easy to read because they are made by expert map drawers.
  3. Many Choices: There are many maps online. You can pick the one you like the most.


  1. Takes Time: Drawing a map takes some time. You might get a bit impatient to start your treasure hunt.
  2. Need to Know How: You need to know how to draw a good map, which can be a little tough.
  3. Might Miss a Spot: Sometimes, you might miss drawing a small path or a clue. That happens when you’re new to map drawing.

Downloading a Free Template Online


  1. Quick Start: Ready-made maps are available in abundance. Grab one and start your adventure without delay.
  2. Professional Structure: These templates are often crafted by experienced map-makers, ensuring a well-structured guide.
  3. Variety: The online world has a myriad of templates. There’s likely a map for almost every kind of journey.


  1. Not Just for You: Online maps are for everyone. They might not fit your treasure hunt perfectly.
  2. Hard to Change: Sometimes, changing the online map to fit your hunt can be hard.
  3. Might Feel Cold: Online maps might not feel special because they are not made just for you.

FAQs about Action Plan Templates

How do I create an Action Plan Template?

write down all the steps and decide who will do each step and when they will do it.

What should be included in an Action Plan Template?

Your big goal, the steps to reach it, who will do each step, and when each step should be done.

How do I make sure my Action Plan Template works well?

Keep it simple, check on it often, and be ready to make changes if needed. It’s like having a plan but being ready to play in a new way if the game changes.

What are some mistakes to avoid when making an Action Plan Template?

Don’t make it too complicated, don’t forget to talk about who will do what, and make sure to check how things are going.

Can I use a computer to make an Action Plan Template?

Yes, you can use computer programs to make and share your action plan template.

How often should I check my Action Plan Template?

It’s good to check it every week or month to see how things are going. It’s like checking the score in a game.

How do I share my Action Plan Template with my team?

You can share it in an email, on a computer, or in a meeting. Make sure everyone knows what to do. It’s like telling your friends the plan for the game.

Can I change my Action Plan Template?

Yes! It’s like changing the game rules to make it more fun.


There are so many ways to have the action plan template. If you want it to be more practical, of course, buying it is the best choice. However, if you want to have an action plan template that meets your expectations, creating it yourself is necessary.

Moreover, there are now so many templates of action plans available on some websites. Many of them are edited and printable anyway. After editing and printing it out, your calendar is ready to hang on the wall or put on the table.