9+ Free Apartment Checklist Template (Word, Excel, PDF)

If you are moving into a new apartment, you will probably want to use an apartment checklist template. These templates will help you create a new home checklist, including important features and amenities. They can help you decide what items to bring with you and what you will need from the local grocery store. The checklist can be a great way to remember what you need, and they will help you plan your budget and find the best deal.

If you are a landlord, a free apartment checklist template is a valuable tool to keep track of what is in your rental property. These documents can help you keep track of windows and other essentials in your apartment, including keys and trash. They can also help you keep track of extra parts of property, such as furniture and appliances.

An apartment checklist is helpful during the process of signing a lease, and they can be easily printed out as many times as you need.

What is an Apartment Checklist Template?

Think of an Apartment Checklist Template as your helper when you move. It’s a list that tells you what to pack, what to buy, and what to check in your new apartment. This list is useful for people moving to a new place and for landlords (the people who rent out the apartments).

Why Are These Checklists So Important?

For Tenants

Let’s look at how tenants can make the best use of their moving checklists.

Organizing Move-In Essentials

  • Listing Your Stuff: Write down everything you need to bring to your new place. Start with the big things like furniture and then think about smaller items like dishes and towels.
  • What’s Most Important: Decide what you need right away and what can wait. Your bed and kitchen stuff might be top priority, while decorations can come later.

Tracking Apartment Features

  • Looking at the Apartment: When you visit your new apartment, use your checklist to note things like if there’s a heater, air conditioner, or big windows.
  • Checking Everything’s OK: Make sure everything works fine, like the taps, lights, and stove. If something’s not right, tell your landlord before you move in.

Budgeting for New Purchases

  • Plan Your Spending: Use your checklist to figure out what new things you need to buy.
  • Save Money Tips: Look for deals or think about buying some things second-hand to save money.

By using a checklist, tenants can make moving less stressful. It helps you remember what to bring, checks your new apartment, and keeps your spending on track.

For Landlords

Being a landlord means taking care of your property and making sure your tenants are happy. Let’s see how these checklists help landlords.

Property Management: Checklists for Keeping Track of Your Place

  • Inventory Lists: Use a checklist to write down what’s in each apartment, like furniture, appliances, and any special features.
  • Maintenance Checks: Regularly check your property for anything that needs fixing. Your checklist can remind you to look at things like the roof, plumbing, and heating system.

Lease Agreements: Making Renting Easier with Checklists

  • Easy Move-In and Move-Out: Give your tenants a checklist when they move in. This helps both of you agree on what’s in the apartment and its condition. Do the same when they move out.
  • Clear Expectations: A checklist makes sure you and your tenants understand what’s expected. This can prevent misunderstandings about the apartment’s condition and help with returning deposits.

Selecting the Right Template

Choosing the right apartment checklist template is like picking the perfect tool for a job. It can make everything easier and more efficient. Here’s how to find the best template for your needs and why customization is key.

Finding Templates Online: A World of Options

  • Where to Look: You can find free checklist templates online. Websites that offer organizational tools, rental advice, and home management resources are great places to start.
  • Different Formats: Look for templates in various formats like Word, Excel, or PDF. Each format has its own advantages, so think about what works best for you.
  • Free Options: Many sites offer free templates. These can be a good starting point, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Customization: Tailoring the Checklist to Your Needs

  • Making It Yours: An adaptable template is super useful. You can add or remove items, change the layout, and make the checklist fit your specific situation.
  • Why Customize: Each move is different. Maybe you have pets, or you’re moving into a furnished apartment. Customizing your checklist means it will cover exactly what you need.

Creating an Apartment Checklist

Making your own apartment checklist can seem like a big task, but it’s really helpful for your move. Here’s a simple guide to help you create a checklist that has everything you need.

Identifying Checklist Items: What to Include

  • Start with Basics: Think about the essentials like furniture, kitchen items, and bathroom necessities.
  • Don’t Forget Small Stuff: Remember items like cleaning supplies, light bulbs, and batteries.
  • Special Needs: Consider any special items you might need, like baby stuff or pet supplies.

Organizing by Room: Sorting Your List

  • Make Sections: Divide your checklist by room – kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom.
  • List Room Essentials: Under each section, write down what you need for that room. For example, in the kitchen section, list things like pots, pans, and a toaster.

Importance Ranking: Setting Priorities

  • Must-Haves First: Put the most important things at the top of each section. These are items you need right away, like your bed or a fridge.
  • Nice-to-Haves Later: Lower on the list, add things that are nice to have but not urgent, like extra chairs or decorations.

With your list in hand, you’ll be ready to make your new apartment feel like home!

Maintaining and Updating Your Checklist

Having an apartment checklist is a great first step, but keeping it up-to-date is just as important. Let’s explore how to maintain and adjust your checklist over time.

Record Keeping: The Value of a Completed Checklist

  • A Handy Reference: Keep a copy of your checklist after you move in. It’s useful for tracking what you have in your apartment.
  • For Future Moves: This record is helpful when you move again. It shows what you started with and what you might need to replace or add.
  • Proof of Conditions: If you’re renting, your completed checklist can serve as evidence of the state of items when you moved in, which is essential for security deposit discussions.

Regular Updates: Adapting Your Checklist

  • As Your Needs Change: Update your checklist when your living situation changes. Maybe you get new furniture or electronics.
  • Seasonal Review: Look over your checklist a couple of times a year. Add or remove items as needed.
  • After Big Life Changes: If you experience major life events like having a baby or getting a pet, revise your checklist to include new essentials.

Special Considerations for Your Apartment Checklist

When you’re settling into a new apartment, some things need extra attention. Safety and technology are two of these key areas.

Apartment Safety: Fire Safety Checklist

  • Smoke Detectors: Ensure there are smoke detectors in key areas and that they are working properly.
  • Fire Extinguisher: Check if there’s a fire extinguisher in the apartment.
  • Escape Plan: Familiarize yourself with the apartment’s fire escape plan. Identify the nearest exits and keep the pathways clear.
  • Electrical Safety: Look out for any overloaded sockets or faulty wiring. Safety in handling electrical appliances is crucial.

Technology Needs: Setting Up Internet and Tech

  • Internet Connection: Check the internet service availability and how to set it up. Consider speed requirements based on your needs.
  • Router Placement: Find the best spot for your Wi-Fi router. Usually, a central location is ideal for the best signal coverage.
  • Tech Setup: Plan where your TV, computer, and other tech gadgets will go. Ensure there are enough power outlets for all your devices.
  • Cable Management: Think about how to manage cables to avoid clutter and ensure safety.

Different Kinds of Apartment Checklist Template

There are a few different types you can use, each one is special in its own way:

Word Checklists:

  • You can change them easily to add your own stuff.
  • Good if you like lists that are simple and straight to the point.

Excel Checklists:

  • Great for sorting and organizing your list.
  • You can also keep track of your moving money with Excel.

PDF Checklists:

  • Easy to open on any computer or phone.
  • Nice if you want to print your list and carry it around.

These checklists help you move without forgetting anything important. Whether you’re super organized or just like to go with the flow, there’s a checklist that’s just right for you


Apartment Checklist

Apartment Checklist


Apartment Checklist PDF

Apartment Checklist PDF


Apartment Hunting Checklist

Apartment Hunting Checklist


First Apartment Checklist PDF

First Apartment Checklist PDF


First Apartment Moving Checklist

First Apartment Moving Checklist


Landlord Tenant Checklist

Landlord Tenant Checklist


Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist


Moving out of apartment checklist

Moving out of apartment checklist


New apartment checklist

New apartment checklist


Thinking Over All Needs and Items

Making pros and cons examples – in an apartment checklist needs you to think over all areas at home and inside items. You need to include all items to the list so that you don’t lose anything during moving to an apartment.


The way to manage your apartment kitchen depends on eating habits. The new flat kitchen is the most complete one. If you want to socialize more, you should provide extra items such as plates, pork, spoon, and cooking utensils. If you don’t provide it, you should consider the comfort of your kitchen. To save time and cleanliness efforts, you should provide disinfectant items to keep the surface clean and sanitized.


Some people regard the room to be an important room at home. Though it is a place to run your dirty business, make sure that you keep it clean and careful there. If it is possible, you should fulfill the bathroom with the bathroom items such as paper, tiles, and bowl. In a personal side, you should have sufficient soap supply and toothpaste. The bathroom freshener must be considered. It needs to remember that the guests will remember depending on keeping the beauty of the bathroom.


It is always provided with some blanket, cover, and pillow cover. One side table will be required to put a watch, glass, and some important items. For the personal stuff, you should forget sandals, pajamas, and your coat. You should give a room freshener. Put those items in the apartment checklist.

Apartment Checklist Helps You to Organize Your Apartment Accurately

Do you want to move a residence? Moving away to the apartment becomes a promising option. You don’t have a wide residence because you only live in the apartment. When you want to live there, you have to make an apartment checklist pdf . You can prepare all your needs during staying in the apartment. You need to make a checklist in order to not miss it.